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  1. Did you notice that evryone is betting on Nevada right now? BETTING on NEVADA?!

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    2. MigL


      I can't imagine you would get much of a return betting on a J Biden win right now.
      Betting on a D Trump win would be a long shot, and get you some real good odds.
      But you'd still be throwing away money.

      And I would think the GOP pays for the lawsuits.
      D Trump should not have even been allowed to use the White House as his election headquarters. That is illegal ( but what's one more illegality after 4 years of them ).

    3. koti


      I was ironically referring to "betting on Nevada" as in Nevada being the state which doesn't loose when it comes to bets (Vegas)
      Anyway, congratulations to all of us for USA's new president!

    4. zapatos


      LOL! How the (gaming) tables have turned! 😜

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