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  1. You're sure about this? Is that because they're terrorists or Palestinians or both. Or maybe people with a justifiable,at least to them, POV and rock-bottom available unsavoury tactics? Does the US-Israeli alliance have no case to answer? Do powerful alliances take any notice of countries with no obvious political or economic assets?
  2. What proportion of the US supporters of Israel do you think have first-hand knowledge of the "state" of Israel?
  3. 5614, the reason why the Israelis don't have to adopt the tactics of the Palestinian terrorists is because they don't have to. They can use more sophisticated warfare strategies to achieve their ends.
  4. I believe Turing addressed this problem when he proved that there were no terminating programs which included non-terminating subroutines.
  5. Wrt to overt military violence then agreed. But political acts which are produced by a state which has vastly superior assets can be a covert form of violence. Faced with this as a reality then those on the receiving end have little in the way of bargaining power. Is it helpful to call a suicide bomber a "terrorist" and deny any form of terrorism by a state - even if it deems itself democratic?
  6. This can be done. Person A passes their rope through the rope ring sorrounding person B's wrist in the direction of their elbow to their wrist and then over B's hand. You will need to do it to see it work. Try it slowly at first.
  7. If you don't see it first-hand then your opinions on what Spielberg is trying to convey will be second-hand, at best. Is that what you intend or do you have other specific reasons for not seeing the film?
  8. If the minimal level of meaningful communication is via such tools as radio telescopes then we could be in for a longish wait. OTOH if we lower our standards somewhat then we already have meaningful communication with some other species. Naturally, the other species aren't too interested in communicating their thoughts (if they have any) about what they would label (if they could) arcane issues (which, incidently, most humans don't give a FF for). The question of whether there are extraterrestrial intelligences like ours (ie using sophisticated tools) might depend on how evolution as a process works. We can argue that since humans exist there has to be an unbroken line of ancestors to at least the first living forms. Looking forward from the POV of the first of these forms we could ask whether the possibility of human-type intelligence already existed or whether this possibility itself changes according to circumstances.
  9. Some of my thoughts are consistent and deterministic and complete and so I would have to reject your hypothesis in it's general form while allowing that I may be an exception that fails to prove the rule. What would you need to know so that you could allow someone to dismiss the Limitive Theorems lightly? Or even with a struggle?
  10. I am? You know what? I didn't know I was that clever. I think I'll change my user name to . . . imasmartguy. Tell me more about the Singularity scenario. Is is dangerous? Will it cure my piles? Will I have to wear a special unifiorm?
  11. If that's the case then since electrical signals are physical it follows that thoughts are physical. One day someone will invent a thought-rendering contraption. It will save some typing.
  12. Mart

    Random Numbers

    This will always produce the same output whenever it's run.
  13. Mart

    Random Numbers

    No, the output would not vary each time. This code would generate an error because the value of x is not defined. The output depends only on the value of x. Using Int(sin(x)) adds nothing to a hoped for random output.
  14. If this is taken literally then consciousness should be physically detectable.
  15. No, it would be: "I move using my legs, If you damage your legs, moving with legs is likewise impared"
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