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  1. i do ill double that if u can find me
  2. south park viva la bam blue collar beevis and butthead
  3. what do u mean its dumb punching ppl is fun
  4. does getting an autograph count?
  5. Eddie Van Halen Jimmy page Jimmy Hendrix Slash these are all guitar gods they are my heroes
  6. north korea will nuke america troops will be pulled out of iraq
  7. i dont know but i used to have the same thing when i was like 10
  8. the army should have somthin like that great camo and the enemies wouldnt kno what hit them,literally
  9. that would be a fun cow prodder to use:D
  10. thats what a pistol is used for
  11. mabye but so far not in our time they tried experimenting with plasma a little while ago it would be almost suicidal to use one cus the heat comming off it would burn you.........................
  12. i say we blow his freaking head off, or push him out of an airplane, or be the first man ever to be sent to mars and let him suffocate
  13. no im trying to make a sniper rifle out of it i do woods battles all the time and hide up in 30 ft trees havent been hit yet,even when im using crappy guns and no its not gonna be and auto loader
  14. anyone know or have an idea of how to make one,WITH a shotgun or rifle stock?
  15. hitler thought the earth was concave if that has anything to do with it just a random fact
  16. i thought drag dousnt matter in space if it is weightless and dont ion engines take a HUGE amount of time before they really get up to speed?
  17. have we come up with any propulsion to use in space yet besides rockets or ion engines?if not y?
  18. NASA shouldnt have come up with the plan for the space station at all it was and still is a waste of money that couldve been used to make a new space shuttle or a base on the moon or somthin like that
  19. here a some ideas -dip them in bleach -put them in the bleach and light it on fire -rat poison -wd-40 and a lighter -shoot them -blow them up -squish them -pour salt on them -use a hammer -dunk them in ammonia -boil them -eat them
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