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  1. We're talking about balloons, not hot air balloons.
  2. As long as it looks like a cube, with no noticeable curves and bulges.
  3. Is it possible to create a balloon in the shape of a cube, using only balloon material? So that when you blow it up, it has no curves at all - all straight sides.
  4. NPK

    Acronyms Game

    KLSAD - Koalas like seeing ants dancing
  5. I doubt it. Thermophiles usually don't grow well at human body temperature (as their name implies). All pathogens (I think!) are mesophiles.
  6. Anyone seen Labyrinth? The scene where she has the same problem with 2 talking doorknobs?
  7. What about using specific bacteriophages to kill pathogens?
  8. Another word that is pronounced inconsistently. How do you pronounce it? Fun-guy ? Fun-ghee ? Fun-jee ? Fun-j-eye ? Or some other way?
  9. NPK

    homosexual gene?!

    Wouldn't that mean there's a gay protein? What function would that protein nhave to cause gayness?
  10. How would you say 'cephalic'? With a s or a k sound?
  11. Quite a few microbiology lecturers here in Australia. I've always thought they were pronouncing it wrong..
  12. How is the c supposed to be pronounced in words such as encephalitis and encephalopathy? I've always said them with a soft c, but have heard many use a hard c. Most other words with a c between an n and e have a soft c sound..eg. incest, ancestor, so why do people insist of using the hard c when saying encephalitis?? Doesn't make sense to me.
  13. lol Should I mention my answer of 3 was a complete guess?
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