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  1. Schumann Resonance As Audio

    Yes, of course it would be an additive waveform. I do apologize on that, the oscillators that are controlling each frequency, they are oscillators that are sampled at 1 interval of the waveform, as opposed to a waveform that is moving. If viewed like a typical waveform it would appear with a single point in an otherwise flat waveform. For example, if a waveform has 100 samples, the positive position would only be active one sample. Doing this would provide a variation on the harmonics. Yes. I am trying to be as clear as I possibly can and I understand that, objectively it may be different since I come from the background as an audio engineer. I do apologize on this, I thought it would be something that some in the scientific community would have some input or commentary on. If you feel as though it violates any of science forum feel free to take it down. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.... Melville Bragg
  2. Schumann Resonance As Audio

    Hello, I am prominently know as musical artist Digital Down. I have created an audio waveform based on Schumann’s resonance and it’s correlating partials. Many videos online use instruments to reproduce the notes of the partials rather than recreate the partials in a natural manner. I have used, in this particular example, integer oscillators to create what said sound would actually sound like. I have another version that will be released in the future that is less abrasive, using sine wave oscillators to reproduce the sound. In a controlled environment (flat frequency studio monitor, appropriate acoustics) the sound yields an uneasy feeling that some have stated to feel physically and emotionally. Here is a link to the sound: