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  1. Lesson learned, for the umpteenth time: Buy cheap, pay twice.

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    2. StringJunky


      @Sensei I looked at that series and would have got it if I went for inkjet but felt that this technology doesn't stand idle very well and their cost/page appears not as good as laser. The Lexmark I ordered does double sided printing.

    3. Sensei


      @StringJunky Nice feature to have these days is ability to receive data through WiFi and Bluetooth, and print directly from SD/SDHC. Worth taking it into consideration during ordering of new printer. They will allow printing directly from digital camera, smartphone or tablet, without having to transfer files back and forth to the computer.

    4. StringJunky


      Yes, this one can do wifi and bluetooth. I knew I didn't want cables. I did use an ethernet cable to allow the setup from the supplied dvd. Unless I am diverted by a better suggestion,  I will order another of the same but brand new and unopened.

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