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  1. or blow it up with a nuke instead.......
  2. cool and vrus, i would make a pulsejet if i didnt have to make and replace the reed valve every time i ran the engine
  3. yay ! instead of destroying the osone, lets kill everyone with radiation fallout!
  4. first option... 1.thermite 2.Co2 laser 3.nitrogen laser 4.turbocharger jet engine
  5. flyboy


    im a kid..........and im smart......yeah..
  6. i doubt one of these would be cheap
  7. 8th grade, junior high hope to be an aeronautical engineer, mechanical engineer, or electrical engineer or 2 of the above
  8. can anyone tell me where i can buy one of these? i cant find them anywhere and i need to get one for my guitar
  9. this is one thing i hate the F-22 does have stealth cababilities but that doesnt mean that its not invisible to radar, it only means that the signiture is decreased and on the less sophisticated radar nothing comes up at all stealth planes are only invisible to radar to some extent
  10. does anybody kno is russia working on any new fighters right now(besides the Su-47 and the MiG 1.42) and can they put up some pics?also which plane do u think would be bettter in a dogfight,the F-22, Su-37, or the Su-47?
  11. im goin to have to strongly disagree with the guns thing mainly becuase guns and hunting are sooooo much fun! plus if theyre was a law about it i would not listen to it at all and go about my daily business,not my fualt if someone gets in my way and gets shot. its just like the proabition with alchahol and i also think we should nuke the middle east
  12. 1. hunting is fun 2.guns are fun 3.lots of people love both of these and would be extremely mad if u took them away........like me
  13. flyboy


    on my antarctica note, how come nobodys tried to drill into the ice and actually see whats down there? theres no point in preserving antartica if were not gonna do anything with it.
  14. flyboy


    anyone ever think that atlantis is buried under 2 miles of ice in antarctica?
  15. flyboy

    gas prices

    dude your so right the world is ****ed up
  16. the hurricane didnt hit new orleans as hard as it could of the cities under 4ft of water when they estimated about 30, the city still has the problem with refineries and having the city be a huge toxic lake
  17. does anyone have the correct tab for this? and how do you play it like wen slash does the tapping, bends, etc.... i really need to know because i gotta get this down in about a month cus thats wen we do our first gig
  18. flyboy

    Space Gun

    mass driver solves the problems although u would need an immense amount of electricity u could use solar panals for that
  19. well guys i have a confession to make im 14 and i hack
  20. so if your skinny and have aids, then you get fat to get cured?
  21. sounds like a crappy thery like the Philidelphia project
  22. i think us humans were put on this earth to destroy each other if you look back humans have an extremely bloody history and we havent gone a decade without having to go to war
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