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  1. the only way to find out who would win is if they both go head to head we should stop dissing these things unless one of them gets shot down by the other
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    would it be possible to make a real working lightsaber? i think maybe plasma could be manipulated by a magnetic field for the beam. put somthin in if u hav any ideas
  3. both of the planes are very good fighters although the russian Berkut is still a prototype the US gov is making the raptor seem like it is the best plane in the world but its not i doubt it has the stealth that they say it has and if they both went up head to head then the berkut would still probly win then agian its the pilots ability to fly that affects everything me and my dad went to an airshow where they had an F-4 go up agianst an F-15 in a fake dogfight the guy in the F-4 was an old Korean war ace and won
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