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  1. Me, You, Them, is just a reference frame. A moderator has to make a decision where to put a discussion on this subject. I read, I visualize. I see flow (for me). I read Mordreds thread on what space is and after a few glasses of very good Portuguese wine I am definitely hooked. A Moderator decision is required on discussing contraction and expansion of space, re the link posted. WTF now you think single big bang is wrong ? You change your mind more than my best friend ("the Missis")
  2. All of this presupposes that a Mary or even Jesus existed. The only historical account of his existence I understand is from the historian Josephus and I understand it is thought to be a forgery added after the death of Josephus. The Jews have no record of his existence and understandably don't accept him as a person who lived never mind their saviour. I understood also that the story in the bible had Jesus with older Brothers, and the reference to the Virgin meant the purity of mind of the mother Mary of the hypothetical Jesus, whose remains have never been found. Mary I understand also comes from the Egyptian word meaning beloved. The official Catholic Church story is when Mary married Joseph she was 12 years old, so Jesus's older brothers may have been by another wife of Joseph who most likely wasn't a virgin when he married Mary if either of them ever existed, which appears very doubtful.https://www.quora.com/How-old-was-Mary-mother-of-Jesus-when-she-gave-birth-to-Jesus There are various candidates put forward in history for the actual Jesus none of whom were born 25th December at 0AD. Does anyone have actual historic proof that Jesus existed. I have never met anyone who can point to any historic proof. In 325AD Emperor Constantine declared he existed, anyone disagreeing did not do very well. Almost all subsequent Popes have supported this view, except Pope Pious the ??? who stated the "Jesus Myth has served us well". If the current pope was to turn around and declare Jesus did not exist and was just a story, it would cause a stir but under the Roman Catholic Faith, the Pope like Emperor Constantine speaks for god on earth and Catholics would have to change their belief accordingly. Under the Islamic religion, Mohammed is a historic figure who had offspring, who perpetuated the various forms of Islam. I understand over 50% of the Quran which I have never read, because its written in Arabic is based on the story of Jesus.
  3. Agreed : The above is a very brief and does not do the big bang theory justice. I think I may have used the wrong terminology or we are talking cross purposes. This is the sort of foam stuff I have been waffling on about, which is not part of this thread. https://arxiv.org/pdf/physics/0307003.pdf Abstract The new information-theoretic Process Physics provides an explanation of space as a quantum foam system in which gravity is an inhomogeneous flow of the quantum foam into matter. The older Newtonian and General Relativity theories for gravity are analysed. It is shown that Newtonian gravity may be written in the form of an in-flow. General Relativity is also analysed as an in-flow, for those cases where it has been tested. An analysis of various experimental data demonstrates that absolute motion relative to space has been observed by Michelson and Morley, Miller, Illingworth, Jaseja et al, Torr and Kolen, and by DeWitte. The Dayton Miller and Roland DeWitte data also reveal the in-flow of space into matter which manifests as gravity. The experimental data suggests that the in-flow is turbulent, which amounts to the observation of a gravitational wave phenomena. A new in-flow theory of gravity is proposed which passes all the tests that General Relativity was claimed to have passed, but as well the new theory suggests that the so-called spiral galaxy rotation-velocity anomaly may be explained without the need of ‘dark matter’. Various other gravitational anomalies also appear to be explainable. Newtonian gravity appears to be strictly valid only outside of spherically symmetric matter systems. I would like to get opinions on this on another thread, if the moderators agree.
  4. Er! Double negatives Did you mean to say none reconcilable, irreconcilable, or none irreconcilable = reconcilable.
  5. I don't need to taste it or stand in it either once I have recognized it for what it is
  6. There you go again making stuff up. I never gave any description of a big bang, and neither have you as far as I am aware.
  7. When I look at shit I recognize it for what it is.
  8. Please define what you think god is. What is it you fall short off by your definition of god. What are your motives. Where did you learn your beliefs. Is everyone who does not agree with you a heathen. Are heathens nice people. If you stood in a crowd of heathens at a concert, and wanted to expound your views and they did not want to listen, what do you think you should do. Does it get cold in Petropavlosk-kamchatsk
  9. Just trying to help you out of the shit discussion you were having I think you will find a close similarity to what I wrote in Luke some where. Did you know the exodus flood story might be based on the earlier Santorini explosion, the Jews just nicked the story of the tsunami from 500 years earlier, and said our god did that so don't mess with us. The Nile turning red is documented in much earlier (500 years approx) Egyptian texts before the fictional date of the exodus. some of your old testament stories of floods could be based on actual historic natural disasters. The horrible Egyptians were apparently descended from the 2nd son of Noah who went off to found the Egyptian nation after he was cursed for having his way with a drunken noah and possibly his mother as well. As for moses he had to be the dummest person on the planet if he existed, you could stroll from Egypt to where Israel is today in a week along established trade routes. He got lost for 40 years in the desert then lead the jews to the promised land come on . There are scholarly articles which indicate that the jews originally came from somewhere else in the middle east, based on a mountain range, and some ancient ruins which were bulldozed very quickly by the Saudis I think it was. So as you say religion is based on stories and science is based on actual observations or mathematical thereoms predicting something from observations. Those thereoms as in religion can be pushed beyond there believable limits and should be taken with a pinch of salt unless you follow science like a religion. I don't believe that religion is a good thing in society today, however the view I put forward above is inline with Pantheism I understand, which could be regarded as sexed up atheism and possibly acceptable to scientists and new age religions. The old religions need to lose there blood lust and stop trying to expand their influence across the globe. Loopey huh, that is an understatement Only trying to help you get out of the shit, unless you like being in the pig sty your arguments have got into.
  10. No I was not, it was not made clear in the question ! Hash was something else when I was in university, and DNA sequencing was not happening. At first glance Hash looks like indexing mixed up with encryption something I never got involved with. I will read the link a second time more slowly. But clearly Thorham has worked out without assistance, if he had written down the code and mentioned the Hash_function maybe I would have tried to help, the original question looked like nonsense.
  11. How does the spin of a Boson with integer spin transfer to a fermion with 1/2 spin, Is the spin transferred to 2 fermions? I have not been able to find any good explanations of how entanglement is carried out other than the pop science stuff, is there a technical link someone could provide to how entanglement is carried out.?
  12. I do not try to create arguments as you repeatedly do by repeatedly misquoting people as some kind of amusing debating method. The exploding black hole video you declined to comment on because it is against your belief was related to MS0735.6+7421. To save you yawning and looking for information on it LMGTFY https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MS_0735.6%2B7421 Thanks for the confirmation, I spent quite some time trying to find that link, but had thought it included some other info I had been reading. Just to confirm due to a possible grammatical slip did you mean to say "the energy of an entangled pair of particles can be the same as an unentangled pair of particles". Or "the energy of an entangled pair of particles is the same as an unentangled pair of particles" ? Yes I agree it is none mainstream, but the concept of things repeating them selves at different scales appealed, quantum particles entangled are a bit like black holes connected by wormholes sharing matter, seemed to be similar and amusing.
  13. Loop Break There are many ways science and religion could be reconciled for example if god spoke to a scientific prophet perhaps with a TOE Or perhaps knowing the mind of god and exactly what god is might help, This is a link to holographic universe https://www.sciencenews.org/article/entanglement-gravitys-long-distance-connection The holographic universe explains many things through entanglement, the above link mentions the universe is a big quantum computer, could that the mind of god. Maybe religion misunderstands exactly what god is. In the quantum universe all things are entangled to a certain extent, all things are connected, sounds religious. Perhaps a TOE will unite science and religion.
  14. Strange I have never claimed the universe is static, White holes, wormholes, and black holes are one of many theories that would counter your nonsense and not part of this thread and only theoretical. Earlier you suggested I repost the link phi deleted, I cant find it This is a link to holographic universe covering most of the things on the link phi deleted, https://www.sciencenews.org/article/entanglement-gravitys-long-distance-connection The holographic universe explains many things through entanglement, the above link mentions the universe is a big quantum computer etc It sounds like the mind of god to me, but I digress. I understand energy cant be destroyed and it takes energy to entangle particles in the lab, is this correct ?. When entanglement is broken, between two quantum particles, possibly due to a quantum particle disappearing down a quantum black hole, what happens to the apparent wormhole energy that was entangling the two particles if it does not become matter? does it become a quantum black hole. ? If a wormhole between two black holes breaks what happens to the energy that was contained inside the wormhole between black holes.?
  15. The forum supports the standard model of physics. What is being discussed on this thread is not exactly standard model or accepted theory yet, although it is extremely interesting for interested people. The video I posted of black holes exploding is not meant to happen under the standard model. It was naughty of me to post it. The view that all matter in the universe came out of a very hot big bang at the beginning of time and expanded throughout the universe is the standard model, and what is normally discussed on this forum, no other views can be supported as many people are trying to pass exams and need to learn about the standard models of physics only.
  16. This is not the link I originally posted, Phi can repost that one if he sees fit, I saw nothing wrong with it. This one is similiar ref the hologrphic principle. http://news.mit.edu/2013/you-cant-get-entangled-without-a-wormhole-1205 There are many interesting points that interested may be interested in, ref worm hole creation as an explanation for entanglement, but also directly related to creating particles out of nothing the following paragraph is written Qoute -Following up on work by Jensen and Karch, Sonner has sought to tackle this idea at the level of quarks — subatomic building blocks of matter. To see what emerges from two entangled quarks, he first generated quarks using the Schwinger effect — a concept in quantum theory that enables one to create particles out of nothing. More precisely, the effect, also called “pair creation,” allows two particles to emerge from a vacuum, or soup of transient particles. Under an electric field, one can, as Sonner puts it, “catch a pair of particles” before they disappear back into the vacuum. Once extracted, these particles are considered entangled. Close Qoute. Would a particle created in space at 0k be more likely to survive and form the original matter that came out of a big bang. question mark
  17. The link that was removed ref holographic universe and gravity would help to understand my line of questioning here. The link was not about quantum foam theory, it was about the holographic universe and another theory on gravity, it was not about quantum foam theory which I like, and for various reasons is outside the scope of this forum. I will restrict myself to two questions so as not to obfuscate what I am asking. 1) Can a black hole develop at the quantum particle level that could capture one half of a pair of quantum particles, leaving the other to carry on its existence for a while longer. 2) Could the remaining particle decay and be detected as Hawking radiation or something similar.
  18. I guess you are simply asking about ohms law V = I x R, Where V = volts, I = amps, and R = resistance. If you have several resistors in series R1 to R5 for instance this can be rewritten V = I ( R1+R2+R3+R4+R5 ) It is the same current flowing through each resistor. The total voltage across the resistors is the sum of the voltage induced in the individual resistors. V = VR1 + VR2 + VR3 + VR4 + VR5. I hope the above helps, what is your first language.
  19. I notice a lot of folk suffer with depression. The following link came in this morning, and I thought this might be of interest to people posting on this thread. Research published in the open access journal Microbiome sheds new light on how gut bacteria may influence anxiety-like behaviors. Investigating the link between gut bacteria and biological molecules called microRNAs (miRNAs) in the brain; researchers at the APC Microbiome Institute at University College Cork, which is funded by Science Foundation Ireland, found that a significant number of miRNAs were changed in the brains of microbe-free mice. These mice are reared in a germ-free bubble and typically display abnormal anxiety, deficits in sociability and cognition, and increased depressive-like behaviors. Full story at https://medicalxpress.com/news/2017-08-link-gut-bacteria-anxiety.html?utm_source=nwletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=weekly-nwletter Is depression partly related to bad gut bacteria, or diet, as well as the usual hereditary factors.? Food for thought!
  20. You haven't mentioned what you drink. An alcoholic drink is typically < 200 calories, a bottle of wine 600 calories etc. As shocking as it sounds you may have to stop boozing to lose weight. Soft drinks have sugar and additives along with alcoholic drinks, these accumulate in your body and cause your cells to retain water etc. If you are serious about losing weight you might want to think about drinking just water, or at least diluting what you drink.
  21. Apologies I did not think the holographic universe link I posted was a hijack. Can I rephrase the question, without referencing the holographic universe link, using accepted theory. In 1974, Stephen Hawking predicted event horizons should leak a faint glow. Quantum theory says particles all have an antimatter counterpart, and these pairs constantly spring into existence before embracing in mutual oblivion. But a black hole might pull pairs that form at its edge apart: if one of the pair is just outside its clutches, it could escape while the other is pulled across the event horizon. The escaped particle can be seen, in theory, as Hawking radiation. Has Hawking radiation been detected?. A black hole could have sufficient energy to pull apart quantum particle pairs, how big and over what duration does a black hole have to exist to pull apart quantum particle pairs?. Could a quantum black hole suffice to pull apart two entangled particles, in the same way as hawking radiation is postulated to do.? Has anyone observed or created a quantum black hole in the laboratory yet that can separate particle pairs.? Is a black hole the same thing as a worm hole.
  22. So when Iteoro stated "-This concerns a model called Holographic Entangled Space time. According to this model...when you disentangle two regions in space then there appears energy which distorts the space...Energy is mass.(E=mc²) If this model is correct then there is a possibility that mass or energy can form because of the breaking of many body entanglement. " He was correct, and strange was just "hand waving" as you put it above.
  23. I will add the following three links, to the above http://www.physlink.com/education/askexperts/ae332.cfm re creation of matter from quantum foam, and this one ref formation of black holes https://www.universetoday.com/33454/how-do-black-holes-form/ and this one ref supernovae and the formation of elements up to and including iron https://phys.org/news/2016-03-kinds-supernovae.html#nRlv Theoretically matter can come out of the vacuum.
  24. If you read past the introductory drivel. It states " Hawking, an English theoretical physicist, was one of the first to consider the details of the behavior of a black hole whose Schwarzschild radius was on the level of an atom. These black holes are not necessarily low mass, for example, it requires 1 billion tons of matter to make a black hole the size of a proton. But their small size means that their behavior is a mix of quantum mechanics rather than relativity. Before black holes were discovered it was know that the collision of two photons can cause pair production. This a direct example of converting energy into mass (unlike fission or fusion which turn mass into energy). Pair production is one of the primary methods of forming matter in the early Universe. Note that pair production is symmetric in that a matter and antimatter particle are produced (an electron and an anti-electron (positron) in the above example). Hawking showed that the strong gravitational gradients (tides) near black holes can also lead to pair production. In this case, the gravitational energy of the black hole is converted into particles. " All this is just theoretical as it has not been directly observed happening. Unlike possibly a big bang, which might be being observed happening in the distant universe from a black hole according to the link I posted which drew no comments other than the usual from strange. One theory is that the heavier elements were created inside a black hole. This all just raises the question how does a black hole explode. ? Pressure heat, etc lightning produces antimatter from matter, can black holes produce enough antimatter at temperatures and pressures way in excess of the sun, to blow itself apart as in the video I posted above, in response to interested.
  25. I went looking for something to back up or blow apart the various claims above, and found the following lecture series which might be interesting to the simple folk like me reading this thread, http://abyss.uoregon.edu/~js/ast123/lectures/lec17.html amusingly it does not disagree too much with what I have been banging on about. I think it is a bit more than a hand wave and you might even like it. I still haven't read it all but lecture 17 is pertinent, and backs up the quantum foam and matter appearing out of the vacuum claims in a way you might accept. I did find some nice videos done by oxford university theoretical physics department on matter from the vacuum, but I thought this was better.
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