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  1. To me the following argument seems air tight logical but I never seem able to convince anybody as to is correctness . Any inputs from readers would be most appreciated . I tend to be pro choice on the abortion issue because I feel the act of termination in a sudden & painless manner and w/o anticipatory FOREKNOWLEDGE on the part of the victim does in fact do no harm or cause any suffering to that victim . Even if somebody suddenly killed me in a similar manner , they would have done no harm to ME . To believe otherwise is to ASSUME that one enters another realm of conciousness wherein
  2. The Complete Idiots Guide series have one on Understanding Einstein & many other topics . May be too elementary for you though
  3. Has any entity theorised about what Earth would be like now IF the moon had never become detached ? I know the moon is essential for how life originated & survived on earth but would the added gravitational field of Earth changed much on its own
  4. If so then WHY are not the killing grounds of the Nazi Einsatz gruppen & Waffen SS not the most ghost ridden places on earth ? Also WHY are ghosts always clothed if only living material can come back as a ghost ?
  5. What does one do when confronted with a "Jack Bauer" situation ( from TV series "24" )ie When one KNOWS with a fair degree of certainty that the unsub KNOWS where the nuclear weapon is hidden ?
  6. The Bush Presidency represents what happens when primitive religiosity is confounded with policy making . Tragic results .
  7. The A & H bombs were created in other countries because they KNEW it could be done by the example of US precedence . In the same way we KNOW it can be created in & by biological life forms so given enough time it can be done by a machine . All it will take is sufficient advances in technology . To say otherwise is to say life is unique & a special creation
  8. Tell him he believes in the nonsense he believes in because he cannot accept the concept of a benign & loving "God ' with the harsh reality of natural selection as the cutting edge of evolution --- death by many unpleasnt & often horrible ways ( predation , starvation , climate change & the ultimate horror parasitism by an organism like Sacculina spp )
  9. Thank God for rationality & that the lunatic leaders affiliated with religiosity are gone . How one can equate a bunch of non -sentient cells with a fully aware individual is beyond me . What we fear is the anticipatory foreknowledge of death & if that is absent no harm or hurt is done to the entity terminated .
  10. JHAQ

    Change ??

    What do candidates mean by " change " .To me that is not the fundamental problem in political discourse because what they are really referring to is the give & take of pro vs con of a variety of issues . This will always be with us no matter what & the only way to ameliorate it is to have an overwhelming majority of one party & a president of the same party . In this respect a parliamentry system may have significant advantages over our US system where we have to let an incompetent president run out his time in office w/o significant results & propositions which result in gri
  11. Human races are an initial stage in speciation . Speciation has not had enough time to result in any new "species" of human who cannot replicate with different variants in terms of race because of the historical consequences of race mixing . Of profound interest is whether Neanderthals could cross breed with H. sapiens .
  12. How do you prove a negative ?
  13. Dear John -- You have lost me by choosing a creationist as your VP candidate . A person who is not pursuaded by the strength of the science behind evolutionary theory is not one who would get the facts straight on any other issue . Re abortion ; bringing to term with a mongloid child may be excuasable as the child is maneageable but would she do the same if the fetus was afflicted with spinal bifida-- which would result in a lifetime of suffering for the victim .
  14. Would it not be due to the electronegativity of the oxygen inducing higher positivity on the N or S etc which allows easier ionization of H+ ? Surely pH which is log base 10 of the reciprocal of the H+ ion concentration ( g mol / liter ) is the relative measure of acidity ? HF may be an exception due to the extreme electronegativity of the F - entity
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