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  1. why?


    no.. i mean imagine this. Your in a bar.. or pub. You see this person. Person looks interesting.. you like the way they talk to the bartender.. coz the're polite or bossy (Watever you like) and then you go there and say.. will you be my friend. Thats just weird But if you go there and be like.. can i buy you a drink.. She/he 'll be like sure. And thats when the date starts.
  2. why?


    you cant go to some person and be like.. wanna be my friends.. (looks real sad) but you can go and ask if you wanna have a drink and then go on a drink.
  3. why?


    the more people you meet the more chances you will of finding the special someone. I mean if you just remain in the same group then you'll just know the people really well. But if you go on dates then you meet new people. There are so many people out there. I mean without exploring how you supposed to find them?
  4. Just look at it this way. If you were a scientist and you knew something magical is going to happen but there were minor setbacks.. would you stop? And i have this theory.. dont know how good it sucks.. or maybe it is said before.. by some great person.. but i look at it this way. if there is no sadness then there is no happiness. coz happiness is when its better than normal. And sadness is when its normal or below normal. So .. if ther is no sadness then happiness is just normal.. and normal is just boring.. So there would be no happiness. doesnt make sense.. ah well i tried.
  5. why?


    I totally agree with callipygous. I mean they generally dont get hurt until you drag it along. Plus you make us men look bad. We arent the only ones who try to break up relations so that they can go out with the other person. Girls do that too. and girls also count how many boyfriends they have. When callipygous's brother's wife and his girlfriend talk they can talk abt secrets coz they are of the same sex. I mean there are just some things you would rather tell people of the same sex than the opposite sex.. whether its your girlfriend or just a friend..
  6. Yes i do from the link you gave me 1veedo. Why would they block my IP adress ??? And my brother and i do use the same IP. Was just saying that to tell you that its not a prob with my comp or somethin
  7. Just in case.. not talk talking abt this site. I am talking abt another one. Anyways.. I cant go to the site http://www.123greetings.com for some unknown reason. I mean the site does exist.. there is an error message that the site doesnt exist. I am using Mozilla Firefox. OH.. and probably its not from only my comp coz my bro cant do it from his laptop either. If you be kind enough to help.
  8. My girlfriend, family, and knowing that it will get better sometime.
  9. a lot of people i looked at it would be dead.. What if it was your last day on earth.
  10. 93,39 I cant find the freaking spoiler.
  11. Two engineering students were walking across campus when one asked, "Where did you get such a great bike?" The second engineer replied, "Well, I was walking along yesterday minding my own business when a beautiful woman rode up on this bike. She threw the bike to the ground, took off all her clothes and said, "Take what you want." The second engineer nodded approvingly, "Good choice; the clothes probably wouldn't have fit."
  12. Then there would be so much winter jacket sales... What if all the continents were one? how cool would that be.. you could go by car to whichever country you want!
  13. It would be really hard for me coz i cant stay still anyways. What if inertia wouldnt exist. (is it better for us if it didnt)?
  14. That would be pretty cool coz i dont like reading. What if we were ruled by animals, or animals hunted us and ate us like we do?
  15. How would that be? I was never good at these.
  16. Definately a very very funny joke. What if the early humans never discovered fire?
  17. why?

    "Real" dreams

    This is kinda off topic but have you ever had those dreams where you know its a dream and dont give a damn abt it. in one of my dreams i walked outside without pants..( every mans dream) and then said to myself. WTF its only a dream. But i know that i was asleep.
  18. why?

    Merry Christmas

    Family guy is Hilarious. Another good one is American Dad. Same creator or something. ANyways.. happy new years ..
  19. Is it because of the fear of lawsuits?
  20. We would hear a lot of screams what if we had no facial expressions?
  21. Then someone can fall. The newest thing in suicide. What if everyones name was BOB?
  22. mostly we wont be alive in such huge numbers and world population would be under control. What if all the fossil fules run out today this very second.
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