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  1. Hello, Julianna. It would be better if you asked your question in the Chemistry forum, not in the Philosophy forum. I'm sure the experts in the Chemistry forum will be able to give you good advice.
  2. Hello, tmx3, i like your photograph - who is that pretty girl with you? When i was a little boy, i had a cat just like you and, although he wasn't as clever as you and couldn't play chess, he was my best pal and his name was Tub - even though he was very skinny. So, when i was thinking of a name to use here that was also " short and sweet ", i thought of my old pal Tub and picked his name - even though i'm very skinny too! My avatar is a minstrel dressed as Harlequin.
  3. Brava, Gee; and Bravo to the moderator for ( temporarily? ) unlocking the thread to allow you to put your case - that really was an act of chivalry. Arise Sir Phi for All! That idea of truth-finding being a re-connection with everything was really your idea, Gee , i just picked up on it, as i have again just now, with your suggestion that this re-connection is, in one way, a return to innocence - that childlike innocence that has no fear of speaking truth to power, as in Hans Christian Andersen's story of " The Emperor's New Clothes " that you mentioned. ( " Out of the mouth of babes an
  4. I'm a bit tired of all this banter now and we might be getting a teeny-weeny bit off-topic so i'll let you have the last word - i expect it will be a short one.
  5. Maybe. I'm not here just to defend Gee, ( well i am really, as i don't like to see a lot of people ganging-up against one other ), but the main reason her posts are long is that she tends to reply to many posts all at the same time. I'm sure she will be along soon to defend herself better than i can. Great minds think alike.
  6. You'll have to ask her that, and have that dictionary ready just in case you can't understand what she says.
  7. Tut, tut. Language,Timothy! ( Shouldn't that be " bollocks " )?
  8. If i'm reading a complicated scientific post and i don't comprehend what is being said, i get my dictionary to help me; if you don't comprehend a complicated philosophy post you can get your dictionary to help you.
  9. Thanks, iNow. I didn't know you were fluent in Venusian sanskrit.
  10. Isn't it obvious? If you don't know what words mean, you look them up - that's why we have dictionaries, isn't it?
  11. Have a heart, boys. I'm sure Gee is well capable of defending herself but where's your sense of chivalry........and have you read some of the science posts? At the moment, i'm just wading through something about the relation of Gamma waves to the unity of consciousness; here's a short quote: "......the basis for consciousness in awake states and dreaming is 40-Hz throughout the cortical mantle in the form of thalamocortical iterative recurrent activity ". That may as well be written in Venusian sanskrit for all the sense it made to me so guess what i did? I got my dictionary - that's a book
  12. Sadly, i don't think there is a cure for your hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. Shame.
  13. Thanks,Gee. Here's your return call. Go prolix! ( You've probably noticed that i like to find unusual words and share them with people ). You were right, ( in your previous long post to me ), to see the influence of Jung: as a student, i read many of his books and found them fascinating and instructive. Like you, he recognised divisions in personal consciousness, ( and so divisions in his " collective " consciousness ), but his idea of the " individuation " process was not so much a description of how these divisions arise but more about how those fragments of a particular, nurtured cons
  14. Sorry about that, Gee - my computer crashed so it certainly was a lot less prolix than usual! ( Poetic justice? ). I'll get back to you asap.
  15. Hello again, Gee.I will try to be a little less prolix. ( https://www.thefreedictionary.com/prolix
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