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  1. You were my main prime suspect, along with your side kick, who gives you points every time you make a derogatory remark ref anyone on the forum. You also gave me most of my other brownie points, between you and your side kick. The more points the better, ROFL, bring them on, it might give you some amusement until you get bored. Have you been down marking a lot of people anonymously, is it your normal behaviour. HaHaHaHa Don't mess with the dumreepr you will be marked down anonymously Chuckle chuckle. You have been outed Ditto to you too
  2. Ok Swan Im done, ban me and have done with it, I have proved my point, and had my fun. I have also learned a thing or two, for my next novel Thanks. Thanks beecee for the reply, it is appreciated. I dont however accept the universal big bang as the beginning of time, the beginning of time to me is nonsense. I am a little more interested in where the matter pre BB came from, or time Before Big Bang or BBB.
  3. No one can read your maths, can you type them out. What form of aether are you trying to detect with your modified michelson morley experiment. Ie are you assuming the earth is moving through the aether, or the aether is moving with the earth or contracting towards the earth etc. How will your test be sensitive enough to detect a movement in the aether if it exists. How would the orientation of your michelson morley device affect what kind of aether movement you would detect.
  4. I aint no doctor but it looks like you have a sweat rash or fungal/bacterial infection of some sorts.
  5. I think you twisteth my speculation. I think that what went behind the event horizon becomes very hot. This will result most likely in a hot plasma, which like what plasma does in lightning converts some of the protons to positrons and other matter, which will inevitably interact with electrons, and cause the release of gamma rays at specific frequencies, compressing plasma can be a dangerous thing I understand. I also take the view that some fusion reaction is turning lighter elements into heavier elements inside the BH, which may decay, again causing the release of gamma rays. I assume you are referring to matter apparently ejected from some black holes at almost light speed, which may be the result of radiation that converts to energetic particles and now has been observed. Completely speculating I reckon matter inside a black hole is converted into a explosive mixture of matter and antimatter which is compressed together and explodes releasing gamma rays, if these cant escape the event horizon they will further add to the heating effect and cause more matter to be converted. Not completely agreeing with the big bang as the source of all matter in the universe and more minded to think that fundamental particles appears out of the vacuum of space before perhaps big banging and being converted into heavier elements in suns and Super Novae, before eventually winding up in black holes where they die before being reborn. Simply matter and space is born ages and then is destroyed. When I talk of implosions and explosions, yes I am partly thinking supernovae type things, but not necessarily escaping the event horizon, on each explosion. etc Folk talk of Hawking radiation as if it is fact, has Hawking radiation ever been detected? I think not. Dark energy what is it? does dark energy also get pulled into black holes? What effect would dark energy have inside a black hole, would it moderate the black holes behaviour? Is Dark energy a negative energy source that absorbs any other form of energy. See Quantum entanglement thread for what I am getting at.
  6. Ha Ha my religious rating has improved once again. Let me guess which pair of entangled twisted members did that. ROFL didn't even leave a name, morons! ROFL I see various members on line, but no obvious suspects. The more red stars I have the better keep them coming anonymous morons!
  7. This thread is still open, wow! Having being threatened by a moderator I am not long for this world/forum. But never having backed away from any one who threatens me, I say bring it on. The concept of life after death for me may be along the lines of Buddhism to reincarnate or not! I will go for a dot on the TV screen, which may eventually go out, or maybe it will be a train coming the other way, and being fairly well chilled out and scared of nothing, I will go for being one with the universe with no mental faculties like the moderator who threatened me with expulsion.
  8. Small question. When a electron annihilates a non entangled positron gamma rays are given off, with no loss of energy. When an electron positron entangled pair pop into and out of existence in the quantum world no radiation is given off. Is it that when a particle pair are generated with a certain amount of +ve energy the entanglement or wormhole has -ve energy that absorbs any radiation that would be given off by an unentangled pair.? Could entangled particles be connected by a negative energy or hole in space caused by them coming into existence.
  9. Is the max acceleration not relative to the space you travel in, galaxies are accelerating away from each other. Warp drive uses a mechanism to shrink space in front of a space ship and expand it behind the ship. Warp factor 8 is 8 times the speed of light if I recall star trek correctly. Beam me up eighth force
  10. Gamma rays are normally caused by some event causing matter to decay. Protons decay into positrons and other bits n bobs, when subjected to heat and pressure as in lightning plasmas. Unstable radio active elements could be being created inside a black hole, that could also decay giving off gamma rays possibly due to electron positron annihilation. This would result in gamma rays of a specific frequency, other processes would result in higher or lower energy gamma rays. What frequency of gamma rays is normally detected, are they across the spectrum or focused? I would expect once enough matter is lost through hawking radiation, mass ejection or other mechanism, the remaining contents of the black hole are going to be a very hot volatile plasma of matter and antimatter particles, which are more likely to result in lots of very high energy radiation and some high energy particles. Multiple explosions and implosions may take place, like repeated super novae, eventually resulting in a neutron star. Talvez
  11. http://www.navigation-spreadsheets.com/noon_shots.html You need to know the heights of each viewing point, ie 10m above sea level or 100m above sea level. The attached is a spread sheet calculator, I haven't tried it hope it helps.
  12. What causes the Gamma Ray Bursts from a black hole. Is it antimatter combining with matter and converting into gamma rays, or is some form of nuclear reaction initiated inside of or around the edge of a black hole. ?
  13. Yep lots to read and believe in, maybe I will start an OU course when I stop travelling.
  14. Thanks now I need to drag out of storage all my old semiconductor notes.
  15. Thanks for the replies. You can have a laugh now:) The reason for my question is based on what I think space is perceived to be full off. Space as I understand it is absolutely full of particles (virtual and real) waves of one form or another. Every point in space has some form of matter or gravitational potential gradient associated with it. I was wondering if a quantum black hole was a lack of something filling a point in space allowing other matter to flow in to fill the empty space. I also was wondering about the shape of space to allow quantum entanglement to take place. I have an half baked idea that as quantum particles come into existence they create a 3 dimensional space for a short period before popping out of existence again, possibly into a black hole. Within that 3 dimensional space occupied by a quantum particle I visualise a 4th spatial dimension allowing all points in space to be directly connected to it. It occurred to me that this might be connected to a black hole. There is as you are aware a theory of black holes losing matter through a wormhole to a white hole, which as strange pointed out has never been observed. I was partly wondering if empty space (space full of quantum activity and gradients)is partly like a white hole constantly ejecting and absorbing matter and radiation. You will be aware I don't believe in gods, unless they are misunderstood ET's , beginnings of time or singularities, I do however understand the concept of continual creation and destruction, spatial contraction and expansion. What I am probing around for is a way matter can violate the 2nd law of thermodynamics and come into existence, providing matter for a big bang. I view the quantum world as being a chaotic unstable interlinked system, whereby peaks in energy will I think inevitably happen resulting in quarks being produced in space. I think the production of a single quark that combines with other quarks to produce hydrogen, is far more likely than all matter suddenly appearing out of a mind boggling big bang. A Big bang might have happened in the past, but where did the matter and heat it exploded into space come from. If space produces matter, and black holes destroy or redistribute it, it kind of makes sense. The big bang or god as the source of all matter is a little religious for me to accept. Something was behind it and it might have been a infinite quantum entangled computing god that produced matter form the vacuum, ie made everything.
  16. Yes the numbers I was getting were unbelievable for plank sized objects.
  17. Questions How would a quantum black hole compare with a big black hole? Can it absorb and emit radiation in the same way suggested by Hawking. Is space at the quantum level still viewed as smooth or can it be viewed as an unstable system, occasionally breaking the 2nd law of thermodynamics and popping a particle into existence, via wave interactions.? At the quantum level could a black hole be the cause of entanglement, like a wormhole. ? Should quantum black holes be viewed as wormholes or as bodies with high mass.?
  18. What is the radius of a theoretical quantum black hole or particle, does the model apply at this level.?
  19. What values would one feed into your calculator for a miniature black hole on the plank scale.
  20. Thanks for the links, Becee and Strange, I will take a bit of time to read through them. But is all matter black holes? https://phys.org/news/2009-05-mini-black-holes.html How much energy is hawking radiation meant to produce? If the quantum world eminates around mini black holes of various sizes, what amount of radiation would be given off in space around quantum black holes in space. I am easily confused Migl stated " Posted September 1 If I may... According to accepted physics theory, Black holes can and do explode. A BH has entropy and therefore a temperature. If its temperature exceeds that of surrounding space ( 2.7 deg ) then the Hawking mechanism will transform one of a virtual particle pair into a real particle, BUT, at the expense of the BH's mass-energy, so that, slowly the BH evaporates. This mechanism has been described in pop science as the capturing of one virtual particle by the event horizon ( very simplistic ), to tunneling 'through' the event horizon, and is in effect, a 'shotgun marriage' of GR and QFT. As the BH gets smaller and smaller ( and its temperature/radiation increases dramatically ), it reaches the point where it can shed its event horizon and explode. And although small primordial BHs are thought to have been formed at the energy densities immediately following the Big Bang, and would have evaporated by now, no-one has yet detected the tell-tale gamma ray burst of a BH exploding in its final moments. " Would a quantum black hole produce radiation at around 2.7 K ? Is this part of the standard model, quantum foam gravity https://arxiv.org/pdf/physics/0307003.pdf Cross posted
  21. Yes the theory did seem a little strange, but then a lot of QM is strange. We know that blackholes can explode, ie lose matter Blackholes are normally considered to be very dense objects that appear to distort space. Space according to some models is full of quantum particles, appearing and disapearing in the quantum world. Is a quantum blackhole an absence of field or a weaker field existing momentarily in space, that causes other stronger fields to flow into the quantum blackhole, or is it a dense object that loses mass the same way as a standard blackhole. In which case do these come in different sizes intensities etc. How is a quantum blackhole defined, does anyone have a good link. Question mark
  22. When looking across an ocean of waves, occasionally waves interact producing momentary large stationery waves seemingly at random. When looking at the universe it is full of lots of hydrogen made up of quarks. The only sensible answer is to suggest that the quarks making up the hydrogen appeared from the vacuum, and combined with virtual particles are causing the expansion of space. Is it feasible the original matter came out of the vacuum (white hole) driven by a black hole and a worm hole, or is that completely barking mad.
  23. I mentioned Black holes, worm holes and white holes on another thread http://www.edinformatics.com/math_science/solar_system/black_holes_wormholes_white_holes.htm is it possible that space itself can be considered as a white hole. ..."According to a mind-bending new theory, a black hole is actually a tunnel between universes—a type of wormhole. The matter the black hole attracts doesn't collapse into a single point, as has been predicted, but rather gushes out a "white hole" at the other end of the black one, the theory goes." Could black holes provide the energy to produce particles in space via a wormhole? assuming Einstein was right this is a possibility is it not? Que pensa?
  24. Sensei wrote on another thread "Process in which high energy photons are converted to matter-antimatter particles is called pair production. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pair_production Opposite process in which matter-antimatter particles are converted to photons is called annihilation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annihilation " Matter can be annihilated inside a black hole if some of it could be turned into antimatter. If matter is annihilated it disappears but its energy is still in existence in the form of gamma rays. Would particles existing in a plasma inside a black hole become entangled and disappear like normal quantum particles, in space?
  25. What's this we pale face. When the information runs I find it difficult not to speculate or guess. You say not without the addition of energy from somewhere. What would be the probability of multiple quantum particles appearing in space with different energy levels colliding and providing energy to make permanent particles over a very long time period, an eternity for example?
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