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  1. I can be just as willfully difficult about this subject as anyone here can. What gets me about this is that too many people default to vengeful thinking, and that this vengeful thinking is directed at one very small subset of the abuse that children face every day. No possible solution is allowed in except those that involve a very narrow set of measures of just exactly how much revenge and control to apply to the situation. Even if someone gets to try a different program, someone else can give it a failing grade and have the program aborted over a single incident. "Jessica's Law" and "Megan's law" my ass. These things use singular cases to justify treating a whole class of people over the conduct of one or two. When you get down to singular cases, there is no more justice in smearing all pedophiles for it than there is in smearing all humans. It also works out that all humans get smeared. We all feel the threats. We all feel the increased anger, the increase of tension, the increase in nitpicking against everyone, the increased chance of false accusations. These things damage society. Since it is such an emotional issue, we set aside thoughts about what we are doing to ourselves at the time when we need to be the most vigilant about these things. There is only so much I am willing to do to myself over an issue like this. In a halfway sane world it would be adequate that I myself am not likely to have sex with anyone under the age of 30. It's not a fate I would wish on a sweet young thing. Not that I'm all that bad, she just deserves better. Anyway, if someone comes up and gives me jibber-jabber about child molestation and I belt him hard enough to send teeth flying, it's not because I have the slightest interest in anyone who is less than 30 years old. It is because I am tired of his garbage. I am tired of the emotional baggage I already have and I am not willing to carry any more or to multiply society's emotional problems. I am sick of the tricks that people use to get over on me. This includes anyone who wants to approach me and give me garbage about what I believe about the subject. On the street, if some semi-literate read one of my opinions and approached me, he would probably try to talk with his hands. Considering where I live, I wouldn't know unless he spoke coherently whether he was trying to start a fight or a mating ritual. In this part of the Twilight Zone, date rape is a valid and common method for a couple to conceive their first child. Hating perverts or suspected perverts is a game people play to cover up the forcible rape of their own daughters, which is often condoned or encouraged by the mother. Gang rape of males by males is proof of flaming heterosexuality, as long as it is done to "faggots." I have seen nothing to convince me that the rest of the world is any better. That's a little over the top, but this society in its treatment of child molesters (to use the vernacular term) acts a lot more like people who have something to hide than it acts like people who seek true justice, safe and worthwhile lives, rationality, or anything but the perpetuation of the cycle of violence. Considering what I've been through, I'm quite willing to yank all of those dirty secrets out into the open, all those things that people hit me to intimidate me into keeping my mouth shut about. It hurts them worse than my fists would, too.
  2. Depending on laws and draconian measures already has hurt us in the long run. I prefer that the acts remain illegal, but we can't depend on that. What's your problem?
  3. There is nothing like using an unprovable theory to prove something. If the theorist were not so highly respected it might even be called pseudoscience.
  4. They actually robbed refugees at gunpoint: Story There seem to be a chief of police and another police officer who need to spend a few years in jail. Armed robbery under color of law with aggravating circumstances.
  5. Flattery will get you everywhere.
  6. Actually, it does. Also, this is not crap and it is not incoherent. Try your kind of rhetoric on someone who is an idiot.
  7. You might think that. I don't. I am an adult survivor of child abuse. The focus on sex not only takes away from dealing with the abuse that I suffered, it exacerbates the kind of abuse that I suffered. I know this subject from the inside. A lot of the pain and loss that I suffered started with people pretending to suspect that I was a sort of pervert. As I explained in another thread, I was a "faggot." You tell me how a six year old person who doesn't even know what sex is can be a "faggot." This is different from being a homosexual. Instead, the individual is a caricature of a homosexual. The mask is forced onto him and fastened as securely as they know how. The nature of the weapon that was used to destroy me is such that I cannot trust anyone who uses it. For my own survival, for the survival of decency, I have to destroy that weapon if I can. It is a weapon that destroys the person it is aimed at and the person who uses it.
  8. Why am I working the slippery slope argument into this? Because when these people and this government see a slippery slope, they get snowboards and toboggans and tell everyone that this is the way up.
  9. It looks like I am not going to make any progress trying to inform people that all of their freedoms are at stake here. It's all right. Go back to sleep. Big Brother will take care of us. He'll get you that bottled water in 7 days, even if it does take only 3 days to die of thirst.
  10. Nope. Jessica's law requires convicted sex offenders to wear tracking devices at all times after being released from prison. It doesn't even consist of a law against rape or sexual injury. It applies to those who are convicted of, and so on. This is one of the things that hacks me off. Just because I support one thing does not mean that I HAVE to support another thing that you think goes with it. There are broader issues about both the labelling and monitoring requirements that you want. People will essentually force me to give up most of my freedoms in order to make it seem easier to deal with the problem of child molestation. They will also force me to give up rational thought and decency. They will wrongly label me for holding a different opinion, too. Depending on laws and draconian measures to prevent child molestation will only hurt us in the long run, the short run, or anything in between.
  11. "Nubile" means "marriagable" and "old enough to breed." Not ready for sexual encounters? Who is? I have a warning here. The side that is able to maintain rationality the best is the side that is going to get what it wants eventually. The people who orchestrated the McMartin preschool case badly took down the credibility of law enforcement efforts against child molestation, and the effectiveness. The thing that most needs to be done to remove the credibility of legislation against child molesters is what is being done right now in the name of the children. Decent people who have their feet on the ground, who think with their brains don't participate in witch-hunts. Even if the ends are just, the means can drive decent people away from a program. Keep hurting decent people and they will shut you down. I got tired of being hurt, bullied, and lied to early. Some people will put up with it forever. I won't.
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