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  1. Granted: but the first time you transported people saw you and burnt you like a witch. I wish i knew everything.. (oh boy.. im gonna get screwed on that one)
  2. This might be a little irrelevant and completely wrong But i remember my global teacher mentioning that the anti-semetism was first startd by the church itself. As christians could not take interest on loans given to others ( mostly christian) and Jewish people could, they had an anti-semitic feeling. MAybe this is where hte stereotype comes from.
  3. I wrote an article about something and a person told me that Hitler wasn't actually christian. And he despised christianity. I searched about it and couldn't find any article about his religion. Most of htem give me about the crimes he committed and how he got to power. So could anyone help me, and please dont refer to wikipedia.. i really dont trust it. And apologies to the admin/mods if this is posted in wrong section Thanks.
  4. It's like the perfect accesory to environment caring Barbie. It is pretty cool BTW
  5. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a (surprise look)... what's stuck in this gun? Let me have a look while simultaneously clicking the trigger.
  6. why?

    "Devil Sticks"?

    I swear to god I was going to say the same thing. It really does look like that. Iron taped around tightly with leather or a carbon fibre sheet. IF it helps then look up on google how to make a hose. Looks pretty much similar. ( saw in on "how its made" on discovery )
  7. why?


    How do you write like Cap'N did? I have never figured it out?
  8. Anyone seen Lady in the Water by Night Shayamalan? I love the last words by the writer with the glasses. I dont remember the exact thing but its that he believes that every story nowadays is the same. And he sees a wolf or something.. and he starts to narrate how he would turn his back, and rush to the door, and with split second accuracy the door would hit the creature and hurt him. But when he turns his back.. he just dies. IF taht didnt make sense.. watch the movie. lol. OK.. .so how abt this? how cold could it be in antartica? Im wearing a thin jacket. WTF was that????
  9. I know.. I know. A games section. We had one didnt we, and I think it got lost while updating or something. But a games section would be awesome. Science and fun go hand in hand. It's going to be so awesome. *giving that nerdy look*
  10. Ya, bugs are scary. I hate beetles and bees. They freak the shi* of out me.
  11. Maybe the problem of depicting a country through film etc is that they show stuff that is entertaining. The whole purpose in the end is to sell the movie. And the best way to sell it is to make it appealing to the crowd. You can't really make a boring movie appealing because the crowd likes excitement and entertainment. So they might only show those faces of the country which are entertaining or amusing and not the other half which might be boring, but none the less true.
  12. why?


    I'm going to take AP American History next year. Anyone know how it is? And Pre AP English. Pre AP is like AP without the college credit. It's just to practice for A.P.
  13. Same here dude, too much T.V. Umm I like Futurama, Simpson, Family Guy, House, Monk, Psych, Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, Extreme Machines, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Discoveries This Week, How its Made and many more.
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