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  1. It seems I am a decimal place out, and the universe is expanding faster than light speed, which is incredibly interesting is it not. c is not a limiting speed it seems, especially if space is travelling with you. Galaxies are disappearing over event horizons from view. In addition to finding multiple web sites confirming the expansion rates, I found this one that confirms to me that Hawkings continual reference to god in his book and big bangs is a little twisted. http://journalofcosmology.com/Cosmology4.html
  2. This equation as I understand it is referring to rest mass or Einstein's mass–energy relationship which is not an actual mass, it is an equivalence and can be expressed in terms of pressure and volume, or an inertia. It is an energy equivalence not an actual mass, which can be weighed in the traditional sense. Conservation of energy within an atom is perpetual motion, similar to a photon of light, which is a packet of energy moving at light speed until it hits something solid and is absorbed. Particles in string theory are vibrating strings existing in space or the modern version of aether A string or a vibrating bit of space the aether gains an equivalent mass or energy proportional to its state of vibration. When given a spade I know when to stop digging. I am pretty sure it was a NASA or MIT website, I will see if I can find a link. One of us a decimal place in the wrong spot. If something is moving at 3c away from us what happens with red shift, do photon frequencies go to zero flat line and then start vibrating in another dimension, do they go dark?
  3. Objects don't have mass until they experience acceleration, otherwise its only inertia. I don't believe in everything I am told and neither do I believe in everything I say or write. It is a good way of learning and improving ones arguments to take a counter view. I use it regularly even if I agree with a concept or idea. This method is sometimes known as oppositional defiance disorder. Velocity is a vector in a direction without change with respect to time, acceleration is a rate of change with respect to time. ds/dt as opposed to ds2/dt2 ​or dv/dt2 ​ Apologies for the pathetic use of the editor. Thank you very much for your very useful answer. I will take some time to look up all the references. Not very helpful answer, I fully recognize that all comments take time and are given freely, I welcome all views . I will follow your links and perhaps change my mind. Maxwells equations are a closed system, that do not include gravity. WTF no experiment ever showed the existence of strings, which are a mathematical model concept that facilitates the creation of a theory. (I have recently acquired yet another book on string theory to read, it is in the queue) Strings unfolding in space or making up space, and carrying all forces etc are just another variation of the aether concept. I have it flagged under string aether, as opposed to aether wind, or any other metaphysical concept dreamt up by spiritual type persons. Space is not an empty void that equations move through, it has properties and is the origin of all matter and all forces. The Big bang if you insist in believing in the idea, instead of plasma theory, has all matter coming out of a miniscule non existent space. Which expands to a bigger space, if space did not exist first, how can it evolve from something that doesn't exist, where did the first string come from. The only argument I can see that supports this is philosophical and is for a zero space and infinite space both being able to exist at the same time. I think the concept of a beginning of time in a big bang is ludicrous, it is better to remove the boundaries from any such model and state there is was no beginning of time and neither will there be an end of time, likewise the same with space, it is infinite, but may have other interconnecting dimensions. If you look at quantum entanglement (Einstein spooky action at a distance) you could wind up with a statement stating all points are or can be connected, but then you are left with the notion of how they would move in response to each other. I do not think the entangled particles would completely mirror in all directions the entangled particle. But this is a speculation beyond what we are talking about here. According to what I had read, up until about a month ago, the edge of the observable universe is moving away from us at 0.3c not light speed. How red shifted would that be if the edge of the universe was moving away at light speed. DOH I ??ed Andromeda because I know its coming this way, and will engulf the milky way in a few years time. Thank you all for all your inputs they are appreciated.
  4. Yes I am familiar with these experiments, but I am also familiar that gravity affects all particles and is not accounted for by this explanation. I see no difference between the concept of string theory and the concept of aether, in the respect that they both derive matter from an imagined difficult to prove substance. Quantum matter appears and disappears seemingly at random from a substance, which is most likely low level waves combining to form quantum matter then separating again similar to two particles in Feynman diagrams. Two waves(particles) collide momentarily form another wave (particle) move on and become two particles(waves again) on different trajectories. Space has properties in that it transmits all known forces, it is also dragged around by planets and I suspect it has inertia and resonance based on one the double slit experiment and two the Aspden Effect where when a motor, after running five minutes or more, is switched off and the machine is stopped, you can restart it in the same or opposite direction and find that it now has a memory in the sense that it will require less energy to restart it provided that the time lapse between starting and restarting is no more than a minute or so. This I think shows something of the inertia of the space(Ether) it is spun away or stretched and takes time to come back and fill the space in the motor. What I am thinking is that space does not move as would expect if it is in actual fact a substance with properties that can be energised and made to vibrate. or just move a little ie be disturbed by the movement of a wave or particle, but not enough to oscillate and become a particle. A movement on the north side of a particle, cancelled out by a movement in the opposite direction on the south side, is no net transfer of energy, but is a disturbance in space that could cause gravity. Gravity does not have to be a particle or wave, just a disturbance in space. The aether means many things to many people, for the purposes here, the word space is probably more suitable. The question I am trying ot pursue is what exactly is space and how does it behave, move, oscillate, how do particles and waves appear and move through it. In fact is a space an actual substance, that connects all things. There is a lot of nonsense around the terms aether and so on, so think space as a fluid or very fine gas perhaps. Do you have some links to other experiments other than M-M that disprove the aether. I know space exists, and equate the aether to space. I think space moves. I would like to check my ideas against what the experiments were trying to prove. The fact that the aether was not detected by M-M could be due to the fact it is moving with the planet the experiment was conducted on, and could be partly due to the Aspden effect outlined above. Can some one please explain to me where the car came into all this, I have missed an earlier thread I think. The analogy gives a very chaotic view of space in a snow storm, almost like the quantum world, waves colliding being compressed intensified and then diminishing. Feynman diagrams all over the place. I am still thinking space exists, and is equal to the concept of the aether, which mathematically is an early version of string theory. In string theory space unfolds into strings (waves by any other definition). In aether theory matter appears out of space. Matter can decay into gamma rays, waves form all matter. Is this all not just a different way of describing the same thing. If we look at the edge of the visible universe it is accelerating away at 0.3 c in all directions. From a galaxy on the edge of the visible universe we are accelerating away from them at 0.3c and life goes on as normal. If space is moving it may be that light is bent away from us at the edges of the visible universe, and we cant see any further. Thank you everyone for your input it is much appreciated. (PS I still suspect what is being speculated about here is blasphemy to some)
  5. Now you are at the crux of the matter. Atoms are full of space and the individual components are moving with respect to each other in space. The individual components being quarks and gluons, which are themselves waves (stable vortices) in space. Wave particle duality is a nonsense all things are waves, depending how you look at them. I am speculating waves(particles) in space are disturbing space, in and around them, creating a disturbance or blurring of the edges of atoms in space. I am further speculating this disturbance is the cause of gravity. I completely agree a stable detectable particle or packet of energy in the form of a wave, photon or other form of radiation is emitted, and can be detected. Gravity exists and individual particles which cause it have not been detected, A large area of space being agitated by the movement of the atoms making up a planet or bunch of molecules, is not a single packet of energy but a disturbance in space. The disturbance will be like the vibrations in sand, and a dense object will sink into it Space has properties and is not included in I looked up the aberration, and yes I understand it. However I do not get where the car came into it. Maybe I missed a post, I will check above. How would the stellar aberration be affected if space is not moving as expected. ie space is being dragged by planets, solar systems, and individual galaxies in different directions, being pulled and squeezed.
  6. I would ask how do forces travel through your volume (space). Bosons and fermions and vibrations in space, where do they originally appear from. What was Bradleys aberration(I will take time to look him up). What I am speculating, is that space is a substance, has properties, and moves with individual galaxies, and planets. I have used the term aether and use the term to mean space. I am speculating that space in individual galaxies moves independently of space in other galaxies and will effectively repel other galaxies like whirl pools in water or a gas, causing galaxies to normally accelerate away from each other. (Andromeda??) The fact that the Michelson Morley experiment detected nothing and light in our reference frame on this planet and solar system travels at more or less constant speed with reference to us, only shows that space is moving with us. If the M-M experimient was repeated in the vertical plane rather than the horizontal, it might detect a difference in the density of the air due to gravity effects, or of space(aether) due to gravitational effects, most likely the density of the air would effect the experiment more. Apologies for posting under religion but I thought that was the place to post this concept, I had not noted the speculation thread. Kind Rgds Andy
  7. I have edited out the Blasphemy comments above, however when something is believed without proof it is a religion. The belief in the concept of the aether was widespread a 100 years ago, the aether was not proven to exist by M-M. The belief in the concept of things being made of strings moving through a space or appearing in space is analogous to things appearing out of the aether. Quantum matter appearing and disappearing does not disagree with the concept of space(the aether) moving with us. The double slit experiment demonstrates that space has a memory of what has passed, creating a wave effect. I have read more than one book and originally posted these ideas under religion, which I had assumed people on this forum do not take seriously having read some posts, and contributed without censure. The definition of professional being someone who is paid for their opinion, does not indicate superior knowledge. I used to be a professional, and dealt with professionals who were not always the brightest people. All physicists paid, unpaid retired etc are all using slightly different words to describe the same thing. My speculation was intended to provoke an interesting reasoned discussion. The concept of space moving with us does not undermine any of the established physics as far as I am aware, except perhaps astronomy. I find the concept amusing and thought others might enjoy it as well, it also gives a visual way of explaining gravity which seems to be lacking in some theories. Kind rgds Andy
  8. Could someone please give me a pointer on how to analize what is happening as the two current pulses pass each other in opposite directions on their conductors, incoorporating charge, mass and inertia.
  9. I would state space is moving with the planet as it spins. All large masses drag space with them, in addition to making it vibrate. Then I would ask why should space not be moving in our reference frame?. The velocity of light is constant as it travels through space in our reference frame. Space is the biggest thing in the universe, it travels with individual galaxies. Light in individual galaxies only travels at light speed, in reference to space around it. I will Speculate a little further but dont want to lose focus on M-M and space concept. There may be two types of gravity. I do not believe the big bang was the source off all matter, neither do I believe Multiple Bangs were the source of all matter. Big Bangs and Super Novas may be the source of heavy elements in the universe. Space is stretched by the rotation of galaxies(centrepetal forces). In centre of rotating galaxies gravitational energy is converted into matter, and antimatter and exploded out into space.
  10. Speculation I opened a storage box yesterday and found a book my wife bought for 10 years ago by Stephen Hawking, I had not read it. I was accused of not reading it so I started reading. I think Hawking is mistaken in some of his claims, he bases most of his ideas on. The ideas below in no way contradicts quantum theory, particle physics, string theory, dipole theory, monopole theory etc as I understand them. It does however lead to a slightly different idea of gravity and how the universe works, ie space and questions the conclusions of Einsteins little time slowing experiment. I do not view science as a religion, to be believed no matter what! Let the Speculation begin. The Michelson Morley experiment, allegedly disproved the existence of the aether (ether). The only thing the experiment proved is that the aether is being pulled with our solar system and galaxy, ie space or the aether is travelling with us. This experiment misunderstood the concept behind the aether and is blatantly WRONG. The aether is directly equivalent to space, it is space. To argue that space does not exist is a nonsense. Space is inside every molecule it is everywhere you look. All things are waves which exist in space, all forces are waves or vibrations, strings if you like existing in space. Space can be viewed as a liquid or gas it has properties, it transmits all forces including gravity. The graviton particle is nonsense, Gravity is a vibration in space, radiating away from each molecule in all directions, caused by the movement of the constituent parts of every molecule. All particles are waves and are in continual movement. The movement causes a vibration radiating outwards in all directions from every molecule in space and it is accumalitive. Space is moving with the individual galaxies, and spinning like whirl pools in water, whirl pools naturally repel, and accelerate away from each other. Galaxies and Space at the edge of the visible universe is travelling at 0.3 light speed and accelerating away from us. Space within the galaxies is stationery with respect to the galaxies. Speculation over. Let the punishment begin. Please be gentle Rgds Andy
  11. The Trump thing is a worry globally. US bases here are ramping up activity, and the claimed very religious human thing D rump is possibly going to do something very bad, in the very near future. The essence of being human I would imagine is the same as the essence of being an animal, neither need religion, both can be nice to each other without religion, and both can hope all things go well for another animal they care about and express emotion, all mammals cry when upset, and express anger. Humans are animals which have quite happily evolved on the planet along with all other life on the planet, (unless of course you are talking ET coming down from heaven, and impregnating some women, then buzzing of again, taking the odd prophet with them:) . If the religious texts are taken literally are they not talking about ET being a god solar discs and the like:) ).
  12. Thank you very much for your answer, it is much appreciated. By DC I was meaning unidirectional current flow, ie current only flowing one way in the circuit, not AC. Being able to create a high voltage DELTA function would be ideal for my purposes, I will look into the Cockcroft generator, it is not one I have heard of. I considered a Tesla coil, but it only generates a single high voltage point at the end of its secondary coil, and ionizes the air by generating extreme voltages via resonance. I am specifically thinking high voltage caused by current bunching. I am aware using DC that circa 3000000 V/m the air will break down and ionize, when scaled down is around 3V/um. I am thinking of generating multiple impulses, with very short wavelengths, < 1mm if possible, preferable with wavelengths approaching X-Ray or gamma ray lengths. Under transient conditions with impulses the air can momentarily easily withstand 10000000V/m. I am considering trying to create multiple impulses within an area, to ionize a large amount of air. (on electron recombination it would look like st elmos fire, or the aurora borealis) What I am trying to get my head around is being able to create multiple, high voltage impulses with very short wavelengths all capable of ionizing the air. Perhaps the parallel wire concept was an over simplification. If we slightly complicate the concept, and twist it around into a flat bifilar wound pancake coil, with multiple pulses travelling around it. When the outgoing pulses pass the incoming pulses they may generate multiple high voltage IMPULSES with very short wavelengths due to the current bunching effect outlined by JJ Thompson around 100 years ago. JJ Thompsons old physics book points out the bunching effect at switch off causing high voltage impulses, in inductive circuits. What I am trying to understand will current pulses bunch when passing each other in parallel wires creating a very short duration impulse, that could be used to ionize the air. Using MOSFETS I can easily switch currents into a circuit with nano second rise times. Looking at other technologies I may be able to exceed this. With low inductance circuits I can switch currents off with little overshoot or BEMF, using parallel wires the inductance would be minimized, circa 10nH/m I am aware that around the 2-4mm wavelength band, this creates a burning sensation in the skin. I am thinking of trying to generate impulses, not AC, over a wide surface area. If impulses are generated in a partial vacuum the production of stable ions may be improved, (I am thinking ionosphere, or even thunderclouds). Thank you very much for your input. The Cockcroft generator is very interesting, and very HV. I was hoping for a pointer in the right direction mathematically to analyse the charges travelling in different directions or the electric field strength at the point the charges pass each other, taking into account inertia magnetic fields etc. My Laplace and Fourier are a little rusty and I am about 4 months away from being reunited with my library, also I wondered if quantum effects might come into play. The concept of inducing a short lowish voltage impulse to ionize gas will keep me amused for a little while yet.
  13. Religion is full of contradictions and has nothing to do with being human. Religion does have a role in ordering and controlling some societies, giving social cohesion and a sense of belonging to a social group for some less educated people. To contradict the line of social cohesion. If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. – Luke 14. "The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully." – Professor Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion. Religion is promoted by many politicians today, who seem to think it is a good thing or perhaps a vote winner. Religion to most thinking people is bipolar, and is the root cause of much of the social unrest in the world today. Much of it appears to be based on myth and stories borrowed from other religions.. On the question of god, there is another qoute in Luke that states something along the lines of "dont you know that god is in you and around you and everything you see" in the past this may have been the ether today this would be the god particle or something like that. Hope this helps, and is not offensive to anyone. Kind Rgds Andy
  14. First some background to my reasoning. I am interested in different methods of ionisation of gases. Typically gamma rays and X-rays including extra high frequency radio waves can be used as well as very high voltage DC. I recently read a very old physics book written by JJ Thompson, he pointed out at the instant switch contacts are opened a bunching effect of charges occurs due to inertia. This can create an extremely large momentary EM impulse, and explode wires or electronics if the current does not find an alternative path. A parallel pair of wires is the easiest way to envisage, my question, various other configurations could be used. Thinking of 2 long parallel wires connected at one end with a switched high frequency DC electrical impulse applied to the wire at sufficiently high frequency so that the outgoing impulses would pass an incoming impulses, what exactly happens at the instant the outgoing impulses pass the incoming impulses. When the current impulses pass each other the magnetic fields will cancel depending on coupling, do the charges bunch momentarily become stationary, slow down or what.? Can any one direct me to any information on this effect. Also what happens at the point the charge starts its return journey. Has the method described above been used to ionize gas before, I could easily switch 1000Volts DC for 1us or less depending on power switching device used. Could this induce a momentary EM pulse that would ionize the air around it, using both high voltage and high frequency. I am a retired electrical engineer, whose maths is a little rusty, but maths is like riding a bike I can quickly get up to speed(hopefully). Apologies if I have posted on the wrong thread.
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