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  1. we wouldnt be able to speak. What if we were all superheroes?
  2. Thats the answer i guess. But how i dont know.
  3. I got it after like 3 readings.. Questions like those make me feel stupid. Oh.. and will respond after asking my math teacher this question.. lets see if she gets it??
  4. The basic connection.. as stated in the question.. they are all numbers..
  5. Ya. I think it is a old joke and you get a good laugh. This is a easy one..... "How can you divide a cake into 8 EQUAL parts with just three slices?" Cake is a normal cylinderical cake.
  6. Well here is this one. I dont know if it is scientifically true but most likely it is. Well just for a good laugh NASA faced a problem that fountain pens that were used during their space program couldn't be used because of no gravity. So they wasted millions of dollars n two decades to overcome d problem.But Russians solved it in d cheapest way.Guess what.
  7. Well if that is the case then either we should be allowed or their's should not be allowed.
  8. Hypocrite: 1 : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion. 2 : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings. I mean it in the way that even though he believe in something else he can argue for something else. If i believe in god.. i can still argue as a Atheist.
  9. It still says you may not upload animation pictures. you attached the file. But i dont think you can do that with your avatar.
  10. The image is an animation. You cant save it to your computer and then still have the animation left. Atleast that wat i know. Please comment on this people who know comps.
  11. Ya. Well maybe not on the forum it might be not a good idea to lie.. but i sure do a agree that politicians do lie. Oh.. and hypocrite is a good word as i mentioned earlier.
  12. Here is the message. Somehow this kind of stuff always happens to me only. I mean in all the forums i visit.. somehow all the bad things happen to me only.
  13. A person who can lie is a good debator. No offense to anyone but it is the truth. Hypocrite is another word which can be used.
  14. What about this? http://www.friday-fun.com/files/smilies/loser.gif P.S. This post also didnt count as my post number is still 55.
  15. Can you please tell me how our posts are counted because i dont seem to get the method. Also i have seen people with animation in their display picture. But somehow i couldnt do it so i was just wondering if there was a certain way.
  16. I think after the clue it became quite simple.
  17. why?


    I think the point he was trying to make with the phobia is that its not easy to just feel that everyone or most people are inferior or something. Its just a person's nature. Thats the same case with me, ive tried it a million times but it just doesnt seem to work. That is a reason why i have such a closed circle of friends.
  18. But wats the use of donating if they cant receive it.
  19. ya.. would you tell us the reason.
  20. While we are on the topic of blood can you tell me wat the hell unviersal donor means. I mean the blood we are donating should be compatible with our blood. So how is o- a universal donor.
  21. why?


    I am pretty shy around unknown people. And sometimes around known people. I think from my personal experience you can relate shyness to self conscious. Dont know if it happens with everyone. I am a very self conscious person. If someone near me is even whispering something not related to me in any way, i still get conscious. This makes me more shy coz then i dont want to speak just in case i say something and people make fun of me. I hope you know what i am talking about. Oh.. and that might be one of the factors i am not a good public speaker either.
  22. I am not legally allowed to donate blood. I think here in New york you can be 16 and do it. P.S. What is the rarest blood type.
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