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  1. Kids do it all the time keeping balance
  2. ask questions to set your self on the right track ... you need to understand a lot about time and distance concerning a other dimension ~there is the key.
  3. sorry the model is classified ,,, But I can feed many more information if you will .
  4. From what i can observe ;the wave ( s) remains constant.
  5. With out malice ,,,, Ignorance is the key to impossible.
  6. well I have build a mechanical model representing photons has particles and I observe ; when there is no expansion of the source no wave can be propagated and the possibility to connect with the photons vanished also .
  7. to the best of my understanding the wave comes from the expansion of the source the tungsten compressing space creating its own gravitational field the same way the presence of the Earth has created it own gravitational field witch is inversely proportional to its sises (diameter )
  8. is how do you account for single photons? Clarified please. photons or photon
  9. yes i agree and i want to point out that photons are every where in space and they are not propagated from the source of light because light it self is only a Wave , connecting photons along the path formed by the wave and regarding the transverse path that can be explain from the fact that there is no rest in space and in fact the Earth is spinning no wave can be stable during its propagation from photon to photon that why photons have a Sinusoidal disturbance this is the best i can explain quickly,now got to go later
  10. Yes . According to my observation from a working model; it is only possible under one condition ,,,and that is < the opposite force must generate it's own acceleration; witch leads to + 2 minus negative 1 = one half of the total force generated by the systeme ,,and further more +2+3+4+5~minus negative 1 to infinity is possible, but not practical. the answers to questions from you all might be difficult for any one to comprehend. sorry about that .
  11. So what is your understanding? Lay it out please !
  12. Talking about entangled particles,,let say 2 superposed photons on the z axis one at the base and the other at the top and they both have information the distance of separation on the z axis is (zero time) infinite and constant..so to send out information on the x or y axis perpendicular to the data from the z axis any where along the z axis is the worm hole that make it possible
  13. It because the source is in motion ( spin) like a radar doing a scrutiny in space ,,,and each photons tend to restore the straight path of the beam. (to note ,,that the first photon erected remains stable with the source . (no back and forth ) And I'd like to point out if photons add a rest mass light would not be possible ,,,and by the way the spin of the protons are parallel to the GF. and also ~ the first photon always has a negative one superposed .
  14. What about the theory of light and the way the photons has a traversal displacement back and fort while propagating its wave ..what cause the displacement back and fort?
  15. Correction.. So! how much do you understand ? ,,,witch make you think you understand more than others ,when dealing with incomplete theory :
  16. You to know! ,,,to know best , is not to know what is not understood. So! how much do you understand ,,,with make you thing, you understand more than others ,when come to theory :
  17. Spacetime and Matter Energy: ask yourself do you exist ? and do you take space with your body ? Time Energy & Matter are indivisible !!
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