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  1. I just brushed my teeth with Bepanthen baby cream. Parenting is such a blessing.

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    2. sethoflagos


      Easily done. Managed to do the same thing with Boots antiseptic cream last week.


      Senior moment?


      One day it'll be the jungle formula Daktarin I suppose.

    3. koti


      I don't feel old, its the lack of sleep and constant things to do with the baby doing that to me. As for the boot antiseptic you are a winner by far :) I've visited Lagos on business a few times btw. Now that you mentioned it, a boot antiseptic might be a good idea next time Im there.

    4. sethoflagos


      Next time you're here, PM me you're whereabouts if you've a free few hours to kill.


      Can't imagine why, but we don't get so many visitors.



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