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  1. there is one more. watching cartoons, my brother got the idea that he can actually use the seeds of watermelon as bullets. well somebody came to our house and there we were having a fight with throwing seeds at each other with our mouth ( ot b more precise). and the lady comes in between. oh boy my mom is angry as hell.
  2. 1. when i was born my 4 yr older brother got real jealous. i dont know wat came on him but he had to get rid of me . so wat happens???? my brother tries to flush me down the toilet. think it was my good luck that my mother came and saved me . and to u bro ( he also is a member of this forum), she loves me more. LOL 2. this one relates to me and my teacher. i was sharpening my pencil with a good blade, real sharp. cut my hand. coincidently there was a comic in my desk. she comes towards me and says, why were u reading the comic. i said i was not, said that cut my hand. she wont believe me. i showed the bloody hand she still didnt. ( i have no idea why) well finally i had to ask her and she allowed me to leave. just in case wandering, this was in india, where u can not enter or leave the room without the teachers permission. and if u do, ur in deep deep trouble. 3. i tried to get into my house which was on the 4rth floor. somehow my brother kept on sleeping from when we left. so i had to climb the building railings fourth floor and climb into my house, just to know that my brother woke up and let my mom in the house. 4. my right hand had been broken and well i did not play soccer for a long time. so i siad , wat the heck lets try it. so i went into the field and there we go playing soccer. first ball i was fine. second ball just missed. third one, right into the hand. oh ya i forgot to mention i was the goalie.
  3. mayb the connection which u have has a problem. i mean i had an id that didnt work from my house and it worked from every other place.so i am saying that it might b ur connection p.s. the id worked again later after a few weeks
  4. what if he is telling the truth. i might just loose 23 million.
  5. i think magellan was from spain. well wat my global teacher told me was that he reached somewhere east of asia, i think phelepenos ( i know it is wrong spelling but u get the idea).and there he had a tribal war withthe natives and he was killed. then his slave steered his ship back to spain . that is the story. he wanted to find an all see route to india for trade like columbus . but columbus found the new world.
  6. why?

    foreighn languages

    so redalert do u know hindi? i mean it was a surprise that a canadian wud know an indian language. that is why i had asked.
  7. hi im 14/m/ny my birthday is 29 march and was born in 1991 just in case anyone wanted to know.
  8. i want to know to increase my general knowledge. and the main reason leanardo came to my mind was that we r studying rennaisance in school so we saw a movie on him and the historians believed he was gay. so i was just asking ur opinion. i know that noboy knows but that is the reason y i asked if anybody thought he was gay or not
  9. i hope nobody is offended by this question, but do u think that leanardo da vinci was gay . i mean some historians believe it . well hope u give a reason with ur answer
  10. i think it was einstein and the people from the rennaisnace. i mean like galileo [ reformation (after rennaisance)], leanardo da vinci.
  11. why?

    foreighn languages

    yes i am indian r u ? ( that was not supposed to sound rude ?)
  12. why?

    foreighn languages

    well if anybody is interested in learning HINDI, (indian language ) then plzzz tell me and many other indians in this thread namaste mera naam sahil hai. meaning my name is sahil.
  13. ok heres another good one. well this explorer is going through a dense forest when he suddenly sees blood thirsty natives around him. he says to himself " NOW i am screwed." there is a voice from above, a cloud opens and says" you r not screwed. you see that rock in front of u. well got pick it up and hit the cheif with it. " the explorer goes and hits the vheif on the head with the rock. then he stands on the life less body while the native are looking at him in amazement. The voice from above says' "NOW you are crewed."
  14. wats the difference between a shark and a rubber band. they r both made of rubber except for the shark.
  15. What is green, has four legs and if it falls on you from a tree it cud hurt u badly??? a pool table
  16. why?

    deja vu

    i had deja vu also. i mean i started a thread here but then they deleted the thread. i am serious. it was called "inexplicable" and the next day i cant find it. well talking of the subject. i just recently moved to new york. well when i was going in the car, i saw this building and some kids playing there. it was like , have i been here before? then sometimes my om tells me abt when she was a kid how it was in the war. black curtains. and all that stuff. even before letting her say something i told her exaclty wat she did . i mean how can i remember something from when i was not even born. well now ull think that its all coz of telivision and i have seen this allin the T.V. well i havent. this happens to me regularly, but somehow i cant predict it . i mean its only when it happens that i know this happened. not before pllzzzz tell me everything u know abt this
  17. which natural forces r u talking about ???? . something like wind or something else ?
  18. i think it shud b banned for sports and for those who take it just for the heck . i mean it is okfor those who need it like asthma or something but not for those who do not need it . plus there r many disadvantages of taking the dug . now u all will say that it only effects ourselves and not others. well my answer for that is that u r promoting something that should not be ( except for those who need it ) . if u take drugs others will b influenced by it 2 so u shudnt. thats wat i think
  19. well i am in high school and a 9th grader but just turned 14. well i wont say that i am smarter than u all ro willb but i wud be as smart as u all r .
  20. they treat u that way then let them. let them think or say wat they have to . b self confident , u know u the greatest then wats the prob. so just take it easy . as they say if dogs bark, then let them bark and then after some time they will b quite
  21. why?

    Arcade games

    thats not fair . i mean even new users shud b allowed to play in the arcade . that really bites . well if u r wondering . yes this is only to increase posts . lol just kidding
  22. y do u have to worry so much man ??? just chill out . there is a story abt a father son and a donkey. i dont know if uve heard it or not but well someobdy reading wont have read it so ill tell u the story. it goes like this the father wanted to sell his donkey and decides that he and his son would go to the town . going to the town was a long way . so the father and son set off. the father and son r walkingbeside the donkey and people start talking and saying " wat stupid people they r , they have a donkey and r walking " . so the father and son feel bad and sit on the donkey and start travellingthe rest of ther journey. then people start saying " how bad can they get , tyhey r putting so much burden on the poor donkey." the father and son again feel offended . then the father gets off the donkey and so the son is riding the donkey and the father is walking . well people again start saying " wat a son ? his old father is walking and he is enjoying sitting on the donkey ." the son feels offended so he gets off and the father gets on . as per the people behaviour they again start shouting " how bad can u get . ur young son is walking and u r lazily sitting on the donkey . look at the poor lad. " the father and son both get off and start walking again moral of the story: DONT GIVE A DAMN ABT WAT PEOPLE SAY the same way . u have to not care abt wat they say , coz deep down inside u know that u r the one who has th gift of the "brain" and u know that in any way u r smarter than them so all u need to do is chill out dont give a damn otherwise ull b like the son and the father lol
  23. hi people i am new here. well i am seriously new. mayb a week or so and my threads r also only 2 or 3. well hi to everybody.
  24. why?


    Why do u people think that all aliens that exist will exist only in microbe or worm form? i mean they could be in a primate form like us!
  25. why?


    Hey this is just a general question to all of you Do you guys think " Aliens" exist? Please give reasons for ur answers (in detail)
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