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  1. One explanation for uncertainty is connected to the electron and protons of atoms are not in the same reference. The reason is electrons move at a fraction of the speed of light and protons do not. There is a slight Special Relativity affect. Time and space and are not the same in both references. The affect would be similar to the twin paradox, where the moving twin; electron, ages faster and the stationary twin; protons and neutrons age slower. There is an uncertainty in space and time, that advances in time. Picture of the two teens were wired by nerves and one twin ages faster. The b
  2. When you tell white lies, the most common reasons are to make people feel better and/or not hurt their feelings. The question becomes, why is this important to where you think you need to lie? The white lies prevent you from getting into an awkward situation that can be hard to fix. Or the white lie can make you feel good, because the other person feels good and reflects this back to you. In the end, lying is selfish. The truth is not always convenient. It may open a can of worms if the person reacts in an irrational way. A lie allows one to avoid this drama. If the wife or husband asked
  3. Another way to approach this is to use science as a litmus test. Would it to be good to lie in science, if the lying spares feelings and/or makes you more popular? The answer is no, because we all benefit, collectively, by truth in science, even if that truth means we may have to deal with some neurotic people. Science is converted to engineering which make consumer products, Lying in science can cause serious injuries; the new pill is safe so take it. White lies are a way for the ego, to avoid neurotic reactions, from those who may need to be deceived, so they will shut up. The mother m
  4. Dark energy has never been seen in the lab. God has also never been seen in the lab. They have this in common. Science is still trying to see dark energy, close and personal, via super colliders. Dark energy is inferred from secondary affects. Dark energy is being used to close the energy balance for the universe. This was not a problem a decade ago. Again, we need a concept, we can't see in the lab; like God, to explain a new observation. Dark energy is based on faith in theory. A miracle; secondary observation, is based on faith in the theory of God. There is another logical explan
  5. As a teen, I moved away from the stricter religious orientation of my youth, because being a heathen was much easier. Heathen had fewer restrictions. It was easier to take the low road, especially when there as a lot of peer pressure, in public schools, which trained you to discriminate against religion. This peer pressure adds even more work, to hard work of walking the high road. The high road was hard enough with a support group. The option of less effort combined with the group hug made the low road took better and easier. After being a socially acceptable heathen for many years, I
  6. It comes down to the ego or conscious mind out of phase with the inner self. For example, think back over the past year, about the things you worried about. How much of this came to pass? If the answer is very little, in proportion to the amount of worry, this very little is what the inner self saw from the beginning. If you could see into the future, and know all the worry is not needed, you would be in the same place as the inner self. Like an animal, the inner self is more reactive to the environment and lives inreal time. It is not wasting time worrying about hypotheticals. For examp
  7. To build upon what's been said, an electron is a negative charge in motion. A charge in motion; negative or positive, will create a magnetic field. Each orbital has two electrons with opposite spin. This allows their magnetic fields to attract to compensate for the charge repulsion. Same spin electrons have magnetic and charge repulsion, and are not stable in a single orbital. When you start to stack S-orbitals, one variable that changes is the electrons of the inner S-orbitals will move faster than the electrons in the outer S-electrons. It is sort of like the skater pulling their arms
  8. Humans have two centers of consciousness. These can be called the inner self and the ego; the centers of the unconscious and conscious minds, respectively. Inner peace is connected to the inside or unconscious mind of the person. Inner peace implies that there is a low potential within the inner self and unconscious mind. The observation of centers of consciousness can be proven using a simple experiment. For example, say you were walking along and someone jumps out from behind a door and scares you. You may jump and even scream due to the surprise. This is not a voluntary action, but ra
  9. I thought he said there are examples of very similar things, being given different names, thereby creating the impression they are more diverged than they actually are. The analogy is say we have two twins, one is called McManus and other is called McManus Reactis, The two different names will make it appear there is a distinction only the insiders might know. It is a reasonable point.
  10. Space-time only applies to inertial references. Space-time breaks down at a speed of light reference, where the universe appears like a singularity. We also know mass cannot move at the speed of light; SR. Therefore mass cannot exist if we had a universe with only a speed of light reference. A speed of light reference has no mass. Energy and photons move at the speed of light, but photons also show finite expressions that are inertial reference dependent. Wavelength and frequency of photons will red and blue shift based on inertial references. These are not dependent on the speed of l
  11. A simple way to look at dreaming is, the brain builds up various potentials during the day, due to our conscious activities. Dreams are a way to lower potential via a more stable neural arrangement. Unlike computers which might sort odd data using programmed logic parameters, the brain does this with chemical energy and entropy parameters. The brain uses natural laws of physical chemistry as its logic parameters. These laws are not subjective or changing, but are laws that are always the same. This is why life can persist. For example, say I witness a terrible car accident during the day.
  12. We use both sides of the brain at the same time, with both 2-D and 3-D assessment being done. The real distinction is people are conscious of only one side of the brain, at a time They are unconscious of the other side of the brain, even though this is also active. Both sides will be involved in any activity, but only one side will be conscious at a time. This is what these studies showed. One will not see this distinction doing studies from the outside, in the third person. Both sides of the brain will fire and no activity will seem distinct. One will need to gather conscious versus unco
  13. I would say sight, because we can see a wide variety of things, at the same time, while maintaining distinctions between each and every item. If we do this with sound, taste, smell, touch, as we add more and more distinct stimulus, they will merge together much sooner. For example, if we had 100 sounds, 100 flavors, 100 touches or 100 smells, all at the same time, it will become very hard to resolve all of these, at the same time, even if you know each one by itself. You may be able to pick out salty taste, or your mothers voice, but other will become blended and unresolved. With sight, I
  14. Photons move at the speed of light, which is the same in all inertial references. Photons also show finite expressions; wavelength and frequency, which are inertial reference dependent. The photon has two legs. One leg is always planted at the speed of light, while the other leg is planted in finite or inertial reference. This leg can pivot; red and blue shift.The SR equation you presented is based on inertial references, and therefore impacts only the inertial leg. The equation is discontinuous at C, and does not impact the C-leg. What changes is the wavelength and frequency leg, but
  15. There is 2-D logic and there is 3-D logic, which are not the same. The left side of the brain uses 2-D logic ,while the right side of the brain uses 3-D logic. Science is more left brained and therefore is more comfortable using 2-D logic; cause and affect. Logic in 3-D is different. This form of logic is cause, effect, cause and/or affect, cause and affect. When someone has an intuition, from left field, this is 3-D logic. The affect; solution, can appear before there is rational cause and affect. The logic is then reversed engineered, after the answer had appeared. For example, the ri
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