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  1. What can be done with this Hawaii volcano to prevent future loss of property? Got to be some Geo Physicists or Engineers on a site like this. Seems like an investment in a horizontal drilling rig to reach the nearest lava tube and give it every reason flow out into the sea (and admittedly the million dollar drilling rig). Hence the description "investment." Assume economics is no major issue. Surely something can be done to mitigate future problems. Pump a benign gas down there to force a controlled eruption? Pump Water down? Open artificial fissures in unpopulated areas to release pressure? Giant Slurpee Machine and pump the flavorful ice slurry into a magma tube? Don't make me have to keep coming up with ideas; already used up all my sensible ones.
  2. Thanks, I did not know there was a difference in the effects of velocity and gravity. That makes sense. Dan Circa 5-17-1018.
  3. Maartenn100, Let's see this helps any. I think you are Philosophically disturbed that you can't stand in a 2nd separate universe, observe time in this one, and therefore can't relate the passage of time to a standard clock of the 2nd separate universe to say "Ah Ha, now we have an 'Extra-Universal' time measurement that gives a more meaningful conveyance of time for us." Even if you could do this, I don't think expressing the exact same length of time, with an extra-universal clock will have any impact on the calculations. You're getting wrapped around the axial by what time is to begin with. All you're doing with the use of a time measurement is relating it back to something a Human can understand. We're currently using the time it takes for Earth to circle the Sun one time as a way of conveying lengths of time. Sure, it's extremely arbitrary, and that DOES NOT MATTER. So, if it takes 1,000,000 years to travel to a particular star from Earth (and only from Earth), you can then imagine the time it takes for the Earth to circle the Sun, then imagine 1,000,000 of those time segments stacked one after another. So, you will next argue that this number might be 1,000,001 years to some observer elsewhere. Ok, no problem. The information necessary for the adjustment did not vanish from our universe. Once you have all the information about the remote observer, you make an adjustment to turn the 1,000,001 year measurement from the Andromeda Galaxy observer and convert it back to what it would mean over here on Earth. You ARE NOT missing A YEAR of time. The time it takes from Earth to this star is the time it takes. That someone else observes something different is irrelevant. It may appear to an Andromeda Galaxy observer that it will take 1 extra year than what the Earthlings are predicting, but this is an illusion that can be backed out of the measurements to get to real time it will take. The time it takes, when communicating with other Earthlings, is 1,000,000 Earth Years. When you call your buddy in the Andromeda Galaxy be sure to let him know it will appear to take one year less than what he's calculating. All remote observers measurements will be incorrect until you convert it's equivalence to both Earth Years and Earth's location (frame of reference). 2 Observers, 2 different measurements, but once all factors are accounted for you are simply describing the EXACT SAME LENGTH OF THE EXACT SAME PASSAGE OF TIME before entering it in the calculations. That make better sense?
  4. Super Nerd, This is my first time on this site. I'm probably commenting in the wrong spot, but you sound like you might be able to reality-test a thought that I just had to a question I ask myself 30 years ago. But first, some quick prefaces: A space traveler departing Earth and then nearing the speed of light will have a slower clock than us remaining on Earth. When the traveler gets back home, they will in effect have shot themselves forward in time. Or, that space traveler could travel at the speed of a Space Shuttle and approach a Black Hole. The gravity will be so strong it will produce the same time-altering effects. Now, the question I asked 30 years ago of myself: "What the hell is Gravity?" We seem to know everything about it except exactly what it is. This thought hit me like a lightening bolt just now. If extreme velocities and extreme gravity produce the exact same effects on Matter/Time, could Gravity be DIRECTLY linked to Velocity, such as Electricity and Magnetism (Electromagnitism)? Or possibly more bizarre.... Could Gravity literally be Velocity? Are they possibly the exact same thing? Gravity is a force. I've never heard anyone refer to Velocity as a force. So that's not computing for me that they could be the exact same thing. If so, we need to start looking at velocity not as just a result of a force acting on matter, but possibly also a force in-and-of itself. When you have a massive body like Earth, are all those electrons, moving near the speed of light in relatively close proximity to each other (i.e. Density) creating the gravitational force? Like the magnets causing electricity & vice versa. Don't ask me how they are doing it. That's why I came to you. I'm not a Theoretical Physicist, I'm an Investment Banker who has a conceptual passion for Theoretical Physics that is linked to my "Religious" beliefs. I'm not a Christian anymore. I think I'm trying to replace Jesus with Physics if that makes any sense. If nothing else I'm having fun with the mental stimulation! Picture a universe with just Earth and all the other matter in the universe is a cloud of dust particles that are evenly spread apart (i.e. negate all other sources of gravity so you can focus on just Earth as the only meaningful gravity producer in the Universe. Are the velocities of electrons somehow causing gravitational forces which are demanding ALL other electrons in the universe to reunite at the location most dense (Earth)? Is Gravity a continuously failing attempt for the reunification off all electrons to the same spot, maybe because at those incredible speeds a reunification would be the... (forgot what it's called...) the most efficient state under such conditions? Think "The Universe is lazy." Perhaps the least effort at such speeds is to remove the 3-Spacial Dimensions... Removing the dimensions would be to eliminate all "distances," would it not? Would the perpetual attempt to achieve such an efficient consolidated state be the foundation for my brand new Theory: "Grand Electron Unification as an Explanation of Gravity?" Or, should I drive back to the Pot Dispensary? Joking, I'm very sober these days. I'd love to hear your thoughts, or anyone else reading this.
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