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What does your desktop look like??

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for what' date=' X-Box or PC?


can you post some links to show this, or just the name of the program please?[/quote']


For XBOX, its reserved for me, limited edition, comes in a metal case and an extra dvd.


But I couldnt be this lucky though....



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is there really no button next to scroll lock other than print? does print send to the printer or print screen?

Print - scroll lock - pause/break

Print prints the document or page to the printer, unfortunately, I am without a printscreen button


lol, thanks for helping :D

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if you have a logitec keyboard (as i do) you can normally change that setting somewhere in the keybord config pages.


i cant find a print screen shortcut key... possibly you may have to try software which does it... can you tell me the exact model number / company name of your new keyboard?

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print screen is usually located to the right of F12, and above Insert. If you have a mac then there's the problem :)

Also, yeah I've got that same copy of halo 2 reserved too. also i've been lucky enough about a month ago to have already played the first level on xbox :D which is even worse than not playing at all, because it just stops after the first level, which is often followed by much screaming and shouting.

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well assuming youre button next to scroll lock cannot be used as print screen im not sure, maybe contact the manufacturers...


looks a bit over the top to me, i dont really like the look of it, but i spose thats just personal opinion based on looks only, so dont be offended!

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nice one jake (i assume thats your name!).... where are all your icons gone???


if you look back at the other ones, then we just pressed print screen button to take an actual shot of our screens, unless you have mac you should try it!


for print screen:

press print screen, may be prt scr for short (next to F12 key, also next to scroll lock key, above insert button) then go to paint and press paste, an image of what the screen looked like when you pressed print screen should appear!

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"SHIFT + Print Scrn"


At least Windows XP doesn't need the SHIFT with the Print Screen. If Jordan has XP, you're making the poor man waste about 0.1 microcalories due to pressing an unnecessary button. :(

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