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  1. Depends what the gut instinct is used for. Playing the lottery, gut instinct rarely helps. But this is a different kind of gut instinct. We could be already dead, and we are just scrolling through memories, like scanning a database. And maybe this is just the maximum speed it can go. But there is this deep sense that I am not repeating this day over and over. Like this sense is perhaps fundamental to our consciousness.
  2. Whether or not you believe in space-time or aether...there seems to be an inherent tendency to associate the black hole phenomenon with "sand falling into a body and then exitting out into another dimension...because hey where else can it go." Aetherists and Space-timeists have the same explanation for gravity: black holes suck in space and create worm holes into another dimension...or aether gets sucked into earth and it goes into another dimension... One thing that is curious is the force of magnetism...magnets seem like a perpetual motion device. The force of magnets seems like a current than never ceases. I am too tired to properly investigate this aether. I wish I wasn't so depressed...one of these days I am going to build an inteferometer. I just dont have very much money to spend building inteferometers. I am too run down now to do any kind of argument.
  3. Yes but how do you know that you are not in a time-loop, repeating the same day over and over? Because you would also remember yesterday, and that it was different from today, the day that is looping over and over.
  4. unfortunately the only experiments i can think of use orbital technology. are there any experiments that show the aging of atomic clocks of moon experiments? (straight line journeys.) because in all the science videos i watch, they tell a story about how an astronaut goes out to space, comes back to earth and everyone on earth is older but they are still young. are these false videos.
  5. The exact mph is irrelevant... Question is...who is moving? earth or the pure inertia (no accel or curve) spaceship? If a spaceship is moving .5c from earth in a straight line (straight not orbit nor accelerating)... scientists say the spaceship crew should age less than earth...why? whos to say earth is not the one going .5c, and that earth should age less.
  6. This is basically taken from my religious thread, which was closed, but I have now censored the religious bashing and focused on time-paradox alone. Say you are sitting to yourself and you say...how do I know I am not timelooping this day over and over gain?? Well you just know...why? Spiritual memory...gut instinct. you know to a certainty that you are not timelooping. but you dont have the clarity to explain it, or the clarity to predict the future.
  7. Apparently, physics can tell if you are moving, in an inertial frame, according to time dilation. Make up your mind. If you think this is about simple 2nd grade division then I am seriously worried about you. You drastically underestimate everyone around you and conflate your own self-esteem. Your own arrogance is your weakness. You are absolutely, incredibly annoying.
  8. think about it my dear. just get relaxed, meditate, you will have a eureka moment and it will all become clear.
  9. defining its own speed. but how can it be used to define others. using a c as a measuring stick, means that everyone else is going always c. according to c...earth is already traveling at c.
  10. stationary to what? you dont believe aether exists...so what part is exactly stationary...? how can you say the spaceship (inertia, no curve or accel) is going .5c? couldnt i argue that actually, its earth going .5c? so if both could be going .5c...then why does the spaceship atomic clock supposedly age less.
  11. Why shouldnt i name call people who butcher and violate others rights? No i must sit there while barbaric butchers mutilate everyone and how dare i name call them, meanwhile they are aloud to run around like barbarians.
  12. yeah but who's to say which is moving 150 million meters per second... earth or the spaceship? lets keep it simple and talk about inertial only. No orbits or curves, just straight lines.
  13. Here's the thing. if c is a constant that appears always the same speed regardless of speed. How can you tell what % of c something is going. if a space shuttle moves forward of earth...which is closer to c the space shuttle or earth. how can you tell.
  14. incorrect. Humans are the pinnacle of evolution because they have the ability to modify the quality of their lives and make better lives for themselves and animals. but most of them dont want to. thus that makes them the worst.
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