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  1. Thanks for all the replies. Also - I read on wikipedia that fluorescent lights flicker at a rate that depends on the driving voltage. Is anyone able to describe what it would do to the flicker rate it the fluorescent light was being powered by a magnetron?
  2. Does anyone know if Ultraviolet C rays would damage some kind of paints, like for example the paint on a car? Perhaps this may not happen upon immmediate contact with the UVC but the deterioration would occurr over a few weeks thereafter.
  3. I have some questions which may seem strange, but this is for part of a project I am working on. 1) How necessary is low pressure argon gas in the operation of a fluorescent light? Would a normal pressure argon work with less efficiency, or would it not work at all? 2) Can I power a fluorescent light from a Magnetron? Do you have any thoughts on what the best way would be to do this? Thanks for your input
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