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  1. Well that's like me saying "all peaches taste like apples" when i've never tried a peach before; It might be completely true (hypothetically) but I have no way of knowing that. The law was defined for one purpose and to twist that purpose into something completely unrelated isn't something I think is very productive at all. Yeah I saw the article, pretty cool stuff Add it to the collection of evidence for evolution
  2. Um no it does not mean that at all. The 2nd law of thermodynamics, as JustStuit said, is to do with heat, to explain macroscopic irreversibility of isolated systems which aren't at thermal equilibrium. This is stuff you learn in your first year of a physics degree, and interpreting it in the way creationists are quickly become famous for is laughable and only goes to show a lack of education on your part.
  3. String punching through into another of the 7 dimensions? That's not how it works. I would recommend learning a little more about string theory and what strings actually are, also what is meant by "extra dimensions". A useful analogy is to think of an insect crawling around a pole, this insect is in a way existing in a dimension we can't see. This is what is meant by extra dimension, where each extra dimension only exists at an incedibly unfathomably small size.
  4. Easy! I just took my new Sony 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000+ megapixel and took a photo of my foot. Imported it into photoshop, after buying a few new hard drives to fit the image on, then zoomed in for a few days until I saw them. Can't wait 'till Sony brings out the new model of that camera, it will be able to go sub-atomic!
  5. Haha okay then, both you and quick silver win and therefore have the jobs of posting the next 2 images
  6. They're atoms. That's a photo taken 0.6 angstroms, so I guess quicksilver is right, or half right anyway I don't know if they're in a crystal
  7. No no, you're all thinking too large. Smaller.
  8. That's an answer only an insane alien would give
  9. Nope, guess again. Want a hint?
  10. Oo I have a great one, check this out.
  11. Mwahaha I have returned to be a pain in the ass by being overly rational!
  12. But if you had antimatter inside a barrel you would need a lot of heavy confining equipment to stop it touching the matter of the barrel so it wouldn't actually become lighter, it would become heavier
  13. *.rar is the best I've seen by far
  14. if this could even be called a problem by anyone who has been to their first algebra lesson at school
  15. i havnt read through this thread, but i'd like to point out if someone hasn't already that China is a superpower and have been for decades. They're one of the 5 veto countries in the UN.
  16. my opinion was formed from other people's opinions. until recently I thought neanderthals were stupid, but everything I've read lately has been about how they could've actually been quite intelligent
  17. I didn't say "token" support, I'm talking monetary support. The major developments are made by asian companies you're right, but they're made by Americans usually because the production/schematic teams are in America. The new Honda Accord Hybrid for example was designed in America. I don't know what makes you think they have no reason to catch on in the U.S. because they have every reason to catch on. Could you give reasons to support this claim?
  18. maybe try "L@nce" or "Lanc3" or "1ance" but I'd understand if you don't like them
  19. but you have to remember that a business makes its profits when people buy their products. This seems simplistic, but if a car company decided "hey let's make more fuel efficient cars", the car would be less powerful, and therefore less people would want it. I'm not a qualified economist but have studied it enough to understand that the economic equilibrium (the thing which never exists but is what businesses constantly go for and try to predict) is a delicate thing. A hybrid car can deliver the same power but only use a fraction of the petrol. Sure there are some people who go buy a car for its fuel efficiency even though it runs like crap, but most people, especially under 30s, want fast and powerful.
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