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  1. One investigates is knowledge thought (imagination) ; then fallow experimentation to incise is Knowledge :
  2. doesn't the hub, in a closed system ,rotates with the rotation of the radius at the same time ,,because the hub is the career of the torque to acceleration.
  3. _ Just a Question here,, Is it needed to know how to program ,before one can become a ''Computer engineer''?
  4. _ We may change the name of that particle responsible to push vertically on a body on the scale never the less. << I definitely have to believe they are a component of the Gravitational force(s) an s for more than one graviton. For matter to be moved or displaced there must be inter action, meaning, matter does not let itself through by the same . For every action there is a reaction.To read the weight of a body on the scale demonstrate to me, a force must includes matter in the equation. I Think the third law of motion is valid in this case and self evident. I think logic is a term that people in physics are afraid to face evidence, when affected by it Gf, constantly throughout their life, _ If a PARTICLE is too small to be seen but self evidence of it’s action as a fact from the reaction of the other bigger particle, than logic should not be influenced by the size of its opponent._ Gravity is forces from gravitons in motion and when constrained by bigger particle in their path they will be felt as a whole on that surface: Thanks for reading. (Roger Dynamic Motion)
  5. Because !~ Computer science is not (Universal scientific knowledge)
  6. But it will be the present time for the reader..not the future at that specific time
  7. A message can be send from present to pass and pass to present > but !~ never from future to pas _ or pass to future ; the future do not belong to ''time frame'' it's a mere vision of the mind ''only'' _.it does not possess any entity of motion....cause !~matter, is not present .
  8. It is a spinning generator ._assuming it is spinning Neglecting the power source to make it spin/ will it generate the same amount of electricity ? versus earth/
  9. How do you know ? has the experience ever been done?
  10. We know an electric generator on earth generate electricity . What if the same one is placed in space where there is no air and no gravitational force. will it generate the same amount of electricity ?
  11. Not more that I can separate the weight of one pound of dusted lead to a pound of a solid block of lead .
  12. Not more that I can separate the weight of one pound of dusted lead to a pound of a solid block of lead .
  13. Well, what I have always understood, that is; energy cannot detected its own presence and one cannot verified the presence of energy if separated from matter So, what created Energy? if it is not the presence of ''particles Matter'' in space
  14. So, if it is every where than we're all parts of it and therefore ; it is not possible to tell if the Universe is rotating on its own axis. In respect to nothing. If we assume the universe is the only big body, witch is rotating on its own axis and we are a part of it as human on earth, and contains all existing bodies as a old. So ! is it possible to know if the universe is in motion?
  15. let say there is many impact with 10 mirrors at different angles leading the light wave to target ..would the momentum at the impact remain the same ?
  16. because the light source is not lineded 180 degrees with the source and for that ; the momentum of the light wave vanish to a single reflection wave the target was my eyes.
  17. well, the sun is know to take room in space a (big ball yes) still a small piece of matter have the same effect while shining and expanded are you calling me a L>>>you have not understand the question Is light energy ? transferable to a ''target solar panel'' let say at 15 degrees to the reflection of a mirror at the same distance to the source it is not the target thet is tilted the target is perpenticular to the light wave and away trom the mirror at 15 degrees but at the same distance to the target
  18. sorry . Corection,,,My guest is that the source must be perpendicular to the target to transfer its energy because of the axpantion of space comming from the source /quote Well, do have a model and that is ; a metal, small ball electrified (chromium) in fusion hitting the flor has 1/8 of an inch in diameter while in fusion i have observed the spin of it and has it spin drops the light diminish, also its sise deminish to a half an finaly all comes to rest
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