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  1. Depends what the gut instinct is used for. Playing the lottery, gut instinct rarely helps. But this is a different kind of gut instinct. We could be already dead, and we are just scrolling through memories, like scanning a database. And maybe this is just the maximum speed it can go. But there is this deep sense that I am not repeating this day over and over. Like this sense is perhaps fundamental to our consciousness.
  2. Whether or not you believe in space-time or aether...there seems to be an inherent tendency to associate the black hole phenomenon with "sand falling into a body and then exitting out into another dimension...because hey where else can it go." Aetherists and Space-timeists have the same explanation for gravity: black holes suck in space and create worm holes into another dimension...or aether gets sucked into earth and it goes into another dimension... One thing that is curious is the force of magnetism...magnets seem like a perpetual motion device. The force of magnets seems like a current than never ceases. I am too tired to properly investigate this aether. I wish I wasn't so depressed...one of these days I am going to build an inteferometer. I just dont have very much money to spend building inteferometers. I am too run down now to do any kind of argument.
  3. Yes but how do you know that you are not in a time-loop, repeating the same day over and over? Because you would also remember yesterday, and that it was different from today, the day that is looping over and over.
  4. unfortunately the only experiments i can think of use orbital technology. are there any experiments that show the aging of atomic clocks of moon experiments? (straight line journeys.) because in all the science videos i watch, they tell a story about how an astronaut goes out to space, comes back to earth and everyone on earth is older but they are still young. are these false videos.
  5. The exact mph is irrelevant... Question is...who is moving? earth or the pure inertia (no accel or curve) spaceship? If a spaceship is moving .5c from earth in a straight line (straight not orbit nor accelerating)... scientists say the spaceship crew should age less than earth...why? whos to say earth is not the one going .5c, and that earth should age less.
  6. This is basically taken from my religious thread, which was closed, but I have now censored the religious bashing and focused on time-paradox alone. Say you are sitting to yourself and you say...how do I know I am not timelooping this day over and over gain?? Well you just know...why? Spiritual memory...gut instinct. you know to a certainty that you are not timelooping. but you dont have the clarity to explain it, or the clarity to predict the future.
  7. Apparently, physics can tell if you are moving, in an inertial frame, according to time dilation. Make up your mind. If you think this is about simple 2nd grade division then I am seriously worried about you. You drastically underestimate everyone around you and conflate your own self-esteem. Your own arrogance is your weakness. You are absolutely, incredibly annoying.
  8. think about it my dear. just get relaxed, meditate, you will have a eureka moment and it will all become clear.
  9. defining its own speed. but how can it be used to define others. using a c as a measuring stick, means that everyone else is going always c. according to c...earth is already traveling at c.
  10. stationary to what? you dont believe aether exists...so what part is exactly stationary...? how can you say the spaceship (inertia, no curve or accel) is going .5c? couldnt i argue that actually, its earth going .5c? so if both could be going .5c...then why does the spaceship atomic clock supposedly age less.
  11. Why shouldnt i name call people who butcher and violate others rights? No i must sit there while barbaric butchers mutilate everyone and how dare i name call them, meanwhile they are aloud to run around like barbarians.
  12. yeah but who's to say which is moving 150 million meters per second... earth or the spaceship? lets keep it simple and talk about inertial only. No orbits or curves, just straight lines.
  13. Here's the thing. if c is a constant that appears always the same speed regardless of speed. How can you tell what % of c something is going. if a space shuttle moves forward of earth...which is closer to c the space shuttle or earth. how can you tell.
  14. incorrect. Humans are the pinnacle of evolution because they have the ability to modify the quality of their lives and make better lives for themselves and animals. but most of them dont want to. thus that makes them the worst.
  15. How do you know I am a he? Thought you said she's get manhandled on physics boards moreso. illegal does not make wrong. fat politicians dilly and dally with their barbaric morality while baby's have to pay the price.
  16. I would like to talk more about intelligence and language... Intelligence, seems to be a process of division, dividing things up into smaller components. The base entity, is Consciousness. The main Question, is why is Consciousness in Me but not in You. Before we can answer "Can a Frog have Consciousness" we must ask "Why is Consciousness in QuickQuestion, and not some other human being?" Because that is the absurdist thing. And if consciousness, can be in 7 billion beings at once, then saying, consciousness can be in frogs and other animals, becomes less of a degree of absurdity, since we have already crossed into the realm of the absurd. If it can be in 7 billion, then why not 7 trillion, or 7 zillion. When I think of word language, compared to emotion, I think of the following diagram. As you can see in language, the base energy is there, just divied up and divided into different parts. But the base, intent, is the same. Let me give you an example. "Intolerable". Lets say a dog, senses someone who is "intolerable" and who the dog hates. They will just feel an emotional hate of them. But a human, will take that hate, and divide it up into parts, trying to give a reason and explanation of it. They will say..."I hate that person because I sense they hate me, and I also dislike the style of their clothing because it reminds me of people who wronged me a while ago, and also do not like their politics because their politics aim to reduce the food intake of both me and my loved ones, and I never get any love from them either." Whereas a dog just says "No food? No love??? I hate!!!" Hate becoming a one word phrase...the feeling of hate it inherently senses if something is a danger to it. But the intent, is the same. The net amount of energy used, is the same. But the approach is different. Human wants to spend all of its energy using mental tactics to defeat its opponent, dog just wants to use physical tactics and mental annoyance by barking on its opponent. But both require energy, energy to think, and energy to bark around. The original rational decision, should ALWAYS should be at root emotion. Intelligence is a technique to get your way. For example...why do scientist research solar power, wind power, etc. Because they want FOOD on the table, to satisfy their emotional need to not die in agony. Why do scientists want to save earth. Because an apocalyptic wasteland is emotionally displeasing to them. Emotions should always bee the foundations of the decision. Logic and communication is how you get the decision done.
  17. Christians disprove their own religion. The Bible says that Heaven is infinitely better than Earth and that Earth is miserable suffering. Shouldn't all Christians want to get to Heaven the promised land? There are some rules though: A christian may not commit suicide or it will go to hell. A christian may not murder another christian to send them to heaven, because murder is a sin, and if they commit a murder, but die before God forgives them, they can go to hell. But there are some options. Christians could be firefighters, and that would increase their chances of death, as well as give them good God points for saving them from fire. Or Christians could go to God-hating countries and teach Christianity. Or christians could take high-risk dangerous and deadly jobs. For instance, Christians could get a job clearing land-mines for third-world countries, to save the children. This would be a godly cause, as well as increase the chance of them going into heaven. So...why are there are not Christians in lines competing trying to get the riskiest, most deadly jobs? (Being a soldier doesnt count, it violates the Bible law of do not kill.) Well the answer is simple...Christians are life-lovers. They do not, deep down, want to die...And why do they deep-down...not want to die?...Well it is because...deep down...they do not believe Heaven is real...Gut instinct. Get to know some Christians...you will find out the obvious...that they are death-fearing people....But if someone really believed in Heaven...they'd be fearless, like Eval Kaneval...they'd have no attachment to this world. Christians tend to be very attached to this world. Now, the second part of my argument is to explain how Gut-Instinct can be used as a scientific way to validate something. Lets take the equation c=3-1...You know c=2. Why...? How do you "know" c=2??? Because our consciousness is actually located in two regions at once...When we see c=2 we aren't conscious of c=3-1...even though we were conscious of c=3-1 a few seconds ago...It is still active in our subconscious somewhere. I mean, when you say the words "C equals three minus 1...C equals two" You cannot possibly say, or think, both phrases at the same time. But you are still conscious that they are the same phrase...because either your consciousness extends in two temporal regions (present and past) at once, or two brain regions at once (subconscious and conscious) but I say it is a mix of both. Now here is a thought experiment that will revolutionize how you think about Time. The question is...How do you know you are not stuck in a time-loop, repeating the same day over and over again? I mean, you'd have no way of knowing, because you'd have a long stretch of memories...leading up to that day, but no future memories, to tell you otherwise...It would...feel like a brand new day...Everytime...But yet...we know we are not in a time-loop...I mean we know it...We must have some kind of subconscious, 6th sense of the future...it really is the only explanation...And that is how we know to a certainty, that we are not time-looping...you get it? And this is another example of gut-instinct heroically saving us from paradox.
  18. 3 days ago I was watching the Librarian. In there there was a math genius, her name was Cassandra, and she sounds like Pinkie Pie. The secret of why she is good at math is because she has a Tumor in her brain. In one episode there are 3 Ladies of the Lake. I thought they were Sirens, but I guess they are not sirens. That night, I went to bed and I was suddenly feeling good at math. I went to bed and I started doing equations in my head. I self-taught myself some equations and discovered the answer to the equations. I realized that if you plot the functions the cross of the lines will tell you the result of the variable. For example, if you have an equation c=(c-1)/3 to find out c you plot the functions. I figured this out on my own. But I am wondering, is there a different way to do this that doesn't require you to plot the functions (because by hand, or by mind, you may lose some accuracy in certain equations with graph paper alone.) What I found is when I imagine I am in the city of Atlantis, and I am an Underwater Goddess, I can do math and it all feels clear to me. But when I am stressed out and feel like it is a competition, I feel like I have ADHD and can't focus and do the math. When I go to wikipedia, it feels like it is bombarding me with black and white text. And I have this feeling where I just want to get away. But when I am thinking about math on my own, sometimes I discover the same truths that were on wikipedia, but I didn't comprehend them while I was reading wikipedia, I had to discover them on my own, because when I read wikipedia it feels like a robot is bombarding me with an army of monocolor text, and it stresses me out. I like to relax and feel at peace. For me, mathematics is a pleasant calm peaceful moving and rearrangement of symbols. It is a puzzle to be done at a leisure and calm serenity. For me, logic is a Combative-war like entity. That is why I excel at logic on online forums, because online forums most people are pent-up, combative and always argue. I say these messages for future generations. Because I believe math should be an atheistic religion, where we strive to be goddesses in the City of Atlantis, eating organic, hippie green foods. And that Logic should philosophically be associated with competitiveness and combativeness. And that the more battle hardened someone is, the more logical they are (Thus the meme of Star Trek...why Vulcans are the most logical species, and also the most war-hardened. And why Kirk's logic is on par with Spock...because he has seen so many battles.) And I believe that if children were taught this thing at school, it would save them from delusion. For example, John Carmack is a man of logic but made the DOOM videogames. I believe that Children need a peaceful, aquatic-type environment at school and not the Competitive, George W. Bush black-and-white type of WOT environment at school. And for children to see that math is not really a cruel Zeus, but a loving Goddess. So 2 days ago I watched the last 3 episodes of Librarians. There was a lot of Time-paradox. I understood all of it...and I think it would have been better to just not understand it, because it was very convoluted and gave me twists in my stomach. And that night I ate some middle-eastern food. There was garlic sauce and deep fried items. I woke up at 4:00 in the morning. I had planned on playing videogames at 8:00 but my videogame buddy changed their mind. So I went back to bed for four hours. I woke up at noon with backpains and a small headache. I felt sick and quesy. I needed the videogames to give me an adrenaline shot. The other day I went to the doctors and they made me have XRAYS in my belly and did some weird stretches on my body. The next day I was run down sick and sleeping all day. As the day went on I had a throbbing pain in my brain...like my brain felt like the color red. And when my heart beated I could feel it pulse through my neck and then through my brain. And then I had this feeling of the middle eastern food I ate the other day still in my throat. I am wondering what caused my brain pain. Was it the fact I slept in a reclining chair? Was it the fried middle eastern food and fatty garlic dip. Was it the time-paradox in the last episode of the Librarians. Was it the XRAYS. Was it the weird stretching. Was it not playing videogames in-time and thus not getting a needed adrenaline boost in time. Was it all of these things, some of things, or neither. That is what I want to know. Also, one important clue is that my belly was hotter than normal that day. Another clue was it was the lateral left-longitudal-middle portion of my brain, and it felt like an oval-gradient region. Also, today I forgot the combo on one of my locks. But yesterday I figured out an important theorem of car physics. Also, I want to say something philosophical. We, are nothing. I am nothing. I am just an entity inside of a brain witnessing time go by. I am powerless to stop time. Time just pushes matter around me. I am powerless to make time stop. In fact time should not stop. Time is not a thief, it is a giver. Moments must go by, anything else would be very dreadful. They are valued, because of their impermanence, much like a diamond is a rarity. Feeling sick and dying is one of the best feelings in the world. You feel at peace. Like you dont owe the world anyhting, and you dont have to be a hero. that you can just die and be free of this world. And when you are sick it is such a good feeling, because you dont think about your worldly woes and failures. you dont think about all the people who let you down and wronged you. in fact being sick probably saved me from misery. And the ultimate thought-game...we could all be One-being, the same person, dying and then entering each other's bodies. But we'd never know it. and we just waste our time fighting and not helping each other. When we could be spending time trying to make each other happy. And that is the grand tragedy of the universe...we send ourselves to perditions that we built for each other.
  19. There are several side effects. Death, of babies, and hyper sensitivity. My brother complains because his peewee hurts when he walks. He was circumcised. But society doesn't care. They march on with the iron clad boots of tyrants.
  20. Move on from the grandmother's paradox. I've made bigger and better paradoxes in my new video, which you won't watch. I have no doubt they will prove the twins paradox is not a paradox. However the question is, can you prove my purely logical paradoxes false, without resorting to calculus and lagrangians. If you are so great at physics I bet you can't solve a tire riddle I've been trying to figure out for weeks. From the text I read it said the twin paradox was made by Einstein himself. So if you are right then the text is wrong. And no I'm not going to scour the depths of the internet to find the text...the text may have been wrong. So I would suggest you reduce the amount of wrong texts about science.
  21. Here's the thing...the human humor instinct doesn't have much correlation between fact or fiction. It may be funny, but no less true. There are lots of true, funny videos, and true, funny standup comics. So if you find it funny, it does not make it more or less true.
  22. It is slightly similar to the twins paradox, but different. Also, video contains videos of motion. Physics is all about motion for me, but for you it is I wonder is it more about the motion of math than the videos of motion, Einstein, of course made the paradox in order to prove it was a false paradox. Essentially, it was a canned audience member to give credibility of the trick for the audience. The paradoxes I listed in my video are not constructed to be proven wrong, but to truly challenge and show the fallacies in relativity.
  23. Ah ok, so that's what I was forgetting. That inside the equation, was bundled another equation which had a sqrt function inside of it.
  24. How is it monumentally stupid, when it is an evolution of the Twins Paradox which Einstein thought of himself. And I thought of it on my own before even hearing the Twin paradox. Also, the paradoxes in my video have evolved and are superior to the grandmother paradox and twin paradox. Also, why are you biased against videos. You seem to be anti-ignorance of others but willfully refuse to watch video informational content.
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