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  1. What gives the source of light the gets go on ? how does the momentum gets created ...for every action is a reaction !
  2. I have alway wonder what constitute the full function of a source of light and why space allow light to travel so fast My g but my main question is <<Is light energy ? transferable to a ''target solar panel'' let say at 15 degrees to the reflection of a mirror at the same distance to the source but not in line with it . at 15 degrees (Paralax)
  3. why we still belive in a god Who is we ?
  4. Electrons have electric charge, which means that they interact ''with'' each other; ''not to'' , including photons through the EM electromagnetic field. what do you think?
  5. what if the''e ship travels at 186000 miles; they'll arrived a the same time ..right ?
  6. he said = interaction ''for'' the electron,, not ''with'' the electron. a great difference .
  7. so the light is already at target after 46500 miles, while there is 3 quarter of second left for the ship to make it to target .
  8. just want,, could it be also <<the primary means of interaction (with) the electron. ?
  9. insults are never constructive for the bane super-flue. insults are never constructive for the bane super-flue. not met for you Sorry!
  10. This is a not a quiz Strange an don't get smart you could be confronted in not with you know but what you understand .
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