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    Throughout history innovative thinkers have had to contend with tides of herd prejudice. Even mythology is replete with such creative intellects, and sometimes, discoveries will change mythology to history + symbolic embellishments, like the story of Troy. Examples of both types include Moses (the Ten Commandments), Jesus (Yeshua ben Yoseph, Sermon on the Mount), Origen Adamantius (Biblical eschatology, many writers today believe that Origen and Origenism were anathematised by the Roman Catholic Church, but an equal number deny this), Martin Luther (triggered the reformation revealing the true
  2. No refutation for post #59, just taboos to filter answers, but the questions requiring them are okay? And 1767 views means nothing, even in record time? I think I'll stick to chess.
  3. koti: Pymander, how can someone a learned as you believe such foolishness as Hermetic philosophy. Pymander: Because, Sir, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and John Dee have studied it, and you have not.
  4. All of the sciences are based on hypotheses which model each respective field of research or knowledge. To my mind, chemistry is quite possibly the only rock-solid field. They seem to range from subatomic physics to geology and astronomy in one sense, or to psychology in another, with palaeontology a blend of both. We cannot determine that the senses (earth element to Hermetic philosophers) are or are not some kind of psychic phenomenon, or stated differently, whether the universe has an existence independent of the observer (the key element of Relativity Theory), as claimed by Einstein. From
  5. Dim Reaper - if you must avoid blind faith, determine for yourself whether there is a God or not. I can't think of a more important question, nor a more neglected question, that anyone can ask.
  6. Why the Bible in particular? It is probably the best scripture, but I certainly haven't read the Talmud, like Einstein, and it may be better, I don't now. The Bhagavad Gita preaches the same morality. The Isha Upanishad (translated by Sri Aurobindo) is extremely profound, especially when elucidated by his commentary. But the Hindu religion is a very ancient vestige of the early Egyptian, perhaps likewise evolved with the people like the Bible as the Judeo-Christian Tradition. Jews and Christians however no longer share the same eschatology. The removal of reincarnation (resurrection) from the
  7. DrKrettin, do you seriously believe that I am not in the slightest measure capable of critical judgement. That assertion, to me, says the same about you, considering the information you have about me. I would not be surprised if the extent of my research far exceeds your own. Upon completion of studies described in the second post of this thread, I decided specifically to investigate, without constraint other than the only determinant of falsehood - inconsistency - whether God exists. Truth, except in mathematics and logic, does not exist, only consistency, and that only as long as it lasts be
  8. Manticore, neither your opinion nor mine on the subject of the Bible would compare to Albert Einstein's authoritative knowledge base and proven genius. You opinion seems to derive from the other extreme, or else you are being belligerent. Have you anything more worthwhile to contribute?
  9. DrKrettin, thanks for the courtesy of a respectful response. I would like to address it in some detail. I am now in edit mode, required to prevent losing text through crashes and restarting replies. When I'm done, it will be signed off. "Certainly. Plato mentions it. No more evidence." This is so typical of guarded academic discounting. Charles Berlitz has written a book, correlating the "mention" with a wide variety of "no more evidence". For the mentally challenged, it spells a huge and detailed dialogue has been supported with a ton of evidence. After sorties of the Aristocratic flavour
  10. DrKrettin, if I may, upon what evidence then do you base your opinion that Atlantis is just a myth?
  11. Right, I'm not done yet. Why? Because the pot is calling the kettle black. Everything I am accused of is like the atheists among you is looking in the mirror. Moreover, your grasp of history is for the most part jack. I'm not talking about your ability to memorise black and white text and regurgitate it. I'm talking about which end or the previous regurgitator you got some of it from, ad nauseum. Atlantis is myth, they say. Atlantis is myth, you parrot. How much research have you invested in certifying this, or anything else for that matter. (Remember my fair friends, that I am forced to hand
  12. If any of you witnessed a miracle, like the hand that materialised in front of Belshazzar and wrote on the wall, your reactions would be the same as his. Your bowels would be loosed! If it requires the study of sources like Edgar Cayce and their works, you will remain safe. Trust your spin doctors and herders, boys, the time for anything more than the latter kind of miracle is past. See you on Polaris, because science has destroyed this world. The North Pole is gone. Ice scating in the Netherlands is abandoned as too dangerous since 1989. Religion gave you the peace you needed to create civili
  13. After that rubbish, I will have one last word here. Most people believe or don't believe in God (by any other name) to some degree. Only those who are gifted with supernatural abilities, or those who seek and witness such events, or those with both sufficiently evolved intellect and appropriate research, will be able to determine that God is true. I reiterate thus, atheists have also a belief that there is no God exactly as the lukewarm believer in God has his belief. It is time to face facts, an get off your high horses. The disbelief in God is not the problem with atheism. It is simply t
  14. There is a more detailed version of the creation in "The Divine Pymander of Hermes", Book 2. But again, the discourse uses alchemaic symbolism, which derives from the Hermetic perspective. Unless you can see yourself as being at Recall (Movie: Total Recall), or in "The Matrix", you can't relate to Hermetic Philosophy. We are born, bred and raised materialistic. With Religions disappearing, the opinion that atoms created DNA by chance on one planet in a system around one star of 200 thousand million in a galaxy which is one of more than that many within range of our telescopes, and evolved crea
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