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  1. These ideas are from some of the new age web sites or one of the secret societies who encourage them. An amusing one to check out is the great white brotherhood. They channel knowledge from the ??????? and are descended from angels or something and could be insane. I suspect this thread has been moved incorrectly to the wrong area it should be under religion, as these beliefs are wide spread in some parts of the new age religious communities. They do give me some good ideas for a good intro for a novel.
  2. I suspect I am the only one not welcome on this forum, but I enjoy asking questions, and enjoy the insults as well as the interesting inputs. Is your form of Buddhism just a way of life and not really a religion. ? The thread is about suspicions of an afterlife, I understand you don't believe in an afterlife, except through what you do in this life echoing on into the future. Would you like to add something.? I have nothing further to add on this thread, except I do not think doctor who is anything to do with the thread
  3. I twisted your words to make my point. I missed nothing. at least I don't think so. There are a lot of interested amateurs in the world, I just cant help questioning and looking for more believable theories. Quantum foam being a good candidate for gravity something I am interested in. It also satisfies my curiosity in that direction. I slipped over to the big bang because it could just as easily be happening all the time continuously according to other theories, Matter appearing very slowly via quantum fluctuations in the cold of space over an eternity is more logical to me than it all appeared x billion years ago in a big bang or 6000 years ago according to creationists. Asking questions around the edge of what is known helps to find out what is believable and what isn't. Some people for instance on the forum don't all agree on some aspects of the graviton, indicating we are all learning. Mordred did an excellent thread on what space is, he is very good at maths, but he believes in the big bang. I don't, He is a clever guy but having read a good number of the links he gave me, I found myself disbelieving in the BB. The concept off all matter appearing at once is a mathematical convenience. I used to be very good at sums and could concoct curve fits and mathematical algorithms for all manner of things the accuracy of which improved with more points to make the curves go through. The big bang takes known facts and measurements in the hear and now and then extrapolates back a few billion years and goes hey presto a beginning of time and all matter. This is highly dodgy conclusion to believe in, a similar result is obtained via a slow accumulation of matter out of an expanding space. I find the latter more believable. As for the god concept many people on this forum don't believe in a god and like most religious people cant define what that god would be, in science the god particle would be what all things are made off. Quantum foam may well be what all matter evolves from. etc etc. Whether we believe in Big Bangers or not is our business. Some people are affected by oppositional defiance disorder, and don't believe what they are told to believe, unless it makes sense. If it sounds, smells, tastes, and feels like BS then it is BS as may be everything on this thread. I guess you have already made your mind up. For me I like quantum foam and am going to carry on reading up on this, I also like a continual bang rather than a one off event so I will carry on reading this. Space is not an empty vacuum it is full of quantum stuff and is continually evolving, that quantum stuff could just as easily be described as another version of the ether to annoy the moderators, who are not in all cases as knowledgeable as they would have us all believe.
  4. My point exactly. Blind belief in something that is not logical is religion. You claim to be a scientist what do you know of quantum entanglement and how it works in space https://phys.org/news/2017-07-probability-quantum-world-local-realism.html?utm_source=nwletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=daily-nwletter
  5. What is the ever living god as mentioned in the quran, are we talking quantum matter computer, enlighten me.
  6. The BB mathematical curve fit going back x billion years based on a few dots in time now is not science it is religious belief, just like the creatonists beliefs. You might as well turn around and believe in the fairies or unicorns, and trot along to confession with the rest of the catholic believers. Edit: In a galaxy, stars are bound together: a large collection of stars orbiting a common centre of mass. After the theoretical Big Bang 14 billion years ago, the universe was filled with a uniform gas—no stars, no galaxies, the uniform gas concept does not need a big bang to produce it at an instant in time 14 billion years ago, it could be produced over an eternity very slowly. Tiny perturbations in the gas created over an eternity, started to grow by force of gravity, eventually forming stars and galaxies. After galaxies formed, each had its own identity. Space is still expanding between galaxies, there is no obvious centre of a bang which all things are moving away from it is happening all the time around us. See links in Bang all the time thread I started for further info. Quantum foam descriptions of how gravity works fits observations, appear logical, and do not need dark matter, or time dilation. You believe in an empty space full of nothing, and are therefore clearly wrong. Quantum matter exists in the lab it exists in space as quantum foam. You believe in dark matter, ie stuff that isn't observable but predicted by a mathematical equation that is most likely wrong. You reject the concept of quantum foam because of your belief system in mathematical truth which loses credibility in singularities and dark matter. Singularities in einsteins equations are mathematical nonsense which only a fool can believe. All matter appearing from a big bang and disappearing into nothing in a black hole are just insane and mathematical generated nonsense, not based on the real world. Stupid results and conclusions, are normally rejected unless religious belief in a unsupportable truth is accepted, yours being the infallibility of a limited mathematical equation and a want to believe in none existing gravitons radiating away from matter creating a gravitational field. If the maths doesn't fit the facts it is wrong. Newtons equations fell due to errors. Einsteins ideas will go the same way, once the scientific world lose their religious belief system in mythical dark matter, and the infallibility of nonsense. It is normal human nature to believe what you are told. You must be normal not strange. I think you were correct in your previous post it is time to close this thread now, I am not going to believe in nonsense when I think there is amore believable theory already in existence. Thankyou for the excellent input by the way But like I wrote some time ago space has substance, not just dimensions.
  7. It sounds like the teacher failed to understand what religion is about and was unable to convey it to the student, both failed the exam. Perhaps the student realized his teacher was talking BS. What is this god thing people are discussing on this thread that they still believe in? Is it a great spirit concept or the idea that the pope speaks for god on earth, like some roman emperor in a frock or perhaps something in the middle. Can some one define what version of god or gods are being discussed here.
  8. Apologies for not being a position to give you instant answers, due to poor internet coverage in my present location. Peoples willingness to believe in a subject because others believe is how religious belief is spread to gullible people. Various posts on this forum by people who believe they are correct, cite the number of others who believe as proof they are correct in there belief. I cited to get things moving on the first post, the big bang theory as the origins of all matter in the universe, and Einsteins theories. Einsteins equations assume an empty space that has no substance, as promoted by many on this forum, like a religious person would promote a belief. The concept of the graviton is a mathematical formulation that is not required in quantum foam theory. Quantum foam theory does not assume a smooth space. Quantum foam theory assumes space is full of virtual particles, without which space would not exist. It also does not require dark matter and explains how gravity works in a satisfactory way. The concept of the big bang is based on a hypothetical mathematical model, and is not based on a known history of the universe, this theory is promoted on this forum as fact. There are other theories as to the origins of the universe, some not as believable as others, from creationism cited as science by some believers and a beginning of time in the big bang model cited by others. A universe from nothing does not require a big bang or a beginning of time, space can constantly come into and out of existence as quantum foam. All points in space are full of froth, much like what is talked about on this forum by some who claim to know that space is empty and is only coordinates. Quantum matter comes into and out of existence in the lab, and at very low temperatures exists for longer according to new research in europe, and forms into short lived particles. Space is cold, no requirement for a super hot big bang exists. As stated on a post above no evidence exists that matter is constantly being created in space, but space is expanding, and contracting according to quantum foam theory. space is therefore coming into existence and causing galaxies to move away from each other. Claiming someone is ignorant that does not believe what is preached is a common way less intelligent people on this forum try to force an argument. Whilst I find this amusing some might take offence. Another thread on trolling could be started on this topic which could be amusing. Most people can create ideas at the drop of a hat, to explain things, using words, pictures or maths. If someone uses complex words or maths it is easy to confuse a less educated person and convince them BS is correct. I do not believe Space is smooth as described by Einstein, and all matter did not spring into existence x billion years ago, with no matter ever coming into existence since. I currently think the concept of what space is misunderstood by most on this forum, in both the big bang theory and Einsteins theories. I also know there is misunderstanding or disagreement ref the mythical graviton, from reading various moderator posts. Please refrain from mindless comments as it takes time to read. If you feel like being derogatory towards anyone with a different opinion, please don't bother joining in the thread. I may not be able to respond for some time due to me having a crap internet connection and currently visiting an Island Paradise.
  9. Ignorance is bliss The big bang is only one explanation of the origins of all matter in the universe. Many scientists don't agree with the big bang, but it is taught as fact when it is only one possibility. There are others theories more or less believable to some scientists, and religious folk :). Creationism is very popular in some of areas of America ROFL. No one wanted to discuss the Bang all the time thread I started so I guess devout belief in the Big Bang is controlling the majority of peoples thought especially some of the moderators. The Rate of movement of the background radiation does not match the rate of movement of the galaxies. Just a small point, but looking at the arguments put forward to support the big bang and those put forward arguing against religion, there isn't much difference.
  10. The flat earth societies of the world come up with elaborate mathematical models to prove the earth is flat for mischief, pseudoscience or religious reasons. Is the Big Bang theory based on a mathematically gifted catholic priests desire to prove there is a beginning of time and everything. Given a point of time in the here and now and some known facts, is it not possible to conjure up any number of curve fits that would come through the known facts, one of which could be a beginning of time. Space is constantly expanding(being created) and contracting(going out of existence) between galaxies and into black holes, Is the concept of a finite universe that comes from big bang theory, holding back the understanding of what space is. Is general relativity also holding back an understanding of space requiring possible imagined things such as dark matter to explain anomalies in the theory. Quantum foam theories do not require dark matter, and are mostly in agreement with both general relativity and special relativity, they also explain many other anomalies that relativity doesn't touch. Is blind religious belief holding back Science? My view of the Big Bang is that it is largely BS, very clever BS, but BS never the less. Maths is a language like any other. Words used by clever lawyers can prove anything to a dumb jury. But if it sounds like BS, smells like BS, tastes like BS, and feels like BS it is BS
  11. Is consciousness not just the survival instinct. Can a plant be defined as being conscious if somebody moves towards it and gets stung or scratched, I think not, but it did defend itself. A worm however will recoil from a hook but does not appear to try and improve its lot, perhaps is unable to and just accepts its hooked . Monkeys can protect themselves, make and use tools as can humans are they conscious. Whales have much larger brains than humans and are curious animals however they dont make tools. What level of intelligence does one require to be considered conscious. IQ of 80 or 180 is a dog conscious because it can be trained to do tricks and work. A dog does not ask pretencious questions on consciousness as do scientists with presumably higher IQ's. Perhaps whales with bigger brains don't need to ask stupid questions. There was mention above about whales not protecting themselves, and are therefore not conscious. Whales perhaps are not aware they were in danger from the whalers, and take little or no action to defend themselves on occasion. Whales can be extremely dangerous they are also very curious animals, as any one who knows about whales are aware. Most mammals will protect their young are they not therefore conscious. Some Lizards will also guard their nests, and protect their young does this make them conscious also. I suspect consciousness boils down to the survival instinct and the lower brain functions most creatures have, it is not exclusive to humans or aliens from another planet.
  12. If simple logic doesnt work for you try a little more detailed concept. LMGTFY http://aerostudents.com/files/aircraftPerformance/helicopters.pdf
  13. http://www.auniverse...g.com/index.htm A humungous big bang as the origins of all matter and time is not required to create a universe from nothing. What I have stated is not in disagreeance with a universe from nothing, it follows reason that it can happen continuosly, this is evidenced by a continually expanding universe, and cosmic background radiation, as was pointed out by Alfen. Ref we should believe highly educated priests and not think for ourselves, or come to our own conclusions based on what is observed UM!. Nah I dont agree, where is the fun in that, I have a brain and occasionally I use it. I think the topic is interesting, my line of thought is logical, and the links support my understanding, they are written by or about ideas held by actual scientiscts not me. The model is a mathematical curve fit, with an an end point in time as the correlation. The rest is based on a priests desire to prove there was a beginnning of time. A big bang is not required x billion years ago. see links above.
  14. http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/prostate-cancer/expert-answers/prostate-cancer/FAQ-20057800 The evidence is marginal but my doctor confirmed to my wife that regular sex does protect against prostate cancer, we are taking no risks
  15. There may be a lot of things I understand or not as the case may be. I do know this, Supernovaes are not singularities, and nothing to do with the big bang theory, although they may contribute to background radiation and the spreading of heavier elements through out the universe. The Big Bang Theory gives a nice beginning of time for the catholic priest who worked on it. Not all physcicists agreed with it. Alfen being one who won a nobel prize for his work http://www.plasma-universe.com/index.php/Hannes_Alfv%C3%A9n he was not always appreciated and a bit of an outsider partly because he did not agree with the Big Bang as the origins off all matter x billion years ago. The universe is continually expanding Agreed by all! What I am driving at here is "matter is continuously coming into existence and has been doing so for an eternity on a very small scale" as evidenced by cosmic background radiation. I am also stating that a expansion and contraction of space ie the fields or quantum foam creating space are the source of gravity. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space-time_foam There was no original singularity, at the beginning of time, producing all matter and energy. There is no space without fields of one form or another. Singularities are constantly exploding on the quantum level and occasionally producing new matter in space. A universe from nothing is constantly happening, The bang and expansion and contraction of space is continuous, it did not all happen x billion years ago, it is continuos on a much smaller scale. Any new matter produced virtual or otherwise from the quantum foam will likely have a longer lifetime in space and have more time to form into stable particles. I state this because muon lifetime is longer in freefall as is given for proof of relativity. From the discussion of what is space by Mordred I asked the question can space exist without fields. Parphrasing the answer it cant. No field or quantum foam = no space. No space = nada diddly squat. His answer was a lot longer
  16. In an expanding universe why do so scientists claim the following " In physical cosmology, the age of the universe is the time elapsed since the Big Bang. The current measurement of the age of the universe is 13.799±0.021 billion years within the Lambda-CDM concordance model. The uncertainty has been narrowed down to 21 million years by the agreement of a number of scientific research projects, such as microwave background radiation measurements by the Planck satellite, the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe and other probes. Measurements of the cosmic background radiation give the cooling time of the universe since the Big Bang, and measurements of the expansion rate of the universe can be used to calculate its approximate age by extrapolating backwards in time. " Why do scientists not state the big bang is happening continuously in space all the time causing the universe to continue expanding, as we see it today. http://www.auniversefromnothing.com/index.htm A universe from nothing with matter continuously coming into existence works with a continually expanding universe in a more believable way than all matter coming out of some singularity x billion years ago. Is Cosmic back ground radiation not more logically explained by a continual big bang happening in space all around us, at approximately the same rate, giving of radiation at a constant rate.? Space coming into existence expands space between galaxies causing them to free fall away from each other at 3c, is gravity not better explained by space going out of existence and causing matter to free fall towards planets. Big topic enjoy.
  17. you are over complicating this, it is an energy calc At sea level and at 15 °C air has a density of approximately 1.225 kg/m³ according to ISA. Assuming your 1kg mass is your helicopter, you need to displace an equivalent mass of air with your helicopter blades. The amount of air displaced is the velocity of air through the blades x swept area ie the power developed is proportional to the cube of the wind speed. - losses in blades.
  18. It depends if you want to use your degree or not, most jobs dont need everything you learn. What most employers are looking for with numerate degrees is some one who can learn and think logically. There are many kinds of book keepers from accountants to stock market analysts to those at race courses, that don't need a degree, but they pay well,some are considered boring, exciting or stressful depending on how you feel. If you are looking for a job where you can think your own thoughts, try stacking shelves in a super market. But why be a wage slave working for some one else when you can start up your own business doing something you enjoy, and employ other people to do the mundane things you cant be bothered with. Its your life and your future, life is not a practise run, you need to find something you enjoy doing. If you want challenges in your life aim for the sky, if you want an easy life stack shelves. Looking into the distant future if you do well you can retire early sell up and go on permanent holiday.
  19. Maybe this is too obvious a 741 is an "analogue" operational amplifier, not intended for "digital" operation perhaps that is why it wasn't recognized. The 741 is not programmable other than by using external passive circuit components.
  20. Maths can model what can happen in the physical world, a theory does not dictate what happens unless it is based on facts. The tardis only works on paper for a mathematician not in the real world. I did not know about the immortal Jellyfish, that is interesting. However "it is life as we know it", still living, and not dead as would be required for life after death. I bet it is not immortal when washed onto a beach, even though it can repeatedly return to its child hood. I am finished with this thread now, and have more interesting things to do ie live life. So if any one else would like to carry on posting please feel free to do so, but do not expect me to answer. Life is not a practice run, live it well, and you don't need another one. If you screw it up, you won't get a second chance Bye
  21. You still have not explained how WHO regenerates (reincarnates, recycles etc) Space is caused by fields, no fields = no space. A larger field can not be made to fit inside a phone box, creating more space. Relativity doesn't come into it, Dr Who is based on fiction or pseudo science, it isn't real. The expansion of space inside a box is just silly Do you have any conceivable notion of how a WHO could regenerate, to try and stay on thread.
  22. Yep very quick answer and no I didn't follow all of it But Thank you for the links, I will download the pdf's and add them to my E reader for later digestion. Night watch in the middle of an ocean is an excellent place to do cosmology. Edit Only the link to Physics and Inflationary Cosmology" by Andrei Linde link works. This may be due to the fact I am in Portugal at the moment rather than UK or US, which is sometimes a problem.
  23. OK you think doctor Who reincarnates. Please explain using physics how doctor Who has multiple lives, and you can add how is the Tardis bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, and why a telephone box.
  24. Being an atheist, I am comfortable with your answer. I tend to agree with you. BUT, I cant help it, its not my fault Most ghost stories are anecdotal, and amusing to tell people. Anecdotal evidence presented in a court, is enough in some countries to get you shot, electrocuted etc. If a scientist hasn't verified some ones claims should people be convicted. What constitutes evidence. Does an imaginary or otherwise ghost have to appear on Q for a scientist to take measurements for it to be evidence How could a scientist detect something if he/she doesn't have a clue what they are trying to detect. If gravitons or virtual particles cant be detected can scientists even hope to have machines that can detect ghosties. Speculating could virtual fields constitute a virtual particle, that stays in existence after some one has died in any way conceivable. ? This is a very important question for many people and should be taken seriously.
  25. This is a very serious subject for some and so should at least justify some speculation. Star trek I always found to be more realistic than Dr Who, which I am convinced is just fiction Lightning balls can pass through walls, and come in various sizes. Ghosts apparently can as well . A lightning ball is most likely a semi stable particle consisting of fundamental particles in a plasma state or virtual particles, as a result of a lightning strike, that has passed, ie is no more Electrically charged atmospheres can make your hair stand on end and give you the shivers, as can ghosties if you see one Amuse yourselves, the afterlife is very important to some individuals and if it could be explained to suicide bombers that by blowing them selves up they have zero chance of an afterlife, it might make them stop and think before blowing themselves up What use can 40 virgins be if your ghost is mush and you have blown essential bits off
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