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  1. you're probably right. and no, but i haven't searched for that kind of article before. i never believed in supernatural powers before, so i guess there is no reason to believe in the "supernatural empaths" either.
  2. thanks. Phi said it has been tested, so i want an article reviewing the tests.
  3. that's about empathy, not empaths i am at least a little insane, if not moderately. from all the things i've learned my best guess is that empaths misunderstand the reasons they have the feelings and emotions they do. when an "empath" says they feel overwhelmed in crowded places they probably only have a kind of social paranoia, and when they say they experience the emotions of other people they probably either have an uncontrollable reaction of empathy or they have synesthesia, logically every person's body is separate from each other, and the processes causing emotions in one persons body can't possibly effect another person's body since they aren't in their body.
  4. that doesn't seem like enough evidence. i want a report of a scientific study that tested the abilities of supposed "empaths".
  5. an empath has told me before that he could feel the emotions of his roommates while they were downstairs and he was upstairs in his room. would you guys say he was only misunderstanding the source of his emotions? has it been proven that one person can't directly feel the emotions or physical feelings of another person? maybe they can read their emotions by expressions, and their empathy might make them feel a certain way because of it, but that's not what i mean. for example, can one person experience another person's emotions or physical feelings if they can't see them, like if a wall is between them?
  6. Or does anybody know of the scientific explanations for empath's abilities? By "empath" I mean people who claim to experience the emotions of people near them. The only explanations I've found are "mirror neurons" and "mirror-touch synesthesia", but I want to know if other explanations exist. Any links to peer reviewed articles, or articles written by reputable authors would be appreciated. Thanks!
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