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  1. i know a lil german not much beretein... beabsichtigan... FEUERN!!!
  2. they just acclerate really slow
  3. im in 8th grade too god somthone help me quick!
  4. ok yesterday i went to football camp(im in 8th grade) and was goin to be a split end then they changed me to fullback since they didnt have one. the bad thing was i wasnt paying attention so can anybody tell me what the fullback does and what the numbers in the plays mean??!?!
  5. do i get to be in the wall of shame?!?!?!
  6. i wanna be on the wall of shame!
  7. well you would need a big ass rocket if your gonna put a nuclear reactor engine in it and theres big risks if somthing goes wrong, if the rocket explodes or whatever then we all get affected by it
  8. i know my analogy isnt very good but i think you guys get my point
  9. and that would be 4:00 Mid time right?
  10. does anyone here know what time the shuttle will begin its reetry tommorrow? and what channel it will be on?(i live in iowa)
  11. flyboy

    A quick question

    does anyone here know any websites that have password finders?
  12. and also imagine the magma chamber as a propane bottle,its under pressure. when you peirce the bottle it explodes which in turn causes the volcano to violently erupt
  13. flyboy

    tsar bomba

    does anyone have the video or know where i can get the video of the explosion?
  14. flyboy

    tsar bomba

    does anyone know how big the crater (if the bomb was a surface explosion) was? and also how far did the shock wave travel? and for the older adults that dont know what this is it is the soviet supernuke, detonated somewhere in the arctic circle. it had a yield of 50(planned for 100) megatons and could be seen from 600 miles away and still remains as the biggest nuke detonation of all time. bet no other 14 year old knows that?
  15. it would be one hell of an eruption though
  16. ok heres the options 1. theres no way to stop it 2. if you try to stop it then it goes off 3.we cant stop the force of nature, do you think we know how to stop tornados or hurricanes? all we do is find a way to protect ourselves
  17. theres only one way to figure this out swim in the pool!!!
  18. yes if its high then you dont want to swim
  19. flyboy

    Video games

    it depends.... i was exposed to lots of video game violence like GTA3 when i was like 10 and all that stuff. i was just smart enough to think its not real so it depends on the person playing the game
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