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  1. i even like to make thermite from time to time
  2. cured my elevator phobia after i shit my pants for the first time on the ride
  3. in the disney world Tower of Terror
  4. flyboy

    space shuttle

    so.... they accomplished the only objectives neccessary for the x-prize and he had what 20 people
  5. right now i am having trouble building and placing my combustoin chameber for my engine , got any ideas or diagrams?
  6. flyboy

    space shuttle

    i would like to see NASA go since all they are doing is wasting our tax money on "demonstrator" aircraft and using a shuttle thats almost 30 years old. heck i made some models at home that are some pretty good concepts to replace the shuttle Burt Rutan will get us to the moon and beyond....
  7. flyboy

    space shuttle

    o well NASA had its major budget problems and still does, and frankly im happy to see them grounded. i just came back from Oshkosh and saw Burt Rutans White Knight and Spaceship 1. Scaled Composite and Virgin Galactic will be the new NASA of the future Burt Rutans spaceship one is a much better concept to get to space than the shuttle it took NASA what a few hundred men to get to the edge of space? scaled composites put spaceship one into the edge of space with only 20 guys.....theyve got bigger plans for the future and while i was at Oshkosh with my dad we saw a guy that walked up to rutan and wrote him a $200,000 check for a tour to space NASA may never put another man into space agian
  8. he means somthing that can burn a hole through metal or just about anything... battery acid:)
  9. that was probobly a pulsejet how hard would it be to make one? and would they be effective at low altitudes?
  10. since uve mentioned it yes
  11. true....that means my plans for a hypersonic bomber and/or spyplane still might have some use
  12. so there isnt an intake valve or anything like that? also...how hard would it be to make one of these?
  13. the bullet comes out the end with the hole
  14. still that would be cool........scary...but cool
  15. wow how can we trust our gov if they do cover-ups and hide info from ppl im 13 and dont even trust the gov, i probly trust britain or germanys gov more than the usa
  16. when humanity is nearly wiped out by nuclear war or somthin like that then ppl wont think that its bad ethics
  17. i knew that already
  18. can we plz get back to the topic at hand?!?!
  19. a ceramic turbine engine would be worse....do u kno how much stress and wear is put on the turbine blades along with the intense heat? somthing ceramic would turn to dust or explode
  20. ive seen some sites that were alot worse than abovetopsecret
  21. ive made a better design out of legos that would probly surpass the cababilities of the aurora but heres a site i found that might help u out here and here
  22. a material with a black coating or somthing on it the color black absorbs heat but im sure not sure about materials
  23. right now i dont know what to believe i certainly believe that its possible that it could exhist and the donuts on a rope contrail suggests evidence of PDWEs but if it was made in the late 80s then somone wouldve seen it by now
  24. dont quite kno what your asking here....like are u trying to kno which material absorbs heat?
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