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  1. I mentioned before that lasers can generate force. Lasers can move objects if strong enough. Yet light is not matter. The energy or power Of laser beam = the force opposed to it's pat ; = Matter with out matter in its pat ,,/ no force can be detected or defined. For a force to exist an opposite force is needed. 3th law of motion
  2. This is more likely the debris of an unwanted dead satellite perhaps from a exploded nuclear satellite . Who knows ____________________________ ''It is something you should know''' The issue of space debris capture and removal has become extremely urgent, due to the huge amounts of passive (or active) space debris along operational orbits. As a promising solution, Space Tethered Net is low-cost and executable. Based on this kind of non-maneuverable space net, a new solution for space debris capture and removal is proposed in this paper, named Maneuverable Tethered Space Net (MTSN). We first describe the structure of the Maneuverable Tether Space Net in detailed, and then give a typical mission scenario. Then, the kinematics and dynamics model of the MTSN is derived under some basic conclusions of single space tether. An appropriate initial condition is decided, after the analysis of releasing characters including folding pattern, shooting angle and shooting velocity. Considering the longitudinal elasticity of tether and the uncertainties from space environment, an adaptive second-order super-twisting sliding mode control scheme is employed for the stability control of the MTSN. Finally, we verify the controller by both theoretical proof and numerical simulations. According to general relativity, any massive body creates a depression in the space-time fabric, causing any surrounding object to fall into that depression. That is the origin of this attractive force. If you meant to mention the effect of black hole; that is only speculation... nothing there ! I will never agree with the theory of a planet hitting an other planet . It is contrary to the formation of the Universe as I understand it logically . Beginning from the big Bang end expanding in time the first body created from the sun evolving one after on other one in time would naturally be where they belong and so on.~ no state of kayos.
  3. The nearer side of the moon, that is, the side which faces the earth, has thinner crust than the other side. ​I thought the other side of the moon has never been seen.
  4. Where is the origin of that force ?. taking under consideration, the 3e law of motion.
  5. Strange ../ Can you tell me the force (s) that would lead a planet to hit an other .
  6. I do not read. That is my understanding of my comprehension from experimentation in meta physics; and material experiments in this forum ,,. my goal is not to have votes negative or positive it is to get my understanding challenged in a logical way ; not from what you have read , but from what your logic comes about .
  7. Sensei According to Giant impact hypothesis, Moon is result of collision of other planet-to-be with Earth-to-be in the past. Roger Non sens !~ that statement is contrarily to the law of relativity ; that why collision in space is not possible between planets All planets are in motion at the same time and in the same direction if there was debris in the ether NASA would have e serious probleme to guarantee the space program . it would be wasting money
  8. Age of the Earth is 4.543 billions y.../ _________Moon__4.53__b.y Size& mass_____Earth __5.97 ________ Moon ______ 1.622 Question. Why?~ the Earth and moon have nearly the same age and so much (different mass~ and size)
  9. Energy must be confined to convert it into a force and for that; The matter is obviously necessary.
  10. So other dimensions do not exist? I believe that would go against what some of the best minds in science believe. Yes! _I do believe it does exist.../ My Cote.>> ''Roger Dynamic Motion'' A message can be send from present to pass and pass to present > but !~ never from future to pass or pass to future ; the future do not belong to ''time frame'' it's a mere vision of the mind ''only'' .it does not possess any entity in motion....cause !~matter, is not present .
  11. the impact of light on a concert wall does it !~ no? so any substance contenting mass has the ability to do So ! I'm I Ok ?
  12. Other then increase the gravity of an object by increasing it's mass How ?~can that be done.
  13. That is true ! ~ ; only with the help of matter. A test ,to know how to calculate the amount of Energy from a explosion or any form needed to be performed with the presence of matter ,,,let say a round metal, container (ball) as an example , filled up with a certain gas; or any other forms of energy known today performed with it's need accordingly. Than a charter of value can be developed for each tip of energy ... so!~ I think, that demonstrated the need of ''matter in the equation''~ and prove that matter is necessary for a force to be generated from the energy contained . ( What is ""Atomic energy (bomb) without a shell surrounding it )? Gravity F~ can move and displace matter,,,energy cannot. I will add,, that ~ energy ''can'~'with ''matter'' in its pat. So!~ matter need to be in the equation .
  14. Because !~ we're all human and belong to the same race ,,,no argument there.../
  15. If the Mans descend from the ''race'' of Monkeys Why ? are there still Monkeys.
  16. The source of all Gravity is mass-energy. Why not ? Mass -force
  17. the one is the same to the other.. only different with the result @!~
  18. Kow body knows !~ Radio Waves ??? what do you make out of it >?
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