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    Hello, I am prominently know as musical artist Digital Down. I have created an audio waveform based on Schumann’s resonance and it’s correlating partials. Many videos online use instruments to reproduce the notes of the partials rather than recreate the partials in a natural manner. I have used, in this particular example, integer oscillators to create what said sound would actually sound like. I have another version that will be released in the future that is less abrasive, using sine wave oscillators to reproduce the sound. In a controlled environment (flat frequency studio monitor, appropriate acoustics) the sound yields an uneasy feeling that some have stated to feel physically and emotionally. Here is a link to the sound:
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    Trump or one of his companies were plaintiffs in 1,900 lawsuit many of which were for defamation. Many of his defamation suits just be B.S. like the suit against former Trump University student Tarla Makaeff, after she joined the class action lawsuit and publicized her classroom experiences on social media. Trump University was later ordered by a U.S. District Judge in April 2015 to pay Makaeff and her lawyers $798,774.24 in legal fees and costs. Trump is also a notorious user of non-disclosure agreements. A tool he uses to throttle friends, family, and employees ability to speak about him openly and honestly. As President he regularly attacks the media and only gives interview to friendly pundits. It is pretty obvious that Trump DOES give a damn about the false narratives and image being projected. iNow took that time to provide you a response which included information to support the claim of contradiction. Lets you can do is be respectful enough to address the merits. Vague snarky questions about board issues which weren't referenced are not useful.
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    Strawmen are best burned by cogent replies. To be frank... Nobody here except apparently you has any idea WTF you’re even talking about.
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    Not really, though. The science supports this. tldr? We ALL make god(s) in our own image. http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/notrocketscience/2009/11/30/creating-god-in-ones-own-image/#.Wj82WyRMGhA
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    Take up art and develop a mind's eye. Are you good at remembering blocks of words you've read or with numbers? It's all down to what you are used to doing.
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    It is interesting that you see a Christian belief in God as "silly and quite irrational", but a God acting according to your specifications would be "real" and rational.
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    This is the rhetoric pushed by billionaires who don't need the government the way most of us do. Isn't it pretty obvious that the billionaires in politics today are only interested in removing restrictions on themselves, and limiting the money spent on the rest of us? These folks have been hammering this message of "bad government" and "sleazy politicians" for decades, while actively being the representatives with the sleaziest behavior, doing everything they can to make the government bad. They don't care if you have access to libraries, museums, parks, swimming pools, or healthcare. They have all those things taken care of due to their massive wealth, and object to taxes that make these things available to the rest of us. They've chosen to ignore our efforts that brought them great wealth, and instead spend money convincing folks that government needs to be dismantled for OUR good. And now they have this blatant racist sexual assaulter-in-chief who is morally and economically corrupt, and happens to have a deluded following all chanting about bringing down the Fed. Working class folks who think this billionaire has their backs while he whittles away at the very thing that has the best chance of making all their lives a lot better. The wolves have tricked the sheep into removing restrictive fences, and the sheep are all praising the freedom.
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    It's irrelevant given the context in which you brought it up. Despite who created it, the EPA is in jeopardy from the current administration for no other reason than it costs corporations money to respect the beneficial regulations it enforces, which were put into law by bi-partisan representatives of the People. To put someone in the job who isn't going to do the goddamn job and enforce those rules is yet another Republican sodomization of the constitutional procedures of our government. It's reprehensible representation, and besides screwing the People out of the work they should be doing, they're taking the pay for it as well. Way to go, party of business.
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    What's the field of research? If, for example, you are looking at oestrogen receptors, you are allowed to publish results that say males are different from females. What you can't usually expect to do is publish papers that say "we didn't bother with these results because they were measured by a female member of staff and- you know- they just suck at science." There are published studies on things like correlation of exam scores in monozygotic and polyzygotic twins which strongly indicate that some of the ability to do well in exams is heritable. That may not be politically popular in some circles, but it's observably true and thus scientifically publishable. It's hard to see how anything in chemistry could be controversial. It would be good if you clarified what you are actually talking about.
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    Huh? I have no idea what that is supposed to mean. The only sense I can get from it is that he thinks transgender or homosexual people should not be allowed to do science. That seems bizarre, but people do have odd beliefs. Is that supposed to be an example of political correctness or apolitical correctness? If you are unable to make sense, perhaps the mods should just close this thread.
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    You are from the corn belt... and still anti-Trump? You must be a student! Do you think globalism, the U.N. and the Paris Accord favor American interests?
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    You are from the corn belt... and still anti-Trump? You must be a student! Do you think globalism, the U.N. and the Paris Accord favor American interests? I think I will give him the four years, and see how he does... Not much else to say beyond that.
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    At some point, the Original papers of Schwarzchild,Hubble,Friedmann,Faddeev,Popov,Einstein,Watson,Higgs,Kerr, Yukawa, Schrodinger,Maxwell,Born,Planck, Brian Greene, Minokowski, Dr Michio Kaku, Dirac,Klein,Fermi, Anderson,Yau,Laplace and Steven Hawking.