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  1. Laptop battery, how to increase life of

    So it is always best for the battery to dwindle to 20% then recharge it, but does using it while chraging affect it in any negative way? Once fully charged, should you unplug it to save on the energy bill?
  2. Need an animation app

    You can try Khan Academy. They have a Java Script branch that helps you learn the basics. It is decent. But I am not sure if you can do it on a phone, I know you can do it on a browser from a PC.
  3. Encephalartos woodii also know as E. wodii

    Unless a female plant is found, E. woodii will never reproduce naturally. This species is known to form fertile hybrids with E. natalensis, and a backcrossing technique can be used: if each offspring is subsequently crossed with E. woodii and the process is then repeated, after several generations, female offspring will be closer to what a female Encephalartos woodii would be like.[4] However, genetic analysis of chloroplast DNA of F1 hybrids between E. woodii and E. natalensis showed that all chloroplasts are inherited from the female E. natalensis,[19] indicating that multigenerational hybrid offspring would have E. natalensis chloroplasts and could never be "pure" E. woodii.
  4. A $10k "P.C." with a 30Hz refresh rate 

    :D I can't stop chuckling. 

  5. Pet Stories

    Noty cage, forgot the name of the bigger place of enclosure.
  6. When is the time?

    58 dead and 515 injured...
  7. Pet Stories

    My lamb (Bob), escaped his cage once and wondered into my patio area, where he found a mop leaning up, and proceeded to have an intimate experience with the mop. It was damn cheeky of him, I think I still have a video of that. RIP Bob 2016-2016, you sure did taste good.
  8. Taxation

    Yea, sorry, I wasn't necessarily trying to point it specifically on immigrants. I should rephrase it to not make it look like it is just them.
  9. Iron oxide

    Oh I found this, maybe it will help. and From what I have searched it seems that iron oxide seems to be safer than activated charcoal. But you can reduce all of your risks to 0% if you don't wear any makeup. I am certain your face is fair without any harsh chemicals on them.
  10. Iron oxide

    Makeup? Like the thing you smear on your face or is this something else.
  11. Today I Learned

    Today I learned a lot of rather insignificant facts about goats ( which is why I love them). One of those things is that goats are sometimes kept with racehorses as a companion animal. This is thought to have a calming effect on the horse. The term "Get your goat" (meaning to agitate someone) is rumored to have originated from the practice of stealing the companion goat so the racehorse would do poorly. P.S. Sue's name was probably rargagharargh.
  12. CRISPR Goats to Save Cashmere Doomsday I wonder how strong the silk is. Also, They will plan to incorporate the genes into alfalfa plants. Interesting. I have yet to play the game surprisingly. I wish to buy it on Steam.
  13. Taxation

    In the area where I live, some immigrants (not all but some, and citizens as well) take advantage of the social welfare programs and monthly income form the governement, even though they work, they still file for unemployment. I feel that the U.S. government should become even more strict in their policies and have even more thorough background checks. We also see people filing for disability even though they are perfectly fine and can work. So be a good citizen, and if you do stumble upon someone who is taking advantage of the system to "snitch" them out to the government. I just want a woman who will hold me close and whisper to my ear that taxation is theft. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  14. Sneezing weird occurence

    Trying to find a logical explanation, but I can't seem to find any. The only thing I found was that we sneeze because lungs have to much air and it is trying to be released. Reading this post made me feel lucky because I have ACHOO (or PSR). Sneezing feels good.
  15. Is anyone suspicious about an after life

    Out of body experiences: Btw, is this the same thing as lucid dreaming?