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  1. Good luck !!+ do experiments ~ this will help you to understand..
  2. you don't understand what is entanglement entanglement is an event that you wish to achieve in the same correspondence that you have expected in time
  3. The Momentum of the falling body is = to the friction fores with the surface being walked on ,,,other wise your're not walking
  4. pressure can also generate force. None of these involve matter. .Pressure is not possible with out the presence of matter and much more ; impossible to read it A gravitational wave is another example. A gravitational wave contains Gravitons To Swansont How do photons slow atoms down if this is true? If a PARTICLE is too small to be seen but evidence of it’s action is a fact from the reaction of the other bigger particle, than logic should not be influenced by the size of its opponent._ I think logic is a term that people are lacking in physics afraid to face evidence, when affected by it constantly throughout their life, G.f._ (forgive for saying)
  5. Sure. Kinetic energy from footfalls, heat energy from friction. <<​and + the momentum of your body falling constantly.
  6. I'm still waiting for an explanation of what forces are involved in boiling a kettle (my post#3) The kettle is the Force .../ ~ like the ''shell'' of an Atomize bomb ~ or any container of a gas under pressure before an explosion. Why is there no matter or mass whatsoever included in the electrostatic force equation. The electrostatic feel is not a force ... ~< for example in a nuclear Reactor ,,, the electrostatics feel is only possible with the presence of the ''reactor core'' the force~ the inner shell and between the 185 rods' This equation will function equally well in a universe without any matter since charge itself has no mass. Not if !~ you assume that the smallest particle existing is a cube with it's 8 corners at the center of the cube and with this condition the particle cannot be seen and nether detected to make the particle detectable; intense heat must be submitted to the particle and farther more many of those particles after having been submitted to intense heat and VH pressure will bond together to form visible matter . ( the formation of matter) perhaps~~~~
  7. How wrong can somebody be? Why I'm I wrong? ~ Dr Krettin
  8. The time of the fall is relative..''with any environment'', to any object falling trough vacuum or trough the air
  9. Gravitons Scientific Forum I definitely have to believe they are a component of the Gravitational force(s) an s for more than one graviton. For matter to be moved or displaced there must be inter action meaning matter does not let itself through by the same . For every action there is a reaction.To read the weight of a body on the scale demonstrate to me, a force must includes matter in the equation. I Think the third law is valid in this case and self evident. I think logic is a term that people are lacking in physics afraid to face evidence, when affected by it constantly throughout their life, G.f._ If a PARTICLE is too small to be seen but evidence of it’s action is a fact from the reaction of the other bigger particle, than logic should not be influenced by the size of its opponent._ Gravity is gravitation from gravitons in motion and when constrained by bigger particle in their path they will be felt as a whole on that surface: Thanks for reading. Roger
  10. S H M ~ can be understood like action & reaction .
  11. The question was !~ If you drop a feather and a cannon ball, at the same time in a volume with no air in it, they will touch the bottom at the same time. What does that tell you about the effect of mass on the rate an object falls? No ~ the time of the fall is relative... to any object falling in vacuum.
  12. This is done in a very large vacuum chamber: No ~ the time of the fall is relative...
  13. The mass will created a force at the contact time with the surface much greater than the feather
  14. I am not sure...........but I think that (A) is the correct answer.__/ I believe So!
  15. My belief is that the more water the faster it'll fall. ___ / What does that mean ?
  16. Again !~ energy is not a Force in it self ; it can only be called Energy potential to perform work but ; ~ matter must be the one that create the ''Force'' I energy is the property that must be transferred to an ''object'' in order to perform work on an ''Object is matter'' So!~ A force , must contain matter in the equation.
  17. Gravity F~ can move and displace matter,,,energy cannot.
  18. Two Things about time loop < Does it relied on, events Or !~ the tough of the brain. Can the future be present in the time loop ? I thing so ! because ,one can predict for tomorrow's own doing < today !
  19. The S~ harmonic motion of an oscillator; must have a complement of reaction.
  20. SHM ~ The both ends of the Oscillator, must move ~ meaning; change positions while oscillating ! EXAMPLE ... click on (https) .Retro causality phenomenon: Model shown wire frame. Expansion of Euler rotations; Precession , Rotation , Nutation. Since the mathematics is somewhat complicated, you should read the PD F file on the Gyroscope Precession and Nutation for detailed derivations of these results. The axis of rotation of the body frame, precession axis, is connected to the top with the world, blue frame . All the blue parts are fixed together and move relative to each other . The other frame, the green frame, is called the body frame, representing the rotation around itself,= the moving frame.Here is some of the functions that govern the motion of the systems.The body frame,~ the green frame, contains a MASS at the end of the axis that weight X pounds and that axis is rigidly connected to the precession axis at the bottom and rotate at it's base around the x axis of the green plate (frame) witch frame is free to rotate around the world blue axis as seen from the model. Note that the two frames rotate independently around the same blue axis which is the world axis. Now lets work with gravity. The orange body in the model is raised against gravity with an acceleration 64 FEET (S) by the rotation of the two frames; rotation opposite to each other, with the help of the oscillator bringing the two knobs (the green square and the blue square) of the two frames closer to each other by shrinking time as needed witch is calibrated..til the right amount of acceleration necessary to raise the weight, at 64 feet second is reached beating gravity from so doing.The restoring force is generated by the gravitational forces when the orange body is at is highest and furthers point (position)... from the center of the system and the oscillator at that time is at zero Potential ;...but the mass (weight) is at it's maximum and is forced back down by the G.F. to its original position,from the start so! by so doing, restoring the potential of the oscillator...(stretching the spring ). That's what makes this concept great. It beets gravity and again, gravity is the restoring force from stretching the oscillator (spring)= ( the potential of the Oscillator) . If you observe at the oscillator, the two FRAMES, work together to raise the weight. When the oscillator forces the green frame to rotate to the right and at the same time the blue frame rotates to the left . The blue frame transfers its motion to the top through the world AXIS (the blue axis) holding the precession AXIS while the green ( frame), rotates to the right raising the mass; so they both conspire to raise the orange body while the green ( frame) is rotating the axis that carry the mass at the same time. A load, torque clockwise is applied to the system which slows it down. see model 65 an error has appended. Sorry about that .../
  21. and much more !~ at 500 feet from the source. /,,, meaning < with H20 < has an example.
  22. At long range the wave will diminished it's intensity; never the less at closer range from the source ~ let say at one mile H2o molecule, will certainly be affected greatly. and much more !~ at 500 feet from the source.
  23. Microwave signals must have a straight, line-of-sight path. Solid obstructions, or even heavy rain, sleet, or snow, can degrade or completely obliterate the signal. So ! ~ the impact must have an affect on the molecular structure .
  24. < Does ? the photons of light polarized with / H2o ,, changing the temperature of the atmosphere. as a result cooperating in the warming up of the so Call ?
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