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  1. Jake712

    qucik question

    wow. you could argue many different answers there. However, I believe it would be Calcium because they are in the same group. It is a poorly worded question
  2. Some people believe this little phenomenon to be physical evidence for parallel universes. Also, my physics teacher says that if the sun was to spontaneously disappear we would feel the effects immediatly, however, I would not trust her word as undoubtably correct.
  3. jakiri is correct, one can and will never determine how long that instant is. The value relies entirely on the sensitivity of the measuring device. It is the same concept as a board which measures 1.3 meters. That board, most likely does not have a length of 1.3 meters. Instead it has 1.345629876...ect meters. It all depends on how precise your measurements are. Back to the case with the instant in time, a ball thrown up in the air has no definite begining and end to the time that it is moving. Just like the board, the ball could be moving at .0001nm per second, to small to be measured by anything that we have today, but it is still moving. The ball has a velocity of zero for as long as sensitive you measuring device is to when it starts and stops. Therefore, to answer you question, the instant is, as Jakiri said, 1/infinity seconds. It cannot be measured ever.
  4. perhaps a way to easily access a list of all of the threads in which you have a post. Therefore a way to easily check any replies to a post. However, I am new so maybe there already is a way to do this.
  5. Not only do they have smaller cerebrums, but I'm pretty sure they also have larger cerebellums. While the cerebrum is used for ration thought or reasoning, the cerebellum is for habitual activities such as walking and driving which require very little thinking once a person has done it long enough. Therefore, the fact that a dog learns to sit when he hears "sit" before a human could learn something similar is because of the different constructions of our brains. This makes us more capable of reasoning and problem solving while a dog must rely on his instincts.
  6. in no specific order or ranking: LOTR (all), Harry Potter (All) Shrek 1+2, Dead Poets Society, Star Wars, Finding Forestor, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, X-men 1+2, and more.
  7. Jake712

    Paper raft

    Sounds like my physics project. We have to build cardboard boats without waterproofing the cardboard. In addition, we can only use ducktape and glue and they must be able to hold one person in them in the water.
  8. What exactly are you looking for? The number of rolls Required in order to see all of the numbers is 6 because there are six sides and theoretically one could roll a dice and never see all of the numbers therefore I think it is possible to find the mean value of the number of rolls required. According to my logic, you are trying to find the mean of 6 through infinity. However, my class has just started probability, therefore, I know very little and am probably confused. So ignore my rambling
  9. I don't see how they plan to compensate for the movemets of the earth and these planets which they are attempting to reach. Personally, I think we should be focusing on something a little more, shall we say, "down to earth," such as a tunnel from North America to Europe in the Atlantic Ocean.
  10. What is the composition of napalm? Could that be a step towards greek fire?
  11. Jake712


    my question, is how is that different from lighting the block. Is it similar to trying to light a wooden log as compared to a twig?
  12. Speaking of greek fire, Timeline , by Micheal Chriton (excuse the spelling), mentions it as well. He describes it as a substance which ignites when water is added. Therefore, ignoring the Chemistry behind the idea of the weapon and the fact that the greek fire would react with the water vapor in the air, blood includes a fair amount of water and therefore could cause the person hit to ignite in a sense. Therefore, he/she would not need a "squirter"
  13. Jake712


    Now I am confused, you say that magnesium blocks are difficult to light, but many people use sticks of magnesium in order to start fires. Are you refering to a larger layer of magnesium oxide covering the outside of the "blocks?"
  14. well at first glance, never mind i won't go there... Looks like a lightning rod to me. Never seen one though so I'm not really sure. The city lights in the distance make it look like it is on top of a building.
  15. I just tried it last night. I took off my glasses and looked at a street light and there were still lines of light extending from the source in all directions. Maybe its because of the shape of the containers that hold the light buld. E.G.: headlight case, street light case...ect.
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