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  1. Ether evidence?

    F F sake what does light travel through, how is it polarized, how does a particle produce a wave,what restricts its speed. Get with the program add dimensions! Focus on the wilderness of your unsupportable flat land beliefs. This is supposed to be a science forum not a religious forum. Boa Noite
  2. Ether evidence?

    You may be trying to get me to go off thread. The thread is aether/space/ with maybe extra dimensions My limited understanding for what it is worth is that all the theories from the beginning of time are attempts to explain the known universe. I never heard of Phlogiston before, but since it has been proven wrong I am glad I never waisted time reading about it. The concept of aether seems to persist, it means many things to many people, my second post on this thread gave a link. Perhaps if instead of using the word aether, someone had used the TLA word TOE, the concept TOE would keep coming up instead instead of aether. Would the word TOE be more acceptable to you. I wonder if string theory is the modern equivalent of aether theory. As you are no doubt aware there are many aether theories and many string theories. Many of to days more modern theories incorporate extra dimensions. Using 5 dimensions of space time rather than 4 I understand dark matter is not needed any more. There are many professional(ie paid) physicists that have this idea. Immergent gravity based on GR uses 5 dimensions not 4 and gives almost all the same answers. All the string theories incorporate more dimensions. In Newtons day the aether was accepted as fact until michelson morley tried to detect the flow of the aether. It seems modern theories today are pointing to extra dimensions that are not obvious to folk in flatland. My basic understanding of aether is that the aether represents space, but am aware it means a lot more for other folk. In some string theories the Membrane of space is connected at both ends of an open string. This is more easily visualized as a vibration in the multidimensional membrane of space. Mordred stated "remember the mantra all things are quantum fluctuations or excitations" in space, these are equivalent to vibrating strings in string theory. All the different theories are all trying to explain the observed world, and have some overlap or insight that other theories do not provide. I often ask questions and do not get answers. I do not let it bother me. I got banned for a couple of weeks for trying to extract from someone that more dimensions might exist, clearly my evil plan failed. But it did give me the insentive to join another forum. One thing that intrigues me ref the aether/Membrane of space concept is why does everyone assume space/aether is fixed and we flow through it. If it assumed to be like a liquid it could be dragged around by rotating galaxies and be absorbed by masses. Space/aether expands in open space between galaxies why not contract towards matter and swirl around, and if a graviton is assumed to exist how does it get out of a black hole. Space/gravitons/chocolate unicorns etc must flow into the black hole not vice versa(except hawking radiation). If mass is the source of gravity where do the gravitons come from, and how do they get out of blackholes? A flowing space/aether/Membrane type thingy etc strikes me as being more plausible than a graviton particle, unless of course the graviton is assumed to be space itself in which case it flows towards matter and black holes. Understanding space I think is intriguing. You have clearly indicated you believe space is 4 dimensional space time and dark matter exists. I do not agree and will go for 5 dimensional space time as an absolute minimum and dont need dark matter. For me the aether/space is a multidimensional membrane that explains wave particle duality, quantum entanglement, fluctuations and excitations and perhaps even what goes on inside a black hole. Perhaps M theory is pretty close to a TOE, which might put the boot into other older theories. The membrane concept of space connecting strings does look to me like another version of aether theory. Aether is just a word why are you so hung up on it, it has many meanings for many people, from scientists to hippies Religious types might state god is everywhere and made everything, this could perhaps be equated to the aether concept maybe? or maybe M theory is everywhere and explains all things perhaps? You did ask for an answer I hope the above suffices.
  3. Ether evidence?

    Oh Ive been away for a while and hadnt realized the OP is now talking about the luminefourous aether. I will leave the luminefourous aether and other ancient theories to you and your obvious obsession, for those that dont know what the hell phlogiston is
  4. Ether evidence?

    D Branes are multidimensional and describe space which is not static 3 dimensional nothing. The only thing I hang onto is the fact that space is multidimensional, strings exist in the membrane of space as I currently understand it. Space could be defined as the aether from which all things eminate.
  5. God and science

    Firstly apologies to the OP. Quarks excluded Do your questions not boil down to what is god or how you can define god in a sense that agrees with scientific facts and theories. 1To the best of my knowledge string theory is one of the most advanced theories in development, this theory involves multiple spacial dimensions, most of which will be forever be undetectable. Many other THEORIES exist that suggest matter can appear out of nothing ,zero energy universe etc etc. 2 Why should god not always exist, depending on how you define your god of course. If you view the human being as being an automaton responding to external inputs, could a definition of god not be a automaton ie the universe as a whole responding to external inputs. 3 Again this depends on what you define your god as, if you define god as the entire universe, then perhaps string theory will help you know the mind of god, if you define your god as a stone or a football player or religious leader, then I guess your god is easier to understand. 4 What do you mean by supernatural. Ultimately all things will be explained in more and more detail. Why should all things not be connected to a certain extent especially when extra dimensions come into play. Einsteins spooky action at a distance is not supernatural it could be via other spacial dimensions. The above is partly what I was getting at before I was blocked. But like I said I am not religious and dont have a clue how you or anyone defines god on this forum.
  6. Ether evidence?

    Could a version of the aether be considered to be described by string theory, whereby space itself is the aether or membrane connecting different dimensions in space together In string theory space D Brains connect the end of vibrating strings dependi9ng on which versuion you look at. Simplistically does M theory not represent a multidimensional space or aether.
  7. God and science

    Nope You clearly post a lot on the religious thread, so must have some beliefs along religious lines. I was merely asking you to define your beliefs more clearly and how they are related to the thread.
  8. Geomagnetic induction...

    Do you have any opinion as to why the earths magnetic field flips every 50000 years or so, as evidenced in magnetite rocks and on the ocean floors etc.
  9. God and science

    As I pointed out earlier it seems no one can define what they do or do not believe in in terms of god. Your clear none belief in the god Zeus is the only thing clear in your reply. Egyptian gods were represented as solar discs, in Greece the gods like Zeus came down from the sky, If a Alien came down from the sky in a UFO and said I am Zeus the 111th would you worship it as god? Do you for instance believe in a god. If so please define your god? Do you have a spiritual side to your existence if so please define what you mean spiritual? It is clear from your statement above you do not believe in Zeus, does this include UFO's, and ghosts etc. Would you agree it is common in history for some people/religions to deify a stone the moon, sun or stars and ideas. You wrote earlier you did not believe in the old testament I guess this includes the creation story. Since light travels faster than sound and no one can hear you scream in space, it is plausible that in the beginning there was light, not a big bang as claimed by science Amusingly chuckle chuckle more neg rep marks coming up Could the old testament be correct on the claim in the beginning there was light. If god created that light, what was god? If only space existed, could god be space in terms of the old testament. Going further what is space, as we know from ligo it can expand and contract, it is full of little quantum fluctuations and or excitations firing away like a neural network, it transmits all forces. Could space be the mind of god Rather than using the term quantum fluctuations and or excitations should we be using the term strings from string theory which has more than 3 spacial dimensions including time dimensions. If you believe space consists of only 3 dimensions and time and is otherwise empty, would you state we are better of worshipping football teams and rock stars? As for your disbelief in genesis I dont believe in the exodus, it is approx 600km from egypt to israel over land, Moses must have been the dumbest navigator of his day . 40 years lost in the desert, if you were motivated and fit you could hike it from egypt to israel in 10 days.
  10. Liberal Views Explained

    Gun crime in the US is the highest on the planet, can you name a country with more deaths due to guns since the 2nd world war. Do you view the right to carry a firearm down the street to be a good in a tolerant liberal world? Should the rest of the world adopt US gun law? Do you think the right to bear arms would make the world safer or just the weapons companies richer? Is the right to bear arms a good liberal view? I understand Washington DC used to be the murder capital of the US until guns were banded, I may be wrong. Not being a US citizen, and having only visited your liberal country on work, the main memory I have is of a steroid pumped 2m tall guy with a pair of pit bulls packing 2 side arms wearing paramilitary gear parting a path down a sidewalk in the middle of a tourist centre, this was way scarier than any of your amusement park rides.
  11. God and science

    Ah So! you have an open mind about a god concept but dont believe god created the universe, or any of the egyptian/greek gods etc existed and you do believe in something you think might be god. Can you define what you believe your version of god maybe in your open minded way? Do you perhaps think god is an separate entity from you, or a part of you or etc etc etc.? Do you hear voices?
  12. God and science

    God I write some S**t, but then so it seems does everyone else. On this thread people claim to believe in god others not, but no one is prepared to define god thing they do or do not believe in. You are all talking S**t just like me.
  13. Liberal Views Explained

    You are most likely correct, when viewing US politics and politicians, watching police atrocities, people marching up and down respecting politicians and people in uniforms, it looks to the outsider as a military dictatorship. You could blame the situation in the USA on the founding fathers or freemasons and the war of independence. The declaration of rights to carry arms is the result of all the gun crime in the US, and is built into the constitution. The developed world does not have this problem, the rest of the world spends no where near as much on weapons and has a much better health service and pension schemes etc, the US is just lagging behind the times.
  14. God and science

    Stupid question I am not religious BUT please can someone define what religious folk think god is or does on this thread An easy explanation of weird shit happening to a flat lander would the concept of god did it. A mathematician might explain weird shit with a probability function. A being that experiences another dimension might think weird shit is explainable to flat landers only if they could understand extra dimensions. At the end of the day ALL things are just automatons responding to external inputs(teslaish), from inputs experienced in flatland or inputs from multiple spacial dimensions. A very clever person on this forum stated all things are quantum fluctuations or excitations. I am getting into string theory now and would reduce this even further all things are vibrations. My personnel opinion is religion is nothing about the concept of god and more about control of people. Science is more about trying to understand the mind of god which we may all be a part off anyway, depending on of course if you have a definition of gods.
  15. Time and speed and how speed impacts time

    Ligo gravity waves.