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  1. Transistor Tester Integrated Circuit IC Tester Meter MOS PNP NPN Detector A9A6 https://picclick.com/1pc-Transistor-Tester-Detect-IC-Tester-Meter-Maintenance-262883524250.html This is a you tube link I think but my internet cafe is too slow to show it. The panel has 5 buttons are on the left, right, bottom, and Enter keys. The next key is used to adjust the directory and change the model number, the or so key to move around the cursor options to change.The Enter key for the switch machine and execute the test command.Gently open the battery cover, add a 9V laminated battery, and then close the battery cover.Press Enter for more than 2 seconds can boot, boot automatically display the current battery voltage, when the voltage is lower than 7.5, please replace the battery, the low voltage will affect the reliability of the test result and protection automatic shutdown. Boot: Enter key press 2 seconds then boot. Shutdown: 1 in the OFF directory, press Enter button to immediately shutdown. 2 in any directory, press Enter button for more than 10 seconds then off. 3 in no operation after 60 seconds, automatic shutdown Methods of devices placed: 1, the top of the chip alignment 2, put the most left transistor three slot 3, a 13 foot alignment IC Optocoupler 4, voltage regulator tubes placed IC block 13 and 14 feet. Note: the transistor display pin order from left to right and the corresponding IC block, 10 feet, 11 feet, 12 feet catalogue function Search Auto mode Device search , the unknown model chip inserted in ic seat can automatically identify the part number ( Automatic identification without input) ( other directories are auto- mode ) 5.0v mode 3.3v mode 74HC 74HC series of logic device test (of the same, and 74LS series base drive level (different) need to manually enter the model) 74LS 74LS series of logic device test (of the same, and 74HC series base drive level (different) need to manually enter the model) CD40 CD4000 series of logic device test (different, and HEF40 series base drive level (the same) need to manually enter the model) HEF40 HEF4000 series of logic device test (different, and CD40 series base drive level (the same) need to manually enter the model) 45/145 45 series 145 series logic device test (the need to manually enter the model) OTHER Interface drive device testing, such as: MAX232, MAX485, 75175, 75176, 75c11.. (the need to manually select the model) AMP Operational amplifier, comparator class testing, such as: LM324, LM358, LM339, LM393, LM2902...(the need to manually enter the model). TR Transistor identification , and automatically determine the transistor types and pin order . Identifiable NPN , PNP, transistors , N- MOS , P -MOS way thyristor , triac , common anode common cathode rectifier automatic identification without input ) ZD Zener regulator value test , test regulator regulator 0v-50v range accuracy 0.01v automatic identification without the need to enter LIGHT Optocoupler secondary the saturation voltage test , can test the the ordinary 4 feet optocoupler secondary saturation voltage automatic identification without input ) OFF Shutdown prompt explanation OK Tests are normal Batter Battery voltage Not found Can?t find Fault The chip damaged or type mismatch Open Open circuit Not supported nonsupport NPN Triode PNP Triode N-MOS FET P-MOS FET 1-SCR Way SCR 2-SCR Triac 2D Common cathode and common anode rectifier A?k?b?c?e?g? Specific pin Out of range Zener voltage beyond the scope ERR1?2 Self-test failure I hope the above Helps Thanks Andy
  2. For the sake of repeating myself, This is not meant to be taken seriously. The thread is meant to be about exploring the possibility of an afterlife. The fact science has no evidence of an afterlife does not make it a fact. Scientists had no knowledge of super waves until one came up and hit a gas platform. They had been observed by mariners for centuries before scientists discovered them. It took a blow on the head for newton to discover gravity Everyone else on the planet knew the earth sucked, and they could not fall off. As it turns out this might actually be more correct than people realise. Speculating A lump of meat on the table will distort space around it causing a gravitational field which travels through space. An electrical impulse also has a field associated with it, which will effect the space around it. These are all distortions in space of one form or another. Gluons are a virtual particle off a different type to the fabled graviton, which is a 2 spin boson (or easier to picture a quantised 3 dimensional stress tensor field which moves outwards from the source of the disturbance caused by matter or other the movement of other bosons). Is there any conceivable way virtual or real particles of any kind originating from the electrical activity of a life form could continue to exist after death or the electrical activity ceased? Since this is a science forum, could anyone expand on yes or no answers adding some reasoning, it might be interesting.
  3. Thank you for those links I will take some time absorbing them. I do have further series of questions with reference to the big bang theory and cosmic background radiation. This may get relegated to speculation. I read another pop physics book some time ago based on the work of Alfen a nobel prize winning plasma physicist called "the big bank never happened", so this is not completely my idea. Is background radiation only evidence for an expanding universe, and not the origins off all matter in some huge bang from 10-43 seconds onwards, is this why it is almost uniform 2.5 kelvin throughout space and it does not appear to be cooling? What I am thinking is quantum matter appears and disappears in space continuously gradually increasing and expanding space, causing the expansion of space. This in turn perhaps on occasion produces real matter that coalesces to form planets, or suns that can supernovae and eject heavier particles into space overtime etc. Is the amount of energy in the universe slowly increasing due to quantum fluctuations expanding space. If a fixed volume of space is at 2.5kelvin, when the space in it expands beyond the fixed volume should the temperature not reduce within the fixed volume of space. Is the lifetime of fundamental particles in a zero g environment increased as evidenced by the muon decay time, does this also apply to quantum matter.? Does more quantum matter exist in space than in a gravitational environment, ie theoretical DE perhaps. Sorry for the stream of questions
  4. Thankyou very much for the response apologies for the pop physics derived questions, originating from expensive string theory books. I understand degrees of freedom having done some modelling before, sorry not on a cat walk more of a non linear mathematical nature involving magenetic circuits. I have a question with reference to your previous answer. I may have missed the overwhelming relevance of what you initially wrote, and never followed up with the correct question.. Paraphrasing the Big bang or quantum foam causes the expansion of space. Without a field virtual or otherwise there is no space. Quantum foam is constantly expanding space. Gravity is caused by the contraction of space ie the reduction of fields or quantum foam that creates space. DOES Mass shrink the space around it, by absorbing or calming the quantum foam which causes the expansion of space. BIG QUESTION MARK. (Sorry portuguese key board I cant find the key for question mark). Is a graviton required under QFT
  5. Thankyou. I have not checked to see if a thread on entanglement exists, but will look forward to the thread. Do you have an opinion on how many spacial dimensions there may be. Are the string theorists just talking about mathematical dimensions for convenience, rather than actual spacial dimensions.
  6. If I understood correctly space is created by fields virtual or otherwise which expand the space they occupy accelerating the expansion of the universe or the distance between galaxies. With no fields there is no space, what no space is or nothing is, is interesting and possibly just philosophical. I understand information is transmitted via quantum entanglement instantly, and not limited by c. If two points were connected by some other dimension could the distance be zero in another dimension between the points. I think last time I read a popular physics book on string theory there was 13 dimensions that could unfold.
  7. Another question boardering on the surreal. In terms of space or additional dimensions have you any insight on quantum entanglement. If a field fluctuation creates it own space from nothing, are all points in space connected via another dimension or nothing. Are all points in space created by fields connected in some way. How many dimensions has space.
  8. Thanks for the answers, Ive got it.
  9. "Space is just volume, fields are not required to have space" A molecule takes up space, around the molecule is a gravitational field which occupies space. Is the expansion of the space we percieve not governed by fields filling it. Galaxies free falling away from us at 3c on the edge of an expanding universe are being driven by the gravitational field which is driving them away from us.
  10. Thankyou for the answer, I think what was driving at is. The expansion of space under the big bang theory, was filled from the outset by fields of one form or another. Did the fields themselves create the space they occupy. Can space exist without fields. Space with no fields in cant exist. Sorry cross posted thanks for the answer
  11. I read the thread from beginning to end and understood every last word, are you posting a response to another thread. If not what do you think I have missed.
  12. This has to be one of the most interesting threads on this forum. Questions Does space only exist because it is full of fields. With no fields there is no space time. Space and time being variables to give the distance between fields, which if they didnt exist space time would not exist. How can space be curved without fields, how can a volume exist without a field or reference point to measure from. Can an infinte space full of fields of one form or another exist at the same time as an empty space full of nothing, would the emopty space be zero volume.
  13. A persons IQ is related to many different factors all working together. Some people are gifted in one discipline but are complete morons in others. A person who is autistic may be extremely good at art, mathematics, music etc. But when judged in an IQ test they might fail. Many people who are engineers or scientiscts are often mildly autistic and are unable to relate to people normally, where normal human communication skills arent needed. The creativity of an autistic person is most definately in many cases way beyond what a normal person can achieve. I read Nicola Tesla was apparently autistic and had extreme visualisation skills, he also wrote a lot of his imaginings down which in their day might have been considered acceptable but today would be considered none politically correct or unnacceptable. Without imagination autistic people would not be able to create. Knowledge is what is gained by opportunity, and interest in a subject. That percieved knowledge might be flawed, as was noted by Einstein. To add to or contradict knowledge takes imagination. People learning by rote are working on a Knowledge based systems based on likely outcomes and not neccesarily understanding why the answers come out. Students who are taught calculus are not initially taught where the derivatives etc come from, they just jump through the hoops as instructed by their teachers, and get the correct answer. I have had graduates working for me who had no thinking skills, but qualified with honours degrees. When posed a problem not in a text book they could not work out basic problems. I finished working trouble shooting around europe. I would be dragged in to factories to diagnose or fix problems, where different teams working on processes would explain what they thought was wrong, all I had to do was listen to the different parties and the solutions were obvious to me. Often people would demand to know how I knew what I knew and where it was written down, it wasnt. When knowledge runs out or doesnt explain what is happening correctly, creativity takes over. Brain storming an idea produces many crap ideas, but if they are filtered down with a little knowledge a reasoned picture can be arrived at. With a picture of what is happening it is then normally easy to apply some maths with most simple systems. Fluid dynamics is a differnet matter
  14. Further musings At what point is something considered lifeless, is it when the electrical activity has completely stopped. Running around like a headless chicken, is a term based on actual behaviour chickens, seen when they are being killed. Normally chickens are killed by breaking there necks, occasionally the head is accidentaly pulled off. The chicken minus head runs and flaps around on the floor for around a minute or so before it stops flapping. Stories of headless horsemen riding there horses through battlefields may well be based on a similar effect. Corpses sitting up in coffins in funeral homes can be unnerving, this why I understand funeral homes like to nail the lids on. But how about this little annecdote, a friend of mine caught a dozen crayfish and brought them around to eat at a barbecue 24 hours after he had killed them with a spear gun, the heads were removed and shell cut open the crayfish were applied with garlic butter and put onto the barbecue with the legs up. When they started to cook the legs frantically started running, if they had been the other way up they would have escaped the barbecue. People who are brain dead on life support can twitch making relatives think there relative is still alive. A bacteria which is living doesnt move this much. Whilst I have never seen a chicken or pig move in an oven or on a spit whilst being cooked, I got to wondering what happens once a corpse has gone into a crematorium oven, does it start twitching as it is burned. Does anyone care how your remains disposed off. Will your friends decide for you and give you a surprise. People who undergo heart transplants apparently adopt some of the likes of the person they had the transplant from. a lady who detested football prior to a transplant found she loved it afterwards, apparently the young man whos heart she had was a football fanatic. Hope you all enjoyed the thread.
  15. I cant remember exactly what happened last night, never mind an afterlife. even though there was a logical chain of events starting with impromptu folk music and alcohol and multiple languages and laughter. What might be interesting to discuss is the possibility of life after death, in terms of what "might" with a following wind and a lot of tongue in cheek "may" be possible. With little or no brain, too much vitamin k, oxygen difficiency, cognitive ability is not quite the same. Life after death is not going to be full of genius life forms if in any way it is possible at all. Virtual fields travelling outwards into space such as gravity will carry on indefinately slowly diminishing. The graviton is a theoretical particle. Particle is probably not the best word for virtual particles, messenger particles are fields which only exist whilst the particles (fields) which created them exist, they then normally have a very short life time. Chickens and eggs, which came first (question mark) A living life form does not exist without electrical stimuli (fluctuating fields), not even plants or bacteria would live. Once a living lifeform stops working it no longer responds to electrical stimuli (fluctuating fields). For life to exist where does it get its fluctuating field (question mark), could the field already exist . Could any kind of life form or energy fluctuations exist, that we cant normally detect. Space life thingy sort of thing:) (question mark) We are all automatons responding to external inputs, could a fluctuating field respond to external inputs and slam doors repeatedly (see post 1 ) For me when the bell tolls it generally indicates last orders and time to go to home. Does it have other connitations for someone whose picture is a crusader (catholic) and carries a sythe.
  16. Folks, this is not meant to be taken seriously The thread is ment to be about exploring the possibility of an afterlife, or something for my novel. Either way it is not about your views on ther state of religion or the world. The fact science has no evidence of an afterlife does not make it a fact. Scientiscts had no knowledge of super waves until one came up and hit a gas platform. They had been observed by mariners for centuries before scientiscts discovered them. It took a blow on the head for newton to discover gravity Everyone else on the planet knew the earth sucked, and they couldnt fall off. Speculating A lump of meat on the table will distort space around it causing a gravitational field which travels out into space. This same argument stands for farmers who are outstanding in their own field, like some scientists would like to be. An electrical impulse also has a field associted with it, which will effect space around it. These are all distortions in space of one form or another. Gluons are a virtual particle off a different type to the fabled graviton, which is a 2 spin boson (or easier to picture a quantised 3 dimensional stress field which moves outwards from the source of the disturbance caused by matter or other the movement of other bosons). I asked people to speculate ref a messanger particle or wave that could transmit information across the universe. No one has bit, but if this could be done the wave would need to be reconstituted as a 3 d hologram, like the evil emperor in star wars or something. How much info could be contained in a virtual wave travelling through space, and could it be reconstruted. Is there any way nature could reconstruct a wave and create a hologram, a roman Legion in the Crypt of York Minster for instance Is there any religion that is not based on bullshit Science perhaps
  17. The reason for my angle of approach, is to see what, if any, scientists who still harbor a religious belief might have on the concept of the afterlife. In order to explore the idea, I put forward a few ideas to cast a doubt, or raise an eyebrow, for amusement, as you may do if trying to get a criminal of the hook. I am not attacking science, I was attempting to explore one of the core parts of many religions, which is an afterlife, hence the spooky introduction I included for amusement. As for your reference to Aliens I do not think they, if they exist, come under any thread on this forum, unless you were to start a thread on the concept of where the idea of gods came from descending from heaven Or gravitational propulsion systems. There is absolutely no reason to think life on other planets does not exist. Nor is there any reason to believe that all forces have been detected virtual or otherwise. I also know from questions I have asked on the forum, the concept of the graviton has different meanings for different people. Feel free to speculate on the subject of the thread, which is life after death. I think it is pretty conclusive the majority of people on the forum have a closed mind on the subject, even though they like to post on the religious forum. Do not forget I am collecting ideas for a novel. I am not trying to promote religion or a belief in an afterlife here I am just exploring the possibility. In my novel i might have inter dimensional creature alien thingys, entangled to things in other dimensions or something, the ideas are still evolving. I would add I am suspicious of any one who claims to know absolutely everything.
  18. Trolls should stay on thread, or play with your selves. I'm gone.
  19. Handy andy


    Do you know anyone that would pay taxes to police the world, when public services cant be funded and innocent people who could have lived there lives die as collateral damage.
  20. I suspect the near death experiences reported by people are due to the brain shutting down due to oxygen starvation, drugs or vitamin k effects as mentioned above. If you see a light at the end of the tunnel in a NDE, it may well be a train coming the other way that finally puts your lights out if it reaches you. It could be interesting to have some other kind of existence after death, but what purpose would it serve. Rebirths would be messy and even the Dalai Lama has to learn everything from scratch Transmigration as practised by the Druze is something they don't like to talk about, father becomes the sun by his ghost type of thing. I did witness some Shamans in Indonesia who claim to have been occupied by monkey and other animal spirits. One ran up a coconut tree approx 20m high faster than I have seen any one except a monkey climb a tree, and proceeded to throw large green coconuts down onto the heads of one of his mates from the top of the tree. The coconuts would weigh approx. 0.7kg to 2.5kg depending on the size. This is a common cause of death in the tropics coconuts landing on your head. The guy on the ground jumped up to meet the coconuts coming towards him and head butted them towards the crowd of onlookers. It was fun to watch, and he had very glazed over eyes when he had finished. People thinking for themselves and ignoring insults may be alien to you and many others on the forum, who do not teach science to abusive children. Science is not a religion, it is fun to speculate on the latest theories even if you haven't got a clue what a graviton is . It is an excellent way of learning new stuff to ask questions and put forward explanations. If people want to be priests and claim one religion or theory is the only way, they should take up religion or politics. I am gathering ideas for my next novel . What is your purpose on the forum, except to post your personal feelings on anything or anyone you disapprove of, with the occasional dim question?. I have been watching this religious forum out of mild interest, and note that those of religious nature except Zen Buddhists of course generally put forward a very weak argument for their particular belief. Life after death is big in religion, I wondered if any scientists could be drawn to speculate on this, clearly there are a lot of sources of a none scientific nature. The most intriguing I have found are the older Rosicrutian orders and some of the freemasonry groups, who seem to believe in the concept of deity. Rosicrutians as most people are aware gave rise to the fashionable Wicca via Alistair Crowley. It seems this sort of stuff is what is selling books these days, so mixing a few controversial ideas together, might make a good read. If in the process I can make people think about their personal beliefs and not get my self shot it will be a bonus. With your views on my views I am surprised you still read what I write, maybe I will have a better novel than I am dreaming up. I will also point out I think I am operating under the forum guidelines, whereas your remarks and others could be deemed offensive and against the rules. Which amusingly, amuses me.
  21. My other half was a good Catholic until she met married me, she wound up being excommunicated, and rejected by the loving Catholic community she was involved with. She is now fully recovered from her religious beliefs . The Dark matter is by no means settled https://phys.org/news/2017-06-ditch-dark-energy-relativity.html?utm_source=nwletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=daily-nwletter There are other recent theories that don't need dark matter also. Science is not a religion as taught by fanatics in the same way religion is. Gravity is still not fully understood. What is deemed scientific fact is only good until observations disagree, then new theories come forward. fudge factors are there to maintain beliefs in a theory that may not be 100% accurate.. I think a lot of scientific fantasies come out of religious belief, such as the world must be flat, a beginning and end of time, a finite universe, time travel, predicting the future etc etc.
  22. Handy andy


    It is generally not commented on, but no one knowingly elects governments that want to go to war or destabilise other countries, governments are generally elected on domestic issues. If politicians were to ask for more tax money to be raised to police or destabilise a region to grab a countries resources the average person including professors and drug addicts would most likely not vote for those politicians Tony Blair is still under investigation for the Iraq war, he is guilty of treason, ie waging a war not in the interests of his electorate. Hopefully the next attempt to prosecute him will result in him doing time in prison. For a country on the opposite side of the world to alienate a country on the opposite side, and to try and dictate another countries policies is treason, ie it is not in the interests of any electorate to go to war or change a political or religious situation in a country. For Governments to raise taxes to wage illegal wars has to be treason. Many of the worlds governments or religious groups mess about with other countries policies to gain control of resources. Would it be of interest to anyone to be able in a democratic country to indicate what percentage of taxes is allocated for domestic issues and what should be allocated for external issues.
  23. The general consensus so far is fairly consistent, when you are dead you are dead. Ref reincarnation. If we only have one life and live it well, why would you want another.? Ref the paranormal. Can science definitely rule it out, would it be considered arrogant for scientists that haven't investigated the paranormal to rule it out, without giving it much thought. Has anyone experimented with Ouija boards or know anyone that has. I haven't, but had some friends who claim that it scared the S??T out if them and they wont do it again. Could it all have been in their imagination. Does anyone fancy getting some friends together and giving it a whirl The graviton has not been detected, could a ghost perhaps with a zero spin tensor field be detected ? Can dark matter be detected, does anyone even know it exists for sure?. Could main stream science have got something wrong ref claims about dark matter and could the current consensus on this thread be wrong about an afterlife in anyway. ? Do any religious people have a take on the views given on the thread.?
  24. I hope the ghost stories, gave you a cold shiver I will give religious types more time to respond. I am guessing Beecee that was from Carl Sagan or someone of that ilk "Remember man that thou art star dust, and unto star dust thou shalt return. :-p" All or most of our molecules will eventually be recycled and re-enter the food chain. The water will most likely be boiled of if we are cremated but the ashes make good fertilizer. Thanks for the vitamin k info, reducing the brains activity or oxygen levels reduces cognitive ability and causes strange effects, I know nothing of lucid dreaming. I know even less on this subject than I do on Gravitons. Could any kind of virtual or real field continue to exist after the electrical activity in your body is finished.? Does anyone else have anything to add.? Has any one played with Ouija boards and had any kind of result.?
  25. Physics is based on a set of axioms, which postulate the existence of entities such as atoms, particles, forces, charges, mass, and/or fields. All these entities could be better described as fields of one form or another, which exist in space or are a part of space, making up the entire infinite universe. Religious leaders historically gain influence over people by it's use of the fear of death and promises of an afterlife whereby you can sit on a clouds or be waited on by 40 virgins, the sex of which I guess is down to personal preference and availability of virgins. My views are atheist in that I do not believe in a god. However is it possible that there is life after death. Shamanism, which involves the belief in an afterlife and the existence of spirits or deities, is possibly one of the oldest belief systems in the world and has become a part of some new age religious ideas. http://parascience.org/images/Shamanism_and_Sacrifice.pdf Many people claim to have experienced out of body experiences when close to death, or to have experienced some form of ghost. Most of this can be explained away by bad lighting and a vivid imagination etc. When diving deep on normal air, around 40m you suffer oxygen deprivation and your ability to think or reason properly goes out of the window, you also experience a sensation of tranquility, or total calm. Could this be what is experienced close to death? People suffering from brain damage can change their personality, without a functioning brain what thoughts could we have after death? If something of us lives on after death in some form of field what if anything could it do or recall. ? To get people started here is a couple of ghost stories. A friend of mine believed she used to live in a haunted house with her family, and this particular ghost was very active when small children were in the house. One night the parents were out and the youngest girl was being looked after by her older sisters. She was quite upset by the ghost, the older girl had a boyfriend around, so to calm the baby of the family, he agreed to take the ghost home with him in his car. When he got home he looked in the rear view mirror of his car and looking back at him in the rear seat of his car was an apparition. He leapt out of the car and ran. Lots of years ago a friend of mine acquired a job as a gardener in a stately home, and he agreed to give a group of us a guided tour around the house and grounds whilst the owners were away, at around midnight, he guided us from room to room giving little bits of history including several ghost stories relating to the house. We walked down a long passageway with many heavy wooden doors, finally arriving in a disused chapel which was full of junk; the windows of the chapel were open. My friend opened the door to the former morgue which was empty, and on going inside the temperature dropped and the hair on the back of our necks rose. The doors in the passageway we had travelled down started banging repeatedly. We became a little alarmed and jumped out of the windows of the chapel, and retired to the converted stables where my friend was lodging. Could a wind have caused the doors to bang like that? It was a still night, I do not think it was the wind, and the cause remains a mystery. Other unexplained things happened that night, but some were one or more of us playing tricks, on each other. The first of the above stories, if true, would indicate the ghost did as was asked; the second, if not the wind, would indicate that the ghost may not have been happy about us being in the house disturbing its peace and reacted to encourage us to leave. Wind or not, we left very quickly not by the passage way we had entered by. I don’t believe in Magic either but. Wiccans believe in the manipulation of the spirits to help things to happen, could a Wiccan with a friendly poltergeist get things done. (Wicca is based around Rosicrutianism which some famous people follow as well as historical figures http://www.secretsocietieswebsite.com/members-rosicrucians/) Without reference to religion does anyone suspect there may be an afterlife of sorts? Reincarnation, Transmigration, etc.
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