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  1. Lightning is coming from a km or so up normally, and has largely made up its mind so to speak before it comes to ground. A lightning conductor will provide an alternative path for a lightning bolt that is coming down in the vicinity of the conductor. There is however no guarantee the lightning conductor will attract the lightning. I have a sail boat and have had forks of lightning brake on both sides of the boat, with no ill effect except the rigging turning blue with st elmos fire. I have lost electrical equipment due to distant thunderstorms I avoided, whereas my friends have sailed through the same thunderstorm and taken no damage. Lightning comes in many forms with -ve discharge to ground, in the vicinity of a thundercloud, and +ve discharge to ground often known as a bolt from the blue as the positive discharge can travel several miles horizontally before either coming to ground or heading up into the ionosphere. As for the idea lightning is an act of god that some supreme being should protect churches against, ROFL. A basic understanding what this god thing is you are trying to understand and observed past capabilities should be taken into account. If in the event of a thunderstorm and you think you are going to get hit, you could always bend down to pray to said god and kiss your arse goodbye whilst you are at it. If there is a god statistically he she it does not give seem to care about real estate or money, or anything else come to that, so when praying for assistance, one should not be hopeful of getting any. Lightning is a very interesting subject to study, Plasma from lightning can and does produce positrons. The temperature the plasma reach transiently on implosion matches those of the interior of the sun. A single lightning strike can pack terra watts of energy, etc blah blah. Some scientists clearly don't know much about what they waffle on about. From Lightning to gravitons with magical properties.
  2. Maybe but is amusing bollocks. One might be forgiven for thinking that the Roman empire adopted the Egyptian ideas and religion as a method of controlling people. :)
  3. I did miss out the universe is expanding and the space between galaxies is increasing at an accelerating rate. The Quantum Foam theory of gravity isn't from my novel ideas its an actual scientific theory, and I like it.
  4. The interwinding capitance would conduct more electricity on a infinite inductance than the coil itself
  5. It is however silly to accept the standard model as being flawless, because it is not. All people have brains and should question everything. If Einstein hadn't questioned newton, GPS would be crap. Generating none observed dark matter to support a theory that doesn't work without it seems a trifle flawed doesn't it. If people blindly go through life not questioning what the high priests of religion, politics or science etc want us to believe, what would the world be like?. We could have a benign dictatorship telling us what is fact or fiction etc and it could be BS.
  6. Dark matter is based on what, it has not been observed, it is inferred from a theory, to support the theory. Other theories exist that do not require it.
  7. The links are very interesting, not having a sleep disorder I was not aware of these sleep issues. I don't hallucinate either, although I am extremely good at visualising things working, including gozzintas and factories etc. The first post I made ref the ghost stories, was an actual story from my youth experienced by several of my friends at the same time, are you suggesting this was a group hallucination ? All of my mates experienced the hair standing up and cold shivers on entering the morgue, and all of us heard the doors repeatedly slamming, which was when we dived out of the windows rather than going to investigate it was a calm wind less night, I still has me a bit suspicious. Ref Aliens My great uncle who died before the first world war told my mother that he had seen a glowing disc shaped object land in a field, and little people get out, and start collecting stuff around said disc. He was outstanding in his field being a farmer, with a fork. On approaching said little folk with his fork, they stopped doing what they were doing and flew off. Prior to first world war Biggles flew biplanes, not glowing discs. Why shouldn't Aliens with different technologies exist and visit the planet. They could be the original solar gods depicted inside the Egyptian tombs . The pharaohs might actually have been speaking to little alien chaps. If you happen to read the old testament literally it actually gets quite interesting if one assumes god descending from heaven was a group of chaps in a flying solar disc. The little people could be responsible for the religious belief in gods that exists today. The Jews were the chosen people and they are waiting for ET to return and rule the earth etc. Perhaps religious folk should be reading their stories literally
  8. I am currently not minded to start any more threads at the moment. Thanks anyway. The psychology of religious belief and how people refuse to accept or look at new ideas or views is very interesting, new scientific ideas can take years to be accepted. If someone believes in a thing, it is hard to get them to look at an alternative possibly more plausible explanation. Opening a discussion with a person with a closed mind or religious outlook can be futile, but without discussion people don't learn, unless they learn by rote, without questioning anything, which is how religion manages to exist, and how some would teach science. If people questioned the contradictions in the quran or any other holy book they would soon wind up not believing in religion other than as a social tool used by ruling elite to control society. A similar argument also stands in science, if a student questions a profs teachings, taught to the prof by people the prof believes, even if the student is right, the argument is going no where, especially if the prof follows scientific teachings like a religion rather than something to be continually questioned.
  9. If you had an infinite inductance you would have no current flow in the inductor, it would present an infinite impedance. Edit An infinite inductance would also require a long piece of wire which unless it was a superconductor would have a resistance, which over an infinite distance would have an infinite resistance also.
  10. It was meant to be amusing . An individual above quoted the Quran ref god being everywhere all powerful and all knowing. I merely drew a comparison with the Quran version god and quantum foam being everywhere and with the advent of quantum computing, I took the view that a space all around you full of quantum froth or virtual particles might be a quantum computer, like what god is claimed to be. As for omnipotent or all powerful, forces are transmitted through space which is made of quantum froth without which nothing would exist. The thoughts amused me, and I thought I would share them. Apologies, the ideas did take me at least several seconds to think up. Also the god believers seem to be doing a poor job of defending their claims, and I was looking for some semi plausible idea of what peoples god or the great spirit concept might be, or not as the case might be , to try and make there arguments more interesting.
  11. See above your post :) I deleted the content as soon as it dawned on me I was on the wrong thread. You must have taken time reading the links I deleted. Ref the subject of the thread:) my current belief system is based on quantum foam, it is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, it is the lord your god. God froth beats god particles, or other imaginary gods, that sit on thrones etc in heaven. :)
  12. I did and moderation closed it down. There is enough for me to google on the subject without having to put up with your religious beliefs in space having no properties except dimensions. Assuming the standard model is correct then dark matter must exist, here is a model to prove it. https://phys.org/news/2017-07-cosmologists-dark-dynamics.html . An alternative explanation would be if the standard model is incorrect then dark matter does not exist and what is being observed is a function of how space and gravity works. Quantum foam theory does not need dark matter https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space-time_foam Which belief system is most likely correct?
  13. Gravity is an attractive force only and not repulsive. I am not a scientist just interested in gravity, so the following might be complete CRAP. I am accumulating ideas for a semi fictional novel. In order to create a gravity driven propulsion system, one would have to create a virtual gravitational field in the direction you wanted to go that exceeded the gravitational field holding you back. A gravitational theory based on Quantum foam suggests that gravity is a result of the contraction of space around mass or particles of any description, the same theory also explains time dilation, and does away with the need for dark matter I understand. All matter and waves are affected by gravity, even electromagnetic waves. If one was to arrange an antennae over a curved surface a bit like multiple celtic knots or mess of inter winding conductors then pulse it at very high frequency and current level, (causing it to resonate), one would create a lot of electrical noise which would radiate away from the surface. The quantum foam or matter above the surface would be destroyed and cause space to contract above the surface, and hence create a virtual gravitational field. Due to the high frequencies and energy levels involved, you might wind up with a radiation burn if you were in close proximity to said device. Due to the near field effect this effect would be more noticeable immediately over the surface, etc etc. The US has withdrawn a none lethal weapon system which operated on extremely high frequency (1pm wavelength), maybe it had another effect other than making people think there skin was on fire? For the US government not to use a none lethal weapon system for controlling unruly people is interesting, perhaps just shooting people is less problematic.
  14. I had some friends who used a kite from a surf board as a light wind sail to get them across the doldrums. My friend attached himself to the deck and launched the kite, it worked and flew high enough not to be disturbed by the air from the ocean swell as a normal spinnaker can be. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kitesurfing Flying a kite from a deck is hard work on the arms. A sail I want to buy in the near future is a parasailer but that requires a mast https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parasailor#Parasail but it has some very easy to handle features. A combination of using a helium balloon built into a kite giving the sail some rigidity and buoyancy when the wind drops might be a good idea, and could catch on, I suspect someone has already thought of it.
  15. Mushrooms ? Consistently stating you don't believe until science proves something does not make it fact. Super waves happened a long time before scientists discovered them. China men walking over your grave when hearing a good ghost story, is an amusing effect. Did the ghost stories on post one give you the shivers.
  16. Probably not a good point but you spelt unfortunately wrong.
  17. Inputs A and NOT B = Output C
  18. Anatta is no permanent self, it does not exclude a changing evolving self throughout this life, or multiple lifes. Maybe I am wrong. Tell us more, possible ghosties or just imaginings?
  19. Yes I did, and the path to wisdom you mention attracted my attention. I was hoping you could enlighten me ref god, however I do note that you claim to be an atheist on other posts, so you have me a little confused but still in suspense waiting for a response ref a good god definition . Good god please don't let it be the eternal jelly fish or Dr Who again
  20. I think there may be differing opinions on this, but since I enjoy stirring things up, I might keep going Yes religion is a way of life, the problem I have with it today and historically it has become like a hand reaching out from the past, holding some societies in the dark ages who then try to drag others down with them. Religious moderation most people can live with, fanaticism we cant. No self, I think is open to interpretation in some forms of Buddhism, and is more to do with letting go of ego. I guess you don't have any hair raising ghost stories to share for amusement, except to state you don't believe in life after death of any kind.
  21. Path to wisdom huh . I best ask some questions then and learn something. I can see how for many people religion gives some form of social cohesion or a way of life, I have no problem with that, but wisdom derived from the old testament your are joking right. I had not taken you for religious until this post, I am still a bit suspicious are you a religious type chap, or do you just not think religion is a bad thing in moderation for peasants. I asked someone to define which version of god is being discussed here on a couple of posts, what is your version of god. Great spirit, quantum foam, god particle, Jesus, Krishna, Vishnu Teapots etc. I think we have a fairly ambiguous statement about Allah who doesn't rest but sits on a throne from someone I assume is of a Islamic persuasion above. But am not clear on your view. Please define what you think it is you believe in as a god and who speaks for god and how they derive that ability? PS I don't hate anyone, not even Moderators
  22. I was just guessing trying to get a handle on what god thingy is being talked about here. I do believe in electronics and computer control systems, that can control factories, but have a little difficulty understanding how the god idea works, without human actuators and appropriate programming. Perhaps that is how god works, children are programmed like chickens to believe a thing told to them by programmers or priests. And then do as they are programmed to do when a button is pressed a bit like a flock of birds or sheep. If there is a bug in the programming they self destruct taking a few others with them. The great god tweety pie in the sky on his/her thrown upon high, with priests never resting will live forever, and never have to do anything him/her self. more coffee required
  23. here are some more interesting links https://phys.org/news/2017-07-probability-quantum-world-local-realism.html?utm_source=nwletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=daily-nwletter Also Modreds thread on "what space is made off" is incredibly interesting, and broaches on entanglement.
  24. Assuming thrown is more of a metaphor, I guess you are not talking about a tea pot or a living breathing person then . By the historical actions throughout history I guess we are not relevant in the scheme of things, and are perhaps being presumptious to believe this god other than being every where is not going to help anyone who does not help themselves. I am going for quantum foam, and a mystical quantum computer existing all around us in space, that transmits all forces and makes up all things and is god. Could I be wrong?.
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