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    Energy has everything to do with mass and mass (well energy) has everything to do with gravity.
  2. Is this talking about light curving due to geodesics? If not or if so, what is the purpose of this post?
  3. My wireless network card went through the washing machine not long ago (dont ask) . That's working fine now though...
  4. Couldn't this be due to the quality of the components rather than human perception? Although, different formats and equipment will obviously sound different.
  5. Sound waves are certainly NOT electromagnetic radiation, they are completely different from light. Sound travels through an object because something vibrates at one end and this vibration is carried via the particles in a solid/liquid/gas. Light however does not need something to travel through and is much faster. Sound does not propogate via photons. I suggest you do some Googling on sound waves. I found this sight that may explain things better, i hope you dont think im patronising: http://www.newton.dep.anl.gov/askasci/phy00/phy00554.htm
  6. I understand all that, it's just that lxxvii24 was talking about turning mass into waves and then transmitting it and rebuilding an object. I dont understand how you turn my sideboard into a wave or series of waves, transmit it at the speed of light and then rebuild it again into a sideboard at the other end.
  7. If i understand you correctly, then yes.
  8. Mass in physics refers to an objects 'rest' mass, i.e. when it is not moving (at rest). Waves do not have rest mass and can therefore travel at light speed, anything with rest mass (like you, me, a proton etc) cannot. The problem with converting 'things' into waves is sure impossible. When you think of the critical mass for nuclear fusion/fission and the properties of their atoms, it leads me to believe that not just anything can be turned into energy with the technology we have now. The other bigger problem is, once you have a wave how do you get an atom from it?
  9. You wouldnt see anything at all because no photons would ever get to your eyes because the gravity would be so strong. If two black holes came together, im pretty sure their masses would sum and you would get a bigger black hole. A black hole within a black hole would just merge together, id have thought.
  10. If you fell into a black hole (and survived beyond the horizon) you'd see the entire future Universe flash before your eyes. Most of our laws would break down at the singularity, quantum mechanics may still hold though. Strings - no idea, ill leave that to the experts lol. I agree they are fascinating, but no-one really understand them. Maybe a wormhole could be formed, but i doubt anything would survive the trip without hitting the singularity.
  11. But then it takes up valuable database space for users that dont intend to post and just wanna read.
  12. Try this: http://www.superstringtheory.com/
  13. Hell yes - you gotta love Marmite!!
  14. We've already said there might be an increase in blinking, now prove why this is hackers and not more lighting or dust...
  15. danny8522003


    Be nice to him. Everytime he insults you just be patronisingly polite. You dont wanna go down to his level, so keep your cool and get him that way. Failing that, stab him in the stomach with an icicle.
  16. As far as i know, the combined pill stops pregnancy at 3 levels: 1) It prevents sperm from entering the uterus my increasing the amount and viscosity of the mucus that lines the opening. 2) Alters the lining of the uterus to stop an egg from implanting itself. 3) Prevents ovulation (release of the egg). I dont see how any of that can be thought of as an abortion.
  17. Dont forget the bright studio lights
  18. When things bubble around at a quantum level where wormholes and things are made, there could be universes created there within this one. Time for them would be considerably slower than ours and so what would be a nano-second in this Universe might be 20,000 billion years in another. An anti-matter Universe like this could probably form, could it not?
  19. Why are the police powerless? They have video evidence that no-one can dispute of him doing the drugs, so why cant they arrest and charge him? Like Kate Moss whom everyone is annoying talking about lately, if there are photos of her doing crack then arrest and charge her like you would anyone else.
  20. We used something like that in my high school - a LogIT i think it was called. Had a box connected to a computer with different probes you could attach to it, is that what you mean?
  21. Yes, there could be other Universes made of anti-matter. If we were to enter one we would be anihilated.
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