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  1. I must admit ~ I have the same probleme from a field that rotate the earth and at the same time responsible for the GF.
  2. what is the function of the air ? with a nuclear reactor in operation.
  3. Is it known ?~ the distance from the black hole to the end at the greatest diameter of the ''cone'' .and also the degree of escaping from the black hole.
  4. Witch God ? can help us the most to have a peaceful and happy live on Earth; while we still here a live :
  5. Before I answer your question../ what is ref 5th force,?
  6. God ,the Pope for your Soul or God the president of the USA for your sake. Do not know ?
  7. Because the time and distance from the center of the wheel to the ream 360 Deg. must be the same .
  8. I agree Math../ generate proof of an Event So ?
  9. to any one !~ your Father created you for the best of is ' 'Knowledge'' Now !~ be your on God and do things right!++and be happy !~Your father (God) created you with is image and is resemblance.
  10. For some reason the time is the carrier of energy and spent Indeed, the energy that the effect can not create goes out and is no longer present. That's why I think # Retro causality is the answer to controlling présent_and to know the outcome of the present event. So to know what needs to be done; is in the knowledge of this heading the past living in the consciousness and must be invented in the mind of the creator and reacting at a desirable outcome predicted for the present time: All Rights Reserved,,, / ''Roger Dynamic Motion''
  11. << well !~ to tell you the trough about my understanding of ''Motion'' for the Universe to be in motion as a singularity the sun as to be the generator of the vectors to be set in motion ;and that is from the beginning of motion at the formation of the Sun;the birth of what we know today.
  12. << That!~ I think is very possible because, if the universe witch we are a part of it; is in motion, than for this ;it is possible; but it will be in line to the opposite side .
  13. What about the photons ? where is the opposite force ?
  14. Just a few days ago, in response to another thread, I proved (as far as I can tell) to myself that if material that is originally spread out across a range of solar radii, with each piece originally pursuing its own independent orbit, ______________________________________ What is the meaning of Solar radii?
  15. ok than!~I have nothing to follow with if the sun is not at the center of the Galaxy.
  16. protoplanetary disk,,/ is It a Galaxy? you have in mind. The sun our sun that we see every day ../ where is it located ?/ Near the black hole ?
  17. You mean ,,• if the the x-ray energy is given to an electron, it is absorptive and called photo ionization.
  18. What is reliable according to you? ,,I would like to know please ; for my learning
  19. your quote ../ Maybe if any item in the protoplanetary disk were not in orbit, it would just fall straight into the sun. Where is the sun located in your statement ?
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