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  1. I am at work and don't have internet at home. I would like to see this video, but the site is blocked by our firewall. Is there anywhere else I can see the video of this on another site? nevermind, I found one! http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/2006/08/how_to_make_a_time_fountain.html?CMP=OTC-0D6B48984890
  2. bigOz, you might be too late, check, check, check it out: http://blog.sciam.com/index.php?title=get_your_free_energy_here&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1
  3. Yes, Pretty much, that is what I mean. I would consider greyscale to false color, but they refer to the "proper" color as the "False Color". I guess its like, Why do we park in a driveway and drive on a parkway?
  4. Wow, that is the thread I was talking about, but now, I can't even find where it was stated! I might be going nuts! Thank you for you original definition though. It does give me enough to understand.
  5. Okay, maybe I'll simplify what is confusing me. In an unrelated post someone has a black and white picture of a dead dog. Then they have another picture of it in Color, But they refer to it as a "False Color" picture. Is it that this person shouldn't have used that as a description or what?
  6. Can someone tell me what "False Color" means when NASA describes some of the pictures they take of space. It looks like Real Color to me!
  7. With a picture like that Bettina, I'll agree to whatever you think! If that's really you, then you are absolutely scrumptious!
  8. No way. Floating around the earth, I get the idea. I don't need that stress. I'll just look at the pictures you guys take and imagine it.
  9. Have your doctor check you for an overactive pancreas. Otherwise, its rabies and your screwed. LOL.
  10. For you to try and read only a theory and nothing more is pathetic. In science we seek the unbarable truth. Theory does not equal Truth. Therefore, you and your dad on a pogo stick are willing to accept what you learn in a dictionary to be your reality. PATHETIC.
  11. Lo..freakin..L I love it atinymonkey you made my day. that was funny! But anyway, I like your idea Johnmcm, but it needs some more work.
  12. I have found that if I deprive myself of sleep for a couple of days, then I will have a Lucid dream. I especially like it when there's a pretty girl and I realize I am dreaming and I can talk her into anything. He He..LOL.
  13. I guess my point is that if we all gave up the way you seem to, we would have never passed the speed of sound because it had been theorized that we couldn't, even after "a huge amount of evidence." To accept that since we have been unable to achieve the speed of light and all tests and evidence so far have failed does not mean that in the future someone may not finally achieve what you are so readily to accept as impossible. We are still in the infancy of knowledge itself. Thousands of years from now our ancestors will look back in history and consider us virtually no more knowledgeable than a caveman.
  14. Originally Posted by yourdadonapogos: It was once theorized that we could not go faster than the speed of sound. "Best tested theories ever" my a@# !
  15. Originally Posted by swansont; 2 months ago I was the subject of a Complete Phsycological Evaluation. They stated in the report that they found me to be of High Intelligence. They didn't give me an IQ score however. They did however say that my main problem is explaining my point of view clearly enough for others to comprehend. So here is a Quote from Stephen Hawking. Maybe it will help explain the what I am trying to tell you:
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