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  1. if any1 has any info on this "black project" plz tell me! on another note.....who has sighted somthing like this before?picture
  2. i was surfing the net yesterday and found somthing about these engines that they use less fuel and give out more power i wanted to look at a diagram of the PDE but never found one and would like to find out more about ho these work since i am unfamiliar with them
  3. flyboy


    ok thatnks for the site
  4. no not the zombie part, the big red monster thing that escapes from its chamber they took like a human test subject i think and injected it with the t-virus which caused rapid mutation, i just wanted to kno if that was possible
  5. would it be possible to make a virus that can genetically alter some1s DNA and make the person or animal start to mutate? for example like in resident evil
  6. flyboy


    death as in the heart no longer works, death as in you get shot piont blank with a 12 guage and your heart is ripped out of your body. that kind of death
  7. me and my freinds are makin a rock band and havent come up with a good name for it yet so....got any ideas?
  8. flyboy


    first i will kill some rabbits for test subjects... then i will try and make......ZOMBIE RABBITS!!!
  9. flyboy


    i now hav found my meaning in life.........to try and make zombies that eat flesh
  10. flyboy


    my god......like after som1 is confirmed dead and then buried that kind of death
  11. flyboy


    like after the heart stops beating
  12. flyboy


    i love that movie! but isnt it still true that the brain is still partially active after death?
  13. ok for some reason now i dont get bruises anymore and im like 13 ive been kicked in the shins and legs with cletes(im a soccer player) and the next day..no bruise and when i was younger i would get them all the time with a small bump is this normal?
  14. Anything made by man can be destroyed-me
  15. flyboy


    ok i didnt kno which forum this would fit in so i put it here do zombies exist? i keep hearing about the way humans can "reanimate" after they die if a certain virus is introduced and if the brain is not destroyed or damaged is this true?
  16. my god u may be right if we can figure this out then we might be able to determine when the next attack comes
  17. u could always put a big foot trap for like a bear or somthin in front of the door .......after they step in that they wont come back i garruntee it
  18. just call me the thermite man! thats all u need to kno
  19. lighting it on fire would be more fun to watch
  20. im flyboy i like to fly airplanes and burn stuff/blowing stuff up
  21. try dousing him with a flammable liquid and light him on fire then see if he moves
  22. flyboy

    My Idea

    lets just stick with dusting the screen
  23. look at the avatar angus young Ac/Dc
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