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  1. Horse-sense

    Ha,ha - an alien horse,eh? Was it a small grey?
  2. My living horse is the fastest horse that has ever lived, but it can't run faster than any horse that has ever lived. Why not?
  3. This useful link refers to that and what koti and swansont have said: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hohmann_transfer_orbit
  4. I have difficulties understanding relativity

    This intrigued me too, but as well as the other posts above, i found this link very helpful: http://www.astronomy.ohio-state.edu/~pogge/Ast162/Unit5/gps.html P.S. I hope you don't mind that i changed your " gravitial " to " gravitational ".
  5. True, there have been a lot of twists and turns along the way - just like with my cheap sat-nav - but perhaps that makes the journey more interesting. Anyway, returning to the OP, could it be said that genetically-transmitted information is a physical phenomenon?
  6. Hello,1x0. I think there is one way to say that information can be a physical entity. For example, i have a car, a silver Peugeot 206, and that information is stored physically in my brain in my memory-cells so that, if someone asks me what car i have, i can retrieve that information from its physical location in the brain. Each time someone asks me that same question , i go to the same location , the same memory-cells, and the same information is still there. Even when i am not thinking of my car, the information is still stored in that physical location until the next time i need it. So, as the action of memory is a mechanical function, i think it is not too unreasonable to say that the information stored in the memory-cells has a physical presence.
  7. Deuterium star?

    Maybe this link will help: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeans_instability. I think it covers what Sensei mentioned. Jupiter's mass is measured at 1.898 x 10 to the power of 27 kg. and would need to be about 75% to 80% more massive to achieve stellar ignition ( http://nuclearplanet.com/Stellar Ignition and Dark Matter.html ). I'll let you do the maths - i can't! Incidentally, i believe that Proxima Centauri has fuel enough to last for 4 trillion years!
  8. Light: visible or invisible?

    On reflection, dim, i see your point............or do i?
  9. Creating a black holes?

    Thanks from me too, Koti. At my level of scientific nescience, i did find it helpful - especially about the difference between mass and matter/weight. I gather, then, that mass is independent of acceleration and motion in general too? If i could employ a little analogy: if i had a bullet in my hand and tossed it gently at a wall, it would just bounce back harmlessly; if i threw it as hard as i could, it may mark the wall but would still bounce back; but if i shot it from a gun, it would do significant damage to the wall. So the mass of the bullet always stays the same but its weight increases exponentially with accelerating velocities. Forgive me if i ignore your suggestion about NLS, ( just for one moment, haha, ), but i imagine that if the bullet did hit the wall at NLS then the wall would be totally destroyed.
  10. Creating a black holes?

    You're welcome.
  11. Creating a black holes?

    Hello J. If you want to link to a website you can do this: open a new tab now and type " Black Hole Tipping Point " in the address/search bar; then when the YouTube website opens, highlight " https:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=brmjWYQi2UM " in the address/search bar, right-click on it and select " cut " from the options. You can then close YouTube if you want. Then to enter the link into a post , get to the point in the post where you want to enter the link, right-click and select " paste " from the options and your link should appear. Just do the same with the next link you want to post. ( The link to BHTP will stay in your cut and paste function until you cut again on something different ). You can experiment by pasting links into new e-mails then deleting the e-mails. Can't help with the Black Hole though, sorry. Edit: Ha,ha. Just seen your new post. Well done.
  12. Light: visible or invisible?

    Thank you, Strange; thank you Eise. That was my best shot - should i say " Shot in the dark "? Perhaps not! ( It's difficult to avoid puns in this particular thread ). There are so many words to use here: seeing, looking, watching , sensing, sight, vision, perception, so i'm sorry if i've opened-up a whole new can of " words ". If it's not off-topic too much, i've noticed that, while watching a TV programme that's not too interesting, i sometimes drift-off into some train of thought, or some reverie ,and then, when i eventually "come back to my senses ", i notice that the programme has finished; so my eyes have been gathering the EM signals from the TV but i have.'t been " seeing " them. Oh dear.
  13. Light: visible or invisible?

    Would it help to clear away the semantics roadblock if we used " sense " instead of " see "? So we can " sense " visible light, but we can't " sense " invisible light.
  14. Light: visible or invisible?

    Shouldn't you have said " Nay, nay and thrice nay " ?