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  1. Existential crisis for four continuous months. Set a record. Hope it's over by today. 

    1. Prometheus


      Don't worry, they always end on Tuesdays.

    2. jimmydasaint


      The answer is always within yourself.  Circumstances do not create feelings.  Feelings are caused b thought in the moment.  Release your negative thoughts and then clear your mind.  Thoughts in the moment can be released with ease. You have infinite potential!


  2. Game of Thrones definitely isn't nihilistic and kill off good characters at random, if it was, Jamie and Bronn would be dead the moment that Dragon showed up.
  3. I don't think it's a lack of guilt or shame. It's justifying that guilt and shame, avoiding it and deeming it as something else. It's so easy to justify guilt when you are a believer of yourself, saying "if they were in my place, they would have done the same thing."
  4. DEA and CIA influence the cartels in Mexico all the time, the only reason the United States doesn't have drones blowing shit up in those conflicts is because there is nothing to gain from those regions they are not as unstable as it is in the Middle East.
  5. That's a pipe dream. The US is always going to send soldiers to wherever place that has conflicts, if not try to manipulate how the situation turns out by supporting the side they like, the end results are always about benefitting them in the end or biting them back in the ass. I am also sure there was a complete withdrawal of the US army in Afghanistan. Even if Islam isn't negatively viewed, this still won't happen. Either way, these wars didn't start because of Islam or the US's want for the rest of the world to conform strictly to their value.
  6. A culture with sharia law that oppresses women, an unnecessary heavy punishment for minor crimes is objectively regressive, things like killing gays and atheists. Reprehensible facets like this shouldn't be tolerated, this shouldn't even be argued. No one is proposing to start a war over it, nor is anyone saying this should justify anything more than a rejection, which is nothing more than that all of these should not happen in progressive places, anyone can come to progressive countries as long as they share the same progressive value as those countries. On a side note, I don't live in the Un
  7. I am on the side of rationality. I gave my view on why people might not respect Islam over other religions as the topic had asked and pointed out the regressive elements in the Quran and its main character, I also said I can't be sure because humanity has always found a way to start violence.
  8. No. You are missing the point, I am telling you what these two did to gain respect in contrast with each other, one was clearly more peaceful than the other and hence why people see one better than the other. I know what moral relativism is but should you accept cannibalism? No one should automatically reject culture but no one should tolerate ones that are clearly regressive.
  9. Jesus Christ turns the other cheeks and dies for people's sins instead of resorting to violence.
  10. I can't be sure, it's been around in my mind for a while. There is definitely a significant amount of violence and regressiveness in Islam's ideas that are being followed, one cannot deny that Islam is sexist, and it's been shown why people might think Christianity is more secular with the different direction the individual MCs takes in their stories, the Prophet approves of polygamy, child marriage, conquest and there is a significant amount of harsh punishment in the story that overshadows it's supposed good elements. It's also important to take note of the other ways humanity has tried to s
  11. I wouldn't say that, I think Christianity is just as regressive as Islam. It's just that with the presumably more secular and peaceful leaning mindset, there is more respect for Christianity than Islam, although I know that both can be interpreted in a hideous way, one lean towards that a little more.
  12. Sure. The moment the reports of terrorism stops, Sharia laws stopped being taken so seriously, the sexism of woman ceases, and when it's some other radicals blowing things up. The reason it's not respected is mostly due to the terrorism thing. I personally think Islam has some undesirable elements in it, and just like the Bible but what makes Islam more, in a sense, radical is that Christians don't really believe eating shellfish is betraying the command of God or stealing equals death and working on the day of Sabbath deserves a brutal punishment. It's just a little side notes in the book tha
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