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  1. I heard or read somewhere that the bigger the brain, the more pain the creature would feel, and the smaller, the less pain. I was wondering if this is correct.
  2. The will of the universe causes the strings to vibrate... or not. Eh, who knows, i cant really think of how they could vibrate except from some divine source.
  3. might be able to find it, but im working on homework at the moment. It was wild, coffee cups would explode and shatter.
  4. I like directx better. It has alot more post-processing effects and it is updated more frequently that opengl. Go with whatever you want though. Opengl is good for portability and ease, but directx is more powerful. Cheers!
  5. I was watching a show on the science channel about a man who had a whole bunch of electromagnets and tesla coild, so the whole room was full of electromagnetism. When he pointed a really strong tesla coil, which produces alot of electromagnetism, or maybe it was an electromagnet, but anyway, the electromagnetism was so strong that objects would move, float, and shatter that weren't even metal (there were video clips of this, and it was real). But the strange thing was that when he left the room, the objects stoped moving, and when he came back, they started to float around again. The show also showed a robot (different person now) that moved randomly to move a bead from one dish to another. It usually took around 16-21 moves for the robot to accomplish this. But when someone were to concentrate on the robot, but not touch it (the robot was anotamous), the robot could complete its task in around 4-2 moves. This would lead one to think that the brain has an effect on electricity and other objects. Kinda cool, eh? Cheers!
  6. I was thinking the other night, as I usually do, and I was thinking about the possible reasons fo impossibility of time travel, aside from the usual blah blah about the space-time continuim and such. I came up with a couple realativly simple situations to that would cause some kind of strange effect in the universe if time travel were possible. I call this one the Noah's Arch effect. Suppose you were living today, and in the bible you read about the story of Noah's Arch. Then you decide to go back in time to Noah's time. When you get there, you find that he does not know of the flood coming. You decide to tell him its comming, and he builds his arch and the story is written in the bible. But then the only reason that the story was in the bible was because you told him and the only reason he built the arch was because you told him the story that is now in the bible. If you analyze this, you will find that the story would have come from no-where. I dont think information and stories can pop up out of thin air, so I call it phantom information. Another problem to that would block your way to go back in time is that a second before you're going back in time, your not going back in time, so you would keep flipping the switch on the machine over and over and over again. Leave some comments... Cheers!
  7. you're forgetting all the perifferal parts to the chip, fake. You need a FSB, Memory, Lots of IO ports, BIOS, and the list goes on. That would be like strapping a computer case on to your invisibility suit.
  8. I always thought it was very precise currents that certain neurons and neurotransmitters would pick up and then send to the brain. I guess I'll have to reseach this more.
  9. Well I myself am buddist. I do believe that they deffinately would have had to have had an out of body experience to be able to tell what happened. I find it hard to believe that someone would be able to come up with full conversations and such just a few hours after they had a heart transplant and were 'resurected'. I'll try and find the article.
  10. I read an article (can be found here ) that said that a japanese corporation was able to achieve 'ultimate force feedback' by altering the sense of balance using small electrical currents and a clip on electrode. I have always wanted to integrate our body into the entertainment and games we play. I was wondering if anyone has an idea of how this would be achieved? I am a good electrician and programmer myself (although I am turning 15 in 2 days), and I have even build my own robot (not one of those rinkydink "build it yourself" kits, but I actually went down to a surplus store and bought all the IC's and stuff, soldered them on to a component board, and built myself a control interface for my robot). But I dont know how an electrical current would be able to intercept the nerve that sends balance information to the brain. I would REALLY want to do this for science fair project. If anyone has any insights or info on how this works, please tell! Cheers!
  11. I remember watching a show, and reading online, an article that stated that a woman needed surgery that asked for most of her blood to be removed from the body (probably a heart replacement or something), which then sent her into temporary death (quite literally, her body temperature was around 70 or 80 degrees fahrenheit). So one would think that she wouldn't remember any of it (by the way, the surgery was successful and she is still alive today). But, she states that she was in a concious state outside of her body. She said that she was in the corner of the room, watching down on her body, and not really caring about it. She said she felt completely at peace. When she was resurected, she could recall many of the conversations the doctors had when she was dead, and they were correct. Kind of erie to think that we exist outside of our body, as well as our memories, eh?
  12. Yes, I was kidding . Although, if these articles are true, it would make for some killer AI in games.
  13. Hmm, well I have a rare genetic mutation called neurofibromatosis (1), which is a faulty gene on chromosome 17. Its actually pretty serious if you have it bad, but all I got was a connective tissue disorder, and some really small benign tumors (called neurofibromas, which are to be removed in a month). I dont think its actually good, as I had a 50% percent chance of being retarted, but I do have some stretch marks on my back (my vertebrae stick out alot, and my connective tissue disorder doesnt allow my skin to stretch a whole lot, so I got stretch marks :| ) that kinda look like tiger stripes. Anyone else?
  14. Here is mine, HL2 all the way! (And Halo 2 ):
  15. maybe algie formed, then it evolved into a jellyfish...... or maybe not
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