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  1. we germans are a strong people and would naturally nuke any major US cities:D
  2. yeah my mom gets ME stuff not the other way around
  3. reminds me of the time i tried to make a zipline from my firends 25 ft high treehouse.....we had used cheap rope and my friends went before me and it worked....until i got on it and as soon as iput my weight on it it snapped and i landed on my ass needless to say it didnt work:-p
  4. i got plenty of valentines today...and got sick on candy as well as a kiss from my girlfriend life is good
  5. im an 8th grader and dont have a job...yet. might be a lifegaurd, sit on my butt all day, and get payed minimum wage
  6. it just fasinates me what awesome power they have and its not like im gonna try an build one in my backyard or anything
  7. which one of these is the most powerful or better to use in a nuclear weapon?
  8. 1. talk to or flirt with a chick 2.play my guitar 3.take my anger out on computer animated people 4.shooting computer animated people
  9. its the magnetic field generated by the high voltage wires
  10. well once were done turning earth into a hazardous pollution planet like venusthen we can go to another planet to pollute
  11. flyboy


    maybe u shouldve started dating wen u were younger like 13ish thats wen i had my first date:D
  12. i got it yes we teens have alot of time on our hands but i never figured out how to control anything........or find a control sheet
  13. flyboy


    maybe hermes is just shy around the chicks
  14. flyboy


    by going out on dates its a learning experiance for both ppl the first date will be awkward yes but then you gradually get used to it you HAVE to go out on a date to see what their personalities like. i you dont try then your not gonna find that perfect someone thats y its better to date and to start young(im 14)
  15. flyboy


    and who knows what will happen when they nuke every damn country in the middle east and asia another WW3
  16. http://www.powerlabs.org/coilguns.htm
  17. http://www.powerlabs.org/ go here theyve got forums for help but watch it they banned me for no reason at all
  18. i then looked out the window and saw a huge, blinding flash of light, then a mushroom cloud in the distance
  19. sometimes if i play too much Call of Duty 2 i get flashbacks from the videogame and cant sleep
  20. i forgot one relationships and college parties only 4 more yrs to go
  21. i like em because they make good gun barrel swabs theyre also good for cleaning the gun and keeping crap outa the barrel when in storage
  22. my guitar music chicks money goal to be an engineer and im not crazy ^ suicide is bad folks
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