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  1. Are there any drone pilots on SFN? I just got me a Mavic Air 2, I’m charging the batteries and I’m off to my first flight...hopefuly not last 😄

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    2. koti


      @Sensei, My drone is 570gr take off mass with a 600gr regulated take off mass limit where Im at. That leaves 30gr for diamonds, weed, coke or plutonium as for transporation options. As for sandwitches its an open market, you could make us some that would be great.


    3. MigL


      What kind of range ?
      Transatlantic ?
      Send some diamonds my way.
      Have no use for weed or coke.
      ( but if Dimreepr keeps arguing with me, I may need a critical mass of Plutonium :lol: )

    4. koti


      The range is 18km advertised but they clip it down for Europe so Ive flown 2,4km yesterday to my buddies house and went back because it told me to. Transatlantic wouldn’t do on my ~30 minute flight battery (34 advertised) but we could meet somewhere inbetween. im open for sugestions. Diamonds yes. I too have no use for weed and coke (anymore) so its either ice or plutonium for me. As for @dimreepr, just let it go, hes got big feet anyway. 

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